Best Employee Scheduling Apps In 2021 [TOP 13 CHOICES]

Best Employee Scheduling Apps In 2020 [ TOP 13 CHOICES]

What’re the Best Employee Scheduling Apps? Colorfy has a look at several excellent options that permit you to choose. 

If you have ever needed to create a program, you know that the process is much more of a marathon than a sprint. Regrettably, not many people are ready to take our program generating skills to the HR Olympics. Most of us have years of training until we are prepared to bring home a gold medal. Imagine if there was an easier way to take your scheduling construction abilities to Olympic degrees? As luck would have it, is. Coding applications and the very best employee monitoring programs may offer you the boost you want to feel like a winner.

But, finding the ideal product to take you to the peak of the competition may still be a good deal of work. Deciding which scheduling applications can help you most needs more than merely guessing which vendor resembles the smartest choice. Not only for work deadlines apps are useful but for students too. A right monitoring program helps students manage their time effectively by allowing them to schedule and prioritize their tasks, assignments, and activities. They can allocate specific time slots to each task such as a custom dissertation writing service, which helps them to stay organized and focused. You will want to understand what a worker monitoring program can accomplish, and which features you ought to watch out for then accommodate both of these to narrow down which products will satisfy your wants.

What’s Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee scheduling software simplifies the process of producing and maintaining programs for your hourly work. While a few are intended to satisfy a specific industry’s requirements, others may be adapted and scaled for companies of all backgrounds and dimensions.

Frequent features include:

  • Timecard production and management
  • Payroll processing and direction
  • Shift mission that automatically points in availability, overtime, and time away
  • Worker notification of new programs and shift changes
  • Shift-swapping skill with real-time Outcomes

By automating the program production and management process, you will be better able to control labor costs while increasing worker satisfaction.

Top Features

Although the industry is saturated with free scheduling applications, there are a few vital features to keep an eye out for when picking for the most excellent free employee monitoring program for your enterprise. The SelectHub analyst staff dug through the worker scheduling marketplace and found these high features to make sure and look for:

Employee Management

A thriving online scheduling tool must ease strong employee management by allowing users to keep critical personnel associated with information such as qualifications, abilities, contact information, and more in a centralized site.

Schedule Management

Schedule development is the fundamental characteristic of any employee monitoring software intended to save companies in the old-fashioned pencil and paper approach. A fantastic solution can help prepare rosters within minutes predicated on previous shift histories. These instruments also facilitate job scheduling, team scheduling, multiple place monitoring, and seasonal scheduling skills. Shift managers may also add notes or instructions to the employees for improved cooperation.


A useful monitoring tool helps cultivate a culture of compliance with HR principles and labor laws. They assist users in following instructions associated with foods and other fractures, and it monitors staff overtime, attendance, and punctuality.

Track Payroll Expenses and Budgets

Your free monitoring software must incorporate with your own time and attendance solution to improve citizenship calculation. This combination helps customers map the clock-in and clock-out hours of the employees to project anticipated payroll expenditures.

Absence Administration

A prosperous scheduling solution should provide robust tools for lack management, monitoring holidays, leaves, and time-off requests. Users can quickly track staff accessibility while preparing programs to accelerate the process up much farther.

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Advanced reporting and calling features are must-haves when deciding on a scheduling option for your small business. Reporting tools may generate various reports, such as employee scheduling reports, labor cost reports, calendar hotels, people’s reports, change data reports, and fiscal reports for actionable advice.

Top Rated 13 Best Employee Scheduling Apps

Top Rated 13 Best Employee Scheduling Apps 


ActiPLANS is the ideal instrument for employee monitoring – it affirms the preparation of time off and on responsibility both in the long and short term.

From the desktop version of actiPLANS, an individual can track their present and future PTO equilibrium and use this information to choose and mark any time as a holiday or another appropriate kind of leave. Anyway, the mobile version enables users to inform coworkers they’re running late or departing early and review that is absent right now and why. This is very good for staying in the grasp of present employee accessibility, both inside routine and flexible work arrangements.

An additional precious characteristic of actiPLANS is that the automated exit petition approval. It will help make the lack of management process more compact, saving a lot of time for supervisors and contributing to greater worker satisfaction by providing group members more control over private work schedules.


This cloud-based alternative is a superb alternative for moderate to large companies with complex needs. Shiftboard’s platform is highly configurable, making it a perfect solution for companies in niche markets with exceptional needs. This product provides users with automatic scheduling in addition to other heart HR features.

