Best Games for History Buffs

History Buffs

There’s a video game for everyone no matter where their interests lie, though it never hurts to look for a bit of help in finding the one that would capture you the most. History is absolutely fascinating because it covers everything that came before us. How could anyone not find it interesting? For history buffs there are a huge selection of video games to choose from, on PC, console, or even just in a web browser. We’ve found some of the very best of them and brought them right here to you.

Age of Gods- History Buffs

A lot of history-related games can be quite complex to get into, so if you’re looking for a game that you can pick up and play immediately, you can’t go far wrong with a slots game. Although you probably won’t learn as much about the gods as you would from a textbook, you’ll certainly have a lot more fun in the process. Age of Gods is one of the most popular slots games, in part because it so frequently offers casino free spins, but also because the gameplay itself is brilliant. There are lots of different types of bonuses that you can hit, as well as multipliers. The thing that most history fans will find interesting though is working out which god is which as the reels spin.


The Civilization series is one of the most successful in the world of video games, so much so that it’s kept going for more than a decade now! The premise of the game is simple: you’re given a handful of people and you’ve got to help them survive and thrive until you have your very own civilization. Some of the games take place in the Dark Ages, some take place in a modern-day setting, but all of them require you to be a meticulous planner to succeed. Of course, if you already know a little about the history of human civilization, then you’ll know a bit about the strategies that help cities to thrive and the ones that doom them to failure. If you don’t know much of the history then don’t panic, you’ll be guided every step of the way in this game and you’ll know a great deal more by the end of it.

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Dawn of Man

If Civilization is all a bit too civilised for you, then there are some other options. Dawn of Man is a great clicker-style game that’s available exclusively for PC. This game is similar to Civilization in that you’ll be given a few early humans and you’ll have to work out how to look after them. In this game, researching new technologies is the key to success. You’ll start off scavenging for fruits, but when you learn to whittle knives out of wood and flint then you can begin to hunt animals. The research that you do progresses steadily from the early days of knife throwing, to the later stages of armoury making and fortification. This game focuses entirely on really early human history and it makes for a fascinating time.

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