[2020 Updated] Top Best Match 3 Games

[2020 Updated] Top Best Match 3 Games

Match 3 games have more saturated the mobile market since programmers realized no one owned the concept behind Bejeweled. As such, we’ve got a wide choice of games that attempt to stand out and do something different, and games which will give your phone a virus.

To assist you with your hunt, we have compiled a listing of the 15 Greatest Match 3 Games For Android. The writer and publisher King may be the warrior of match-three games, but there are many more. Some still have paywalls, and extreme difficulty pops, but you ought to at least have a great 100-200 degrees out of it.

Here’re the best match 3 games you must try in 2021:

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1. Ticket to Earth

Ticket to Earth

Want a bit more meat from the match-3 puzzler? Love the mechanics; however, wish there was something a bit deeper on top of them? Let us introduce you to Ticket to Earth, a match-3 puzzler with a compelling story, lavish comic book visuals, and profound tactical-RPG elements. Additionally, it is a (whisper it) premium match that provides you with an utterly fleshed-out experience from the get-go. There is nothing else quite like Ticket to Earth on the App Store.

2. 10000000


10000000 is an older match-three game that still gets updates in 2018. It is also one of those few match-three games with no premium price tag. Players start with no cash. The target is to earn enough money to escape, and this price is ten million. The match-three component comes into play at the combat. You match three contours together to deal with that type of damage to the opponent. It adds a strategy element because you might want to conserve that huge melee combo you see on a more powerful opponent. Anyhow, the game runs for $2.29 without additional in-app buys or ads. It is a diamond in this genre.

3. Chocolate Crush Soda Saga

Games from the developer and publisher King are probably the finest on the mobile market to play three games. There’s no paywall, the problem curve doesn’t get abruptly steep, and no matter what, the game will allow you to win in a way that makes you feel like it was up to you and not an algorithm.

Also, Candy Crush games always have a clever mechanic that will help you breeze beyond those difficult levels when they come. The minute you win a level, the game will give you bonus items that appear at the onset of each consecutive degree.

Does this make the sport interesting to play (who doesn’t need to win?) It gives you an advantage on harder levels. Of course, the microtransactions come at the moment that you lose, but don’t worry! The longer you play, the more rewards you’ll get, and eventually, you may win.

4. Silver Tale

In Silver Story, the King is ill, and you need to traverse the territory collecting rare flowers that will cure the King. Along the way, you complete quests, which include collecting items and tools that you get as a consequence of fitting resource bits together, exploring caves, and opening chests. You’ll also craft items that can help you reach each game board’s goals.

Each board can consist of multiple boards. You need to find an item to traverse from one board to another. For example, there might be a shadowy cave in the corner of the board, and you need to find a lantern to journey through the cave into some other board. You’ll find the thing you need in a torso, or concealed somewhere on the game board, as some parts of the board can consist of grass or dirt you have to clear.

I think Silver Tale began out as a portable game, so you’ll also find casino tokens that you can use to get brand new items. You get free tokens every day. I guess that you needed to purchase these tokens in the mobile game, but I could be wrong.

You travel along with a map with every point on the map leading to match three board. Every once in a while, you’ll hit a barrier, and you need to solve a puzzle to get past it. There’ll be a game board with a couple of pieces on it, and you need to make games in the correct order to eliminate all of the pieces. Do not worry, you can skip those puzzles.

There are two modes of play: relaxed and restricted. In restricted mode, there is a maximum number of moves you can create on every board. Should you run out of moves before reaching the goals, you have to begin. I played relaxed. I tried restricted and found it overly challenging, but you might be a much better match three-player than I am.

I can not explain why Silver Story is so addictive. I can only say I discovered it to be. After completing it, I immediately checked whether additional games were available from precisely the same programmer. I found that Silver Tale is the next game that occurs in the same kingdom. I instantly purchased the first game, which is coming up.

5. Homes capes

Homescapes is the house decoration game developed and released by Playrix in 2017. Since that time, the game is readily available for Android, iOS, and Amazon app shop. The sport has all of the normal gaming mechanics required for the best matching games.

The sport has a beautiful narrative in which you need to assist Austin to bring back life to his old mansion.

The gameplay revolves around solving the puzzle by swapping the element along. You have to form different patterns of those elements to get the power-ups that help you complete the degree with minimum efforts.

