Best Travel Bloggers to Follow on Instagram


Traveling appears to have never been more popular than it is now. Every third person on Instagram is wandering through the streets of Paris, standing in front of historic landmarks, or posting photos from the plane. 

Traveling is popular leisure in the twenty-first century. It’s also a well-paying job! There are folks who have made it their life’s work, and we call them to travel bloggers and influencers.

We have found and listed here a few best travel bloggers to follow on Instagram travel influencers with a huge number of following, eye-catching photos, and relevant travel suggestions. 

Check them out and get amazed by the interesting worlds they share on their digital networking platforms

1. Liz Carlson


Source: Instagram

If you are on the fence about visiting New Zealand, Liz’s story would convince you to include it on your bucket list. She’s lived there for a few seasons and has swiftly established herself as the diva of New Zealand Instagrammers. Her vibrant photographs document her travels around the county as well as her travels around the world.

2. Brooke Saward


Source: Instagram

We’ve wondered if Brooke is a superhuman at instances. She goes a staggering lot, constantly appears flawless, and has achieved enormous popularity in a relatively short period of time. Brooke has almost 140k Instagram followers, and her images are typically stunning. She likes to travel solo, prefers to travel in opulence, and excels at what she is doing.

3. Candace Rose Rardon | @candarceradon


Source: Instagram

We recommend that you check out a few of Candace’s beautiful travel sketching right away if you have not yet. Her blog and Instagram are both full of wonderfully composed thoughts and photographs from a girl who definitely enjoys seeing the globe. Candace’s work has a refreshingly genuine and down-to-earth quality to it, which has made us huge admirers.

4. Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott


Source: Instagram

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott’s blog has always featured beautiful images from throughout the globe, and his Instagram account is no exception. Dan and Audrey have been traveling for almost 7 years and prefer to visit less-traveled places like Ethiopia, Haiti, and Rwanda. Their Instagram feed mirrors their page, which is full of intellectually interesting pieces.

5. Katja Presnal


Source: Instagram

Katja is the creator of Skimbaco, an internet travel and lifestyle journal that focuses on leading a savvy, fashionable, and environmentally friendly lifestyle. She’s as well the creator of #igtravelthursday, a weekly celebration of amazing travel photographs. Katja, who was born in Finland, has traveled for over Seventeen years and has 3 children who have all been born in distinct places.

6. Julie Falconer


Source: Instagram

Julie is a Californian who has lived in London for the last 8 years as an expatriate. She’s likewise a world traveler, having visited over a hundred nations. Julie is the BBC’s designated locality Instagrammer for London, and her page is full of stunning photographs of the city, and also helpful suggestions.

7. Murad Osmann

Murad and Nataly Osmann, a great duo, have one of the most famous travel accounts on Instagram. The Russian-born traveler and photographer traverse the world with his wife, and the two are an influence on all wannabe travel couples around the world.

After images from Murad and Nataly’s popular series “Follow Me To” began circulating in 2012, the pair’s renowned series made headlines. Yes, this duo will inspire you to travel.

8. Holly Johnson


Source: Instagram

Holly Johnson, who is an enthusiastic traveler, prefers to reside out of a bag. Holly has discovered throughout the decades that she has an unbreakable link with the environment, and she calmly welcomes the spiritual camaraderie. If you go over her Instagram page, you’ll notice one item: she’s not the type to tour in style. She’s built for trekking and camping.

9. Selena Jacob


Source: Instagram

For two roaming couples, what began as a road trip throughout Europe has turned into a tour around the world. Selena and Jacob are a couple in their twenties who met after college and are still together now thanks to travel.

They have an insatiable desire to travel and like going on adventures together. Expatriates aren’t here to stay, and they continue to document their travels on Instagram.

10. Tara Milk Tea


Source: Instagram

Fashion, food, and travel, that’s all this Asian-Australian blogger have to say about it. With her gorgeous photos captured in some of the world’s most breathtaking locations, she has indeed won many hearts with her exceptional Instagram appearance and continues to raise the bar for competitor influencers.

There’s no one on the web who can match with her when it comes to precisely timed photos. Her passion for a wide range of culinary delights drives her to travel, and the other way around.

How Can You Start Your Journey As a Travel Blogger and Get More Followers?


Source: Freepik

Once upon a time, you could only share your travel experiences through photographs and 15-second video clips. Time has passed, and new features have been added to Instagram, all for the better. 

Yes, We’re talking about Instagram Reels, a popular video feature that’s still getting a lot of attention.

It goes without saying that reels are one of the simplest ways for a company to reach a larger audience. However, since we’re talking about vacation reels, more than just a clever marketing strategy and top-notch filming equipment will be required to make them stand out.

Furthermore, because reels have a higher possibility of reaching a larger audience than posts and stories, travel bloggers should employ them.

Apart from reels, Instagram has IGTV and many other features that have made it easier for users to share their journey and experiences in the way they want. 

For instance, you can share a video with your experience with food and restaurants at the place you just visited. 

What good is a trip if the cuisine isn’t delicious? Right? Why not utilize reels to share your culinary exploits?

Take movies of the restaurant or cafes where you are going to eat, and then close-up shots of the waiter bringing the meal you ordered and the dish in the best possible quality.

Because this is a travel video, include traditional cuisine from the city or nation.

Takedown the name of the meal as well as its origin. In the captions, you may also give a quick review of the food to guarantee that your viewers take your recommendations seriously and bookmark the video.

Different countries and cities have different rules. Because not everyone is aware of these rules, you can assist them by sharing the rules with videos from the city.

Viewers often find instructional films to be very educational, so your reel has a good chance of reaching a bigger audience and gaining more Instagram likes and views. You may also look into Buzzoid‘s services to get more followers, likes, and views on your posts and reels.


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