Crucial BX500 Vs MX500 – Which Is Better One? [New 2020]]

Crucial BX500 Vs MX500 - Which Is Better One

Crucial BX500 Vs MX500, what are the gaps, that one is best for you, will this novel reveal a few differences between Vital BX500 vs. MX500? Additionally, a MiniTool SSD update tool is going to be shown.

These are just two SSDs that offer a lot due to their relatively lower sales costs, with the bonus that we may often locate them available, which makes them excellent possibilities for consumers who desire a high-capacity SSD without needing to shell out too much cash. Here you need, such as the best-selling models, 480 and 500 GB.

There’s not any doubt that if there’s a flagship maker of SSDs, that is vital.

They have an extensive catalog, and all of the SSD versions they have are generally top vendors as they’re relatively affordable. Now we will compare two of the SSDs with a 2.5″ format and SATA 3 port, the Vital BX500 vs. MX500, to determine which of those two versions is much more worth purchasing.

The vital MX500 ought to be more significant compared to BX500 since its cost is higher. Let Colorfy examine its specs:

General Specifications

crucial bx500 vs mx500 General Specifications

Summary of Crucial BX500 and MX500

Crucial BX500

Vital BX500 SSD is the successor to the favorite BX300 lineup of SSDs. Vital BX500 SSD skips within the 400-naming scheme, such as the organization’s mainstream MX500 brand. Compared with the Vital MX series, the vital BX series is a compact, no-frills SSD and contains a couple of accessories and features.

The vital BX500 includes 6 Gb/s or SATA III interface choices and can be obtained with a 2.5-inch form element. This Vital BX500 SSD can be available in five distinct capacities and reaches around 2TB. It’s created for budget-minded buyers, using a light-weight attribute set and a minimal cost to match.

Crucial MX500 SSD

The Crucial MX500 is your very first Crucial’s drive, according to Micron’s 64-layer 3D TLC NAND, and it’s the second creation of Crucial’s mainstream MX series utilizing TLC NAND. The Essential MX500 SSD is offered in both 2.5 inches and M.two 2280 form variables. It includes four different storage capabilities and may reach up to 2TB.

The Essential MX500 SSD includes excellent quality, security, and speed backed by proper support and service.

Crucial BX500 vs. MX500


As you can see in the sample image above, Vital MX500 and BX500 appear exactly like any regular 2.5 drives; however, they use another look here. The large brother MX that premiered before sports this silver instance while the BX version gets got the black case with a reclining print onto the surface seeing its version name. They’re coming inside this 7mm size that’s frequently utilized in laptops, but it would appear that the MX500 will provide you the bracket too for the setup that requires a heftier profile.


The two these drives are different in the technology, and the prominent part is probably Crucial’s choice to update the 16nm planar 2D MLC flash and Silicon Motion SMI control at the first BX100. The newest BX500 is subsequently paired with the SM2258XT 4-channel SSD controller and their newest 64-layer 3D TLC flash. It’s a fantastic mix but requires expensive DRAM for caching so that they eliminate the DRAM and permit the drive to store significant flash translation layer right on the flash instead in the DRAM buffer.

On the flip side, the MX500 utilizes SMI SM2258 that’s an old version, but Crucial did state its Low-Density Parity-Check error correction calculations are strong enough for the brand new 3D NAND.


When deciding on a hard disk or a solid-state drive, hard disk capacity is an essential aspect to be considered because bigger hard disk allows you to save files.

Crucial BX500 includes five different capacities, yet Vital MX500 has four unique capabilities. Both of them can reach up to 2TB. Examine the following graph:

Crucial BX500 vs MX500 Capacity

So, as for Vital MX500 in BX500, there’s not any difference inability. But Vital BX500 provides more options, and you may pick anyone according to your real needs.


When deciding on a hard disk or a solid-state driveway, the operation would be among the most crucial variables to be considered. An SSD with excellent performance may empower your computer to run faster and improve PC performance.

So here, we’ll take about the operation of Vital BX500 1TB and Vital MX500 1TB.

Crucial BX500 vs MX500 Performance

All numbers are from Vital’s official website; however, the random read and write rate of Vital BX500 SSD aren’t mentioned. In the above graph, you can realize that the Vital MX500 SSD 1TB is a bit quicker than the Vital BX500 SSD 1TB, but we believe they’re not much different.

Additionally, you may even decide to check the disc performance on your own via the Disk Benchmark characteristic of MiniTool Partition Wizard.

If you would like to enhance the monitor performance or boost the storage size of their pc, you may use both of these Crucial SSDs to substitute the first one.


The final difference between Vital BX500 and Vital MX500 we wish to mention is that the cost. The funding is always a vital element when choosing a proper hard disk or SSD.

According to the vital official website, the Vital BX500 SSD 1TB is roughly $99.99, along with the Vital MX500 1TB is approximately $114.99. One thing you want to be aware of is that the purchase price of SSD could vary due to the various capacities. Generally, the bigger SSD is, the more costly it is.

Thus, from the part mentioned above, you can know some differences between BX500 and MX500 SSD. Aside from those above, they have several other differences. But after studying the part above, you might have the overall details about precisely what their differences are and which one is greater. So far as I could see, the Essential MX500 SSD might be better than the Vital BX500 SSD. Besides, when picking the SSD, you also ought to inspect your computer’s port and select the correct one.

The two vital BX500 and Vital MX500 SSDs came with substantial storage dimensions, so which you may spare a good deal of documents, files, pictures, pictures, videos, and so forth. Additionally, using a fantastic sequential read and write rate, the two of these enable you to begin your system in seconds.

Besides, they’re not hard to install. With these features, a few individuals would love to migrate the OS or documents into the Essential BX500 SSD or Vital MX500 SSD to make computers faster. Or, if you’re using Vital BX500 SSD today, you might even decide to update it to Vital MX500 SSD for much better performance.

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It’s simple to recommend Vital MX500 since it’s a good acting SSD from the abundance of alternatives outside there. Still, we find it difficult also to do the same thing to BX500 because it lacks in the modern standard, moreover as soon as the cost gap between the two isn’t quite as much.

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