After you, two or more Power-ups, combine them to observe your puzzle board’s magical effect. There are certain goals while solving the puzzles, and you need to attain those aims to complete the level and win the star, which is among the primary currencies. Our listing of legit Homes capes hack, and cheats will help you earn free coins from the sport.

6. Cookie Jam

Released by SGN, Cookie Jam may superficially look like a normal match-3 puzzle game, but it includes an enticing twist, which lets you finish a dessert recipe on each level. The gameplay allows you to match tiles of different colors to collect the necessary ingredients for finishing the dessert.

Each recipe is exceptional, and you’re left fascinated by what dish another level may hold for you. With fantastic gameplay and attentive details, this game gives you a fantastic consumer experience. As the levels progress, the difficulty and barriers increase, keeping you engaged.

7. Marvel Puzzle Quest

The Puzzle Quest series is one of the most beloved in the business enterprise. Adding in a lot of recognizable Marvel characters was never going to do anything but enhance its allure. Puzzle Quest was one of the first games for the uninitiated games to unite match-3 using RPG elements, making each grid-clearing around into an epic conflict. Possessing the abstract maneuvers to translate into different strike moves was a stroke of genius, as countless copycats have attested to.

8. Bejeweled game

Bejeweled is a popular series of games such as Candy Crush Saga. They use very similar mechanics. You match game bits. Those bits leave the board, and fresh ones fall. There are many versions of Bejeweled on Google Play. They all play an identical way too. However, each one does have a gameplay mechanic or two to differentiate them from the others. The majority of these games are premium as well. We have Bejeweled Blitz connected in the button below. But, any Bejeweled game plays about the same manner.

9. Angry Birds Match

This one is really fun until you hit on the paywall. The power-ups are abundant and make certain levels more challenging in a great way. The capture with all the power-ups is stopped by particular objects, like fortified boxes and beans. This mechanic forces you to pre-plan when and where you activate the power-ups.

On the other hand, the paywall is there, and I remember it being remarkably ancient for a match-three game. Normally, they allow you to reach at least 100 or 200 levels, but Angry Birds Match was that. Or maybe I simply lost patience. If you’re determined to get through the tough parts, a few Angry Birds Match suggestions are to log-in every day, save your special powers-up as much as you can, and unlock as many birds as possible. Do this, and you may find a few more levels from the game.

10. Runefall 1 and 2

Runefall, also developed by Playcademy, shares several similarities with Silver Tail (equal pieces on the game boards, by way of example). In reality, the very first Runefall sport occurs in precisely the same kingdom.

But there’s one crucial difference between Silver Tale and the Runefall games: the game boards proceed in Runefall. They are huge. When you make a game near the border of the visible board place, the view area will scroll, showing more of the board (unless you have reached the board’s border, of course).

Since the boards are big and you can’t observe the entire board at once, there is a map. You can jump from 1 part of the map to another with a special power-up.

11. Candy Crush Soda Saga

The game has been released in 2014 from King before for Facebook and afterward in November 2014 for other programs like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 10. Candy crush soda saga is just one of those games, like candies crush saga with all the match-3 game adventure.

Inside this juicy puzzle game, you have to swipe match the side-by-side candies to burst them and make a place for fresh candy.

You can play this game alone or improve your joy by playing the game with friends and family. Form different patterns to make particular elements, combine two specific components for an additional impact that helps resolve the puzzle at the minimum move. Below are some candy crush pop cheats which you would find helpful in advancing the game.

12. Jelly Splash

Jelly Splash provides enough distinction to set itself apart from other match-3 puzzle games due to the engaging and innovative experimentation within this genre. You’ve got over a hundred levels using the free edition, and you can play for as long as you need if you keep crossing the amounts.

The exceptional component of Jelly Splash is its own Super Jelly system, which places obstacles in your path and fixes objectives for you. This match-3 match is original enough to have you coming back to it.

13. Tavern Guardians

Do you dig Puzzle Quest’s take on the match-3 RPG, but don’t like its fresh premium Marvel wrap? That is fair enough. We would suggest that you check out Tavern Guardians instead. It doesn’t do anything particularly new or daring, but it’s a great example of the sub-genre. Every match feels tactical, and every board a tasty park of chances.

14. Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World is a mobile spin on the traditional game in the early 1990s. The game board includes a lot of viruses. Dr. Mario must send the appropriately colored pills to each virus to clean them on the map. The game features a metric ton of levels, an internet Versus Mode, various power-ups, various playable characters, and assistants. This game is a little slower of a drama than most match-three games. Plus, we want you to have a bit more energy than what you get. But aside from those minor complaints, the game is quite fun.

15. Frozen Free Fall

If you love the noise of hard candy being crushed in Chocolate Crush, you will adore the sound of ice being crushed in Frozen Free Fall. It might be an odd aspect to like about a match-three game. However, it is remarkably soothing to listen to all combos’ woosh moving off in the conclusion of each beginning level.

Besides the pleasant noise, Frozen Free Fall does possess a paywall, but it is not as hopeless to get around as Gardenscapes. What this game will have is a very steep difficulty curve. So much so that you can watch the algorithm function against you at the very start of the degree.

Nevertheless, once the match does decide to let you win, it is wonderfully hard and makes you think about every move for a fantastic minute or two. This will begin at level 100 (from the wolves area) and orgasm at about 240 (Elsa’s castle). I invite you to push, however, because the Summer levels are very much it.

16. Match Ventures

Match Ventures is another game three series out of Academy. The game plays much more like Silver Story compared to Runefall. The boards are smaller, and every board may lead to other boards.

The overall purpose is to rebuild a ruined castle. Every time you complete a degree, you can sell items you are located for coin and use it to animate a part of this castle. The bits you need to fit are distinct to the bits in Silver Tale, and also the game has a darker feel to it.

One addition that I didn’t enjoy much is battle boards, where you need to combat competition by making specific games to score points. At times the battles can drag, and the computer opponent pulls no punches, which means you might need to play a struggle quite a few times to acquire it.

I played all the battle boards and finally won them all because I’m a completionist. You may skip them if you don’t like them.

If you appreciated Runefall or Silver Tale, then you will like Match Ventures. There are just two games in the series so far.

17. Triple Town

The triple city is listed in the list of best match-three games for Android. Spry Fox LLC developed the game in 2012 for android and iOS users. The triple town is free to play a city-building game where you’ve got to attempt to grow your city by solving puzzles.

You may start the game with a 6*6 grid of areas where you locate randomly positioned tiles, largely grass tiles, and participants have to put them on the grid.

You will get one big advance tile by combining three or more identical tiles. For instance, if you join three grass tiles, it will form a bush; similarly, three bushes form a tree, three trees type hut, three huts type a house, and the list continues.

The sport’s ultimate objective is to create one’s settlement tiles to rank large; your score will be based on this ranking. You may complete the game as soon as you fill all of the fields on the grid.

18. Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga delivers the traditional match-3 puzzle components while providing a noticeable difference in other popular games like Candy Crush Saga. Developed and released by King.com Limited, the setup includes a board-game type map that lays out all of the amounts in order.

Each phase needs to be cleared to unlock the next. You are awarded between one to three stars for every level based on the points scored. There are some levels with fresh ones likely to be added from time to time. The difference in the gameplay is intelligent and pleasurable. The sport becomes unbelievably tough as you pass through levels, and that’s a large positive.

19. Evergarden

Evergarden takes the basic evolved match-3 premise of Triple City and ramps everything up to a new level. Its action occurs on a hexagon-based match grid, for one thing, while the 3D art fashion is a real sight to behold. It is a sport that practically begs one to prod it and play it, and it rewards you for your fascination with having a bagful of amazing surprises.

20. Indy Cat Match 3

Indie Cat Match 3 never achieved viral success like Candy Crush Saga. But it’s still a really good game, three games. Players match shapes, complete degrees, and collect various cat-themed artifacts to progress through the sport. There is a small amount of a storyline, but it’s not overly heavy. Overall, the adventure is goofy, fun, and inoffensive. It is good for both kids and adults. It is a freemium game like most titles in this space.

21. Sugar Smash: Book of Life

Another ordinary like Cookie Jam using another skin. If you or your kid enjoyed the film, this is a fantastic way to interact with favorite characters and pretend you’re living in the Land of the Remembered. There aren’t any exceptional gameplay mechanics, and there’s no paywall.

There are almost infinite levels at this time, with fresh worlds to explore. The most recent is Coco Loco themed and an addition to the Twilight Park, an area where children collect as many stones as you can before they’re known as back home.


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