Shiftboard provides help with jobs like candidate monitoring and onboarding. This operation can help streamline the hiring process from beginning to finish, even helping with new workers’ training. If it comes to growing your staff, this attribute will help you each step along the way. It can help monitor the ideal applicants, watch their program, and be sure they are thoroughly trained.

The principal characteristic of this system that you’re going to consider aids with the worker scheduling process. Shiftboard can help automate the scheduling process, allowing supervisors to construct schedules much quicker. The machine can predict scheduling demands based on historical data, conduct reports on changes, and assign the most competent workers to tasks.


This easy, easy-to-use program democratizes the scheduling process. It helps team supervisors or leads to indicate times for changes, meetings, and events. Team members only pick that time slots to work best for them.

Managers utilize the group’s answers to make programs. The majority rules daily, and everybody works happily ever after.

Use Example: You provide workers one distant day per month. You are not sure how to take care of the logistics, however. You do not need everyone from the workplace in precisely the same moment. You begin using ShiftNote to collect remote-day tastes while also ensuring everybody is not out on precisely the actual same day.

Best for: Small groups using relatively Straightforward and simple schedules


Homebase makes employee shift scheduling and time management simple. It can help you schedule changes, keep track of employee time, and also communicate with staff members straight in the shared program. (Compare this with using different sheets to monitor private emails and telephone numbers.)

Use Example: You operate in a growing business. Determined by emails and spreadsheets to handle schedules and monitor occasions used to work OK, but your workers doubled a month, and you believe that’ll continue growing. You want a straightforward tool that covers all of your scheduling needs and does not need the training to use.

Best for: Firms Searching for a simple worker scheduling option that does it all

Standout features:

  • In-app messaging
  • Time clock
  • Payroll monitoring

Snap Schedule

Snap Schedule supplies some advantages to companies of almost any size and is the only alternative on the list that provides both cloud-based and on-premise choices. This alternative offers pre-designed schedule programs for both stationary and rotating work weeks. The user-friendly drag-and-drop allows you to personalize and manage programs predicated on some factors easily.

This system also helps in calculating change premiums and overtime pay according to varying pay prices. The overtime management attribute can consider fixed pay rates for specific changes, person worker rates of pay, and adjusted hourly pay prices. Snap Schedule can also be able to create reports to provide you with insight into your scheduling practices. The system offers over 49 pre-built report choices. The machine can analyze data and prepare reports on labor costs, coverage, work duties, and many more.

As an additional bonus, this program also provides an employee remote access feature, allowing employees to get their time cards in real-time. This attribute offers everyone in your business simple access to clock-in and clock-out functions. It empowers supervisors and individual workers to evaluate their scheduled hours into the number of hours they work.


Best for small businesses and multi-location companies

When utilizing Deputy, you genuinely have to be tech-savvy, and Deputy understands it. That is the reason why they ask all your pencil and paper timesheets and monitoring beforehand so they can personalize the worker scheduling program to satisfy your company requirements.

A number of the scheduling features include auto-scheduling, rest and lunch breaks, produce, copy, or print programs, change swapping and locate change replacements. Contain the software using POS and HR systems such as Gusto, Xero, QuickBooks, Lightspeed, and much more.

Cost: Starts at $2.50/user/month and requires a minimum monthly spend of $10 each statement.

Free trial: There’s a completely free 14-day trial.


Sling combines schedule preparation and lacks management features; therefore, it helps handle change work and prevent conflicts with its absence schedule. The tool permits you to replicate shifts and programs between weeks and days and make recurring shifts to remove repeated entries. A cell program is provided so you could keep ahead of things and speak with your coworkers from anyplace. What is more, the program has a”social space” attribute that allows us to discuss files and updates, setup newsfeeds, and socialize with colleagues.


Ximble is just another cloud-based employee monitoring program that provides options for companies of all sizes. It helps supervisors to create programs, monitor attendance, and handle employee requests. The features in this system can be split into two classes: scheduling and time tracking.

Among those scheduling features comprise a template generation. This attribute makes it possible for managers to make schedule templates used again after as needed. This feature also enables supervisors to establish staff accessibility and send alerts to workers.

Ximble’s time collection attribute provides remote clock-in capacities, facial recognition, and QR scanning. The machine also supplies a team communicating feature which permits users to create stations for particular discussion themes and collaborate in real-time.


