Australia Mobile Gaming Scene: Top iOS Games Down Under in 2023

Online gaming isn’t just a fleeting craze. In Australia, it has become a way of life. Thanks to smartphones, particularly iOS devices, gaming is more within reach than ever. Whether you’re at a bus stop, chilling at the beach, or just looking to pass the time, your iPhone or iPad serves as a portal to endless fun and challenges.

From chill puzzle games to high-tension action adventures, Australians have a wide array of options for mobile gaming. Gaming isn’t just for the kids anymore. Aussies of all ages are getting in on the action. Let’s take a look at iOS games Australians love to play.

The Rise of Mobile Gaming in Australia

In the Land Down Under, mobile gaming is skyrocketing. It’s not just for kids anymore; everyone’s getting in on it. With smartphones always at our fingertips, Aussies have switched up their gaming habits big time – no need for a PC or console now! Whether we’re commuting to uni or waiting in line for coffee, games are just a swipe away. We’ve truly turned gaming into an anywhere-anytime thing that perfectly fits our hectic lives.

The rise in mobile gaming isn’t just about convenience. It’s also because of the awesome games developers are crafting specifically for our phones. These aren’t some half-baked versions of PC games. They’re fully formed experiences designed to fit right on your small screen. Whether you’re into deep strategy with multiplayer online battles or quick-fix casual games, there’s something on the mobile platform that’ll grab your interest.

Mobile gaming is blowing up and playing a big role in boosting the digital economy. With people buying stuff within games or clicking on ads, developers are cashing in! Both local and international game makers see this and they’re hustling to make content that resonates with Aussies. This trend’s not just about fun; it’s fueling economic growth too.

Top iOS Games in Australia


Fortnite is seriously blowing up in Australia, man. It’s wild how much it’s being played on mobile devices. It started off big on consoles and PCs but now the iOS crowd can’t get enough of it either. The whole aim? Be the last one standing after a massive 100-player brawl. Plus, you have to give props to its stunning visuals and buttery smooth performance – those are key reasons why people love it so much! And what could be cooler than teaming up with your buddies for action-packed gaming sessions?

What makes Fortnite different is that you can build stuff as well. You can make walls or towers to help you win. This makes the game more interesting because every match feels new. The game keeps adding new things like outfits, weapons, and special events to keep players interested.

Fortnite is free to play, which helps make it popular. You can have fun without spending money, but if you want, you can buy extra stuff like outfits and unique challenges.

Online Blackjack

Another game that has captured the attention of Aussies is online blackjack. Unlike Fortnite, a fast-paced battle royale, online blackjack offers a different kind of thrill involving strategy, skill, and a bit of luck. This classic card game has successfully transitioned to iOS platforms, and many Australians are enjoying the convenience of playing blackjack anytime, anywhere.

For those interested in trying their hand at this timeless casino game, there are plenty of options for online blackjack in Australia. The game is not just about hitting 21; it’s about knowing when to hit, stand, double down, or split. The strategic element keeps players engaged and offers a rewarding experience for those who master it.

The appeal of online blackjack lies in its simplicity and quick nature, making it perfect for mobile gaming. You can play a few hands while waiting for the bus or during a lunch break. Plus, many platforms offer a variety of blackjack versions and even live dealer options, enhancing the gaming experience.


Minecraft is big with people who use iOS in Australia. Unlike games like online blackjack that focus on luck and strategy, Minecraft lets you be creative. You can build and explore your worlds. The game has different ways to play, like Survival and Creative modes.

Even though the graphics look simple, you can do much with them. The game is a hit with kids but has fans of all ages because you can play it in many ways. It’s great for both quick games and longer play times.

League of Legends

League of Legends, also known as LoL, is popular in Australia on iOS, even though it’s mainly a PC game. The mobile version, Wild Rift, offers the same fast and strategic play. It’s a team game where you pick a character with unique skills and try to beat the other team by destroying their main building. 

The game is complex and needs talent to get good at it. It’s so competitive that there are even pro leagues in Australia. Whether you’re playing just for fun or want to go pro, League of Legends keeps you coming back.

A Diverse Terrain For iOS Gamers

The rise of mobile gaming in Australia, especially on iOS devices, has been phenomenal. From action-packed games like Fortnite to the strategic nuances of online blackjack, there’s something for everyone. A 2023 report shows that 81% of Australians are now into video gaming, underscoring the nation’s love for digital entertainment. This could prove to be a good thing for the next generation. According to research by Raising Children, video gaming could be healthy for children.

Whether you’re crafting new worlds in Minecraft, raking in some dough with online casinos, or battling it out on League of Legends – gaming options are off the charts for us Aussies. Honestly, there’s never been a better time to be a gamer here Down Under. We’ve got so many choices at our disposal!

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