Best Free app Video Players for Android

best video players for Android

Best video players for Android: Video streaming has now become almost an inseparable part of our lives. Most of the people nowadays have Amazon Prime, Hulu, and the most preferred one, Netflix, as their primary service of video streaming. Yet, there are still a vast number of people like us left. You know the ones who even now have video files on their smartphones. Keep on reading if you want a list of the best video players for Android. 

Seemingly playing videos is not as tenacious as it was earlier. Literally, all the video players are able to any sort of video codecs without facing any obstacles. Also, this statement applies only if you are not using any codecs that are weird or not appropriate. While you should not use these weird links and sources, you still somehow would be able to play your videos forever.  

The video player, if chosen correctly, it is inevitable that can turn your mobile phones into a transportable theatre. Besides, with more than ever high definition video contents are available, even shooting in 4K is also being prefered by the people. It is an upgrade that you might want to shift from the built-in video player of your device.  

Upgrading from the built-in applications is relatively smooth and handy on your android devices. The application Rialto and the open framework that Android has makes it easy for us- its users to stock the video apps. Also, one can replace the default video app with any number of sterling other apps, providing you with all the traits you need conforming to you. 

From a wide range to choose from, let us just see the light and simple to utilize video players to the highly built powerhouses. Check out the list that we have sorted for you to make a decision among the best video players for Android. 

1.MX Player is the most famous among the best video players for Android.

Best video players for android
Source: Times Internet

MX Player provides a blend of comfort in use and compelling features. A precise viewer holds numerous swipe signs and the option of pinch to zoom. Moreover, the app access features a wide diversity of file formats in both software and hardware decoding.

The additional and intriguing features of the app are within reach of the main show screen. This includes features like the variable aspect of ratio, subtitle control and the option of screen lock. You might think that is all, but the other tweaking features are stored in the app’s setting option. 

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Lamentably, due to permitting matters, in the core MX Player app, the supporting of DTS audio along with AC3 audio, is not available. This lone unavailable feature could be a deal-breaker, but one can through online avail of the custom codecs feature. 


best video players for android
Source: ModDude

Suppose you’re looking for the best video players for Android that concentrates on administering your locally stored content to your Chromecast, Apple TV, and other DLNA pliant devices. In that case, AllCast is the app for you. Not only that, AllCast supports all sorts of file format. Although the app had a choppy start, it quickly turned out to be one of the most stable apps present altogether. 

AllCast is a paid app that will cost you around $4.99. Moreover, the app has a limit of content for five minutes for its free version. The purchased version of the book has no content limit, though. 

An additional feature that the app provides is that you can turn your Android smartphone into an AllCast receiver if you desire. But for that, you will require to install the AllCast Reciever app on your Andriod device. 

3.VLC for Android

If you were in search of a media player that has versatility as well as acts as an all-in-one media app, then you definitely need to have VLC for Andriod in your smart device. The best feature about this Andriod app is that you can play any sort of file format in it and, it is going to work for you. Your best video players for Andriod is going to play you from omnipresent files like MP4 and MP3 to the very unusual FLAC and MKV formats to you. 

The list of benefits of this app does not end here. Your VLC for Andriod app lets you access media library concord, along with online network surge. In addition to all this, you get advanced features for playback that includes surging to Chromecast, along with the option for multiple audio subtitles and tracks.

4.Archos video player is also among the best video players for Andriod.

best video players for android

If you are into video players, and especially for Android, then there’s no doubt that you haven’t ever have heard of Archos. Along with supporting almost all sort of video formats, including MKV, AVI, MP4 and FLV. Along with it, the app also supports numerous types of the subtitle. The common types of example would be SUB, SRT, ASS, and much more. Additionally, the Android app provides with features like that of NAS and server support, along with external USB support.

Including a modern interface, the app has manageable control options. Additionally from information from websites similar to, IMDb, and several others.  

The pro version of the Archos Video Player will cost you around $.99. Also, the app is smooth, but a few of the reviews from Google Play don’t agree with the fact. Altogether the app is an excellent version if you want something of cheap but smooth quality. 

5.Plex is also on the list of best video players for Android

video players for Android
Source: Foo Web Development

Combined with Plex server software, the android app Plex is quite a good option for a local media player. From its server’s software, you can turn your smart device and desktop into a streaming substation. Moreover, the app provides you with an option to stream your desired media files into a smart TV or even smartphones. 

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You can avail of the pro version of this app for a $4.99 monthly package. Apart from your free version, the upgraded one will give you features like wireless library sinking, media control dashboard, along with user control trailers. The added features will help you enjoy your video even when you are offline.  

6.BSPlayer would turn out as an excellent app in the list of best video players for Android

video players for Android

Among the old yet most popular video player for Android comes this BSPlayer media player app. Moreover, this app has been among the list of the best video players for Android longer than most of the now popular apps. BSPlayer includes the feature of supporter for streaming from interface devices (DLNA) hardware stimulated playback and multi-core device decoding. What sounds like a cherry on top is the additional trait of its ability to play media files from compressed formats, along with subtitle support. Moreover, if you want to, you can utilize the peculiarity of the pop-up window. 

The free version of the app has all the features that the pro version includes, except for the ads. You can avail the pro version of BSPlayer, at $5.99. Also, just so you know, the app contains extra plugins so you can features that are extra supportive. 

7. Video Player All Format. 

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You might know this app by the name of XPlayer. Video Player, All Format, comes amid the best video player for Android. The reason simply would be the fantastic features that it provides. Starting from the 4K and UltraHD ability to playback, the app supports a broad format of your media files. Additionally, it also has the option for software and hardware decoding.

You would be extra happy to know that the app provides you with some additional handy features as well. Chromecast support, changeable playback speed, and gesture control are a few examples of it. In addition to that, the app allows you to multitask if you want to with the option of a pop-up window. This features at times prove to be so effective. Like you play something over your android video player and do other pieces of stuff that seem necessary to you. 

Although the Android app Video Player All Format has the same features that are in it’s upgraded or paid version. But just with the ads. If you get easily annoyed by the ads that are too frequent, you can even upgrade your media player- Video Player All Format to its pro version. You can find the app easily in-app purchases.

Summary of best video players for Android.

video player
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So, now you are here at the conclusion part of our list of the seven best video players for Android. However, the list could have been extra long as there are numerous media player apps for Android devices. But the list that we have sorted for you has the best of video players for Android, both for free and with the purchasing pro version. 

If you want to know and read more about such media player apps and related technological things. Then you are at the right spot, keep on reading us and check our other articles as well. 

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