Appropriate for many businesses, this well-rounded (and futuristically called ) program covers employee monitoring, time clock, and presence.

Use Example: Your small business should begin automating administrative jobs should you want to grow. You use this program to streamline scheduling so that you may spend additional hours on hiring and retention plans.

Best for Small companies

Standout features:

  • In program GPS time clock
  • Automatically fixing timesheets
  • Leave request processing

When I Work

While I Function is the best answer as it is free for significantly less than 75 workers and you are not confined to a business location. It will not allow you to schedule weeks later on, so that is something to know about. Produce a template so that it’s simple to replicate another week’s program, utilize drag & drop choices, and see who’s available and qualified to get a change. Send notifications on change changes and handle all from desktop or mobile computer.

Cost: Pricing ranges from free to $2.25 per employee per month, relying on the specific features you would like. Time and attendance monitoring may also be added for an extra $1.50 per worker per month.

Free trial: ” There is not any free trial.


This calendar-focused program is about boosting staff transparency. Managers can quickly track availability and program worker changes. Team members begin working together by discussing occasions, scheduling meetings, and sharing crucial project information.

Use Example: Your organization thinks in flexible hours. However, it was fantastic due to the flex function; you are finding it challenging to keep an eye on the key who, what, when, where, and from your staff. This program can allow you to feel much more connected.

Best for: Athletes that Wish to work together by increasing their transparency

Standout features:

  • No passwords or accounts required.
  • Customized views (see only what you want and need to)


Another program intended for handling hourly worker programs, OpenSimSim, provides the flexibility supervisors will need to upgrade programs as changes come through.

Use Example: The more employees your business gets, the further the last-minute change requests you obtain from workers. You can juggle these if the group was smaller, but as your business hire more individuals, these tiny changes have attained unmanageable heights. Using OpenSimSim, it is possible to incorporate change requests and create updated programs in only a couple of minutes.

Best for: Businesses with a lot of hourly workers

Standout features:

  • Mobile scheduling
  • Seamless in-app messaging


A messaging program, Wechat makes it effortless to communicate with workers and prevent handling a list of private telephone numbers and email addresses.

Use it as a hub to convey about everything schedule-related.

Use Example: Your distant team should remain in touch. However, it is challenging to keep an eye on everybody’s individual contact details. At least 4 of those email addresses you entered return as undeliverable. Among the numbers seems to be from support. You got a message in which you’ve got the wrong amount. You utilize Wechat to keep everybody together.

Best for Small groups and small distant teams

Standout features:

  • Works on multiple ports
  • Supports calls and talks

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Employee Scheduling FAQs

Which are the benefits of the employee scheduling program?

Employee monitoring software may save your organization money and time. By way of instance, using one designated monitoring platform can lessen the probability of over- or understating your company for any specific shift. The computer software can enhance your staffing duties and provide invaluable employee info. Some scheduling software also offers customers the ability to view and reserve appointments based on worker availability, which will help reduce cancellations and double booking.

What are a few critical employee monitoring software integrations?

You can benefit from several application integrations, based on what jobs your employee scheduling applications can already perform by itself. One exceptionally beneficial integration is time monitoring – that is where your worker hours are automatically monitored and logged into your applications, reducing the errors from manual entry of worker hours. Another helpful integration is self-explanatory monitoring. Some employee monitoring software includes comprehensive citizenship features built-in, while some have accessible citizenship information collection.

How can predictive monitoring affect companies?

Predictive scheduling (giving out worker programs beforehand ) is beneficial for employees and employers alike. Informing workers of the work schedules ahead can increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover. Additionally, it helps workers better strategy around their work schedules, reducing the worker’s prospect of missing a chance and leaving the group shorthanded.

Can multiple users get a free employee scheduling program?

Free monitoring software tools allow for several users that can edit programs and add new products. This can be convenient when your company has many supervisors who wish to be in a position to get and edit programs.

Can I discuss my free scheduling program with my workers?

You may permit your employees to look at your free online appointment scheduling applications, so they are alert to their particular change schedules.


There is a great deal to consider if you’re searching for the very best employee monitoring program for your enterprise. With so many distinct sellers to select from, using a well thought out list of prerequisites can allow you to narrow your search and assess individuals who cut. From there, all that’ll be left would be to compare costs among your top seller selections and also make the final choice about which system you’re going to be implementing.

Which employee scheduling programs made it to the final form of your choice process? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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