App Marketing Tips to Boost Your App Discoverability and Downloads

Tips to Boost Your App Discoverability and Downloads

The main objective of this article is to help you increase app downloads in the play store. In this guide, you will know app marketing tips to boost your app discoverability and downloads that play vital roles in apps’ success and growth. This guide will help ensure that you create an exceptional marketing strategy that will help you sell your app to the audience it deserves, build a strong brand, and increase your revenues.

App Marketing Tips

You have spent much time and resources building a great app. You have done the app testing and debugging and done your best to refine the app to ensure that users have the best experience with your app. You already have your application on the play store, and you are living every minute, expecting the installations and downloads to spike up. One important thing you should know is that app installation and purchases would not just spike up while you sit in a comfort zone. Many factors come into play to boost your app discoverability and installations. The following are some of the app marketing strategies that will help you boost app downloads.

1. Build Trust- The First Step to Distributing Your App

The first step to increase app downloads in play store is by building trust. No matter how sensational your application can be, the app is going nowhere without trust. Users always feel insecure about downloading new apps online. They are always concerned about their security while using the app. They have a good reason to be concerned following a recent increase in the number of fake apps that are after stealing user information or spreading malware to their devices. Malicious code can wreak havoc on users’ files and systems. 

Before potential app users can feel at peace downloading your application, they will need to establish two crucial things. First, an independent party verified your application, and that the application has not been compromised since it was created. These two elements give your users confidence when downloading your application. 

A code signing certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority helps to establish the utmost level of trust, much needed by users to download your code or application. It allows users to establish the app’s integrity by indicating that, since its creation, the app has not been tampered with. The code signing certificate also gives a clear publisher’s identity confirmation from a third party. If you are looking to boost your app downloads, perhaps you should start by increasing users’ trust by giving them a sense of safety. All you will need is a code signing certificate. There are many SSL providers who give discount on SSL Certificate so if you have a less budget then you can take the help of them to get a cheap code signing certificate for increasing your Application security.

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2. Actively Seek User Feedback to Rate and Review Your App

Positive reviews are a great way of boosting your app downloads on the play store. Positive reviews are useful in many ways. The algorithms will increase your rankings. App Store and play store algorithms consider the reviews before ranking apps. Several negative reviews and low ratings would make your app penalized in rankings.

On the other hand, positive reviews favor apps and push them to the top of the search results. Users who see the positive reviews will also be tempted to download your application. Positive reviews are associated with a good reputation. 

Most potential app downloaders will rely on the opinion of other people who have downloaded and used the application before. If your application has low ratings and negative reviews, do not expect to hit your targeted app downloads. If, on the other hand, your app has high ratings and a lot of positive reviews, then you are on the course for an impressive number of downloads. 

To earn high ratings and positive reviews, you can use the push notification technique. It would help if you prompted your users to rate and review your application after a given number of sessions. To avoid having negative reviews, you should do your best to ensure that your users have the best experience with your website. You should also ensure that you provide the app users with a working point of contact to help them reach out to you for support if they experience any problem with your app. 

3. Give due Priority to App Store Optimization.

App Store Optimization refers to the methods, processes, and techniques applied to improving the visibility of an app in the play store. To increase your app downloads, you should make your play store listing as alluring as possible. It would help if you created an exceptional app icon, attractive images, screenshots, and a short video of how your application operates, among other things. The goal for doing all these is to increase your app’s discoverability, which is vital in improving app downloads.

4. Engender a Strong Online Presence

Increasing your brand awareness is another essential thing to do when you wish to increase your app downloads. The secret is to push your application anywhere on the internet, talk about it on websites, blogs and articles. Soon, you will start realizing a lot of app downloads. You can create a website version of the app to sensitize web visitors about your app. And you do not need to be a website guru to develop a website. Free software such as WordPress can help you create a perfect website. 

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From the website, you will share content about your app, its functionality, and new features. Having a website where people can learn about your app is essential in increasing up app downloads on the play store. It would be best if you merge the website’s appearance to that of your app. This defines your brand’s visual look and associates the website with your app.

5. Encourage and Motivate Users to Make Referrals 

After creating a community of satisfied and permanent users, it is now time to turn them into brand ambassadors. It does not harm to ask your users to talk about your app and refer it to their friends, families and other people. You can encourage them to do so by offering free incentives. For instance, if you have a ride app, you can give them a free ride for every successful referral that they make. Successful referrals are those that directly lead to app downloads. 

6. Engage in Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms carry a vast base of potential app downloaders. They provide incredible ground for you to market your app and introduce it to new customers. You should take your time to research and determine which social media platform will be the best for you. Different audiences will prefer one platform over another. However, this does not mean that you should rule out other social media platforms. It would be best if you took advantage of all the social media networks. Some of the social media platforms you can use include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp. 

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7. Grow Via Word of Mouth with Smarter App Invites

There is power in word of mouth. Directly speaking to people about your app, how it works, and the benefits they will get when they download the app is more likely to work than using other communication forms. You will easily convince them to download the application, and you can even help them do it. Users trust recommendations from close contacts, which is why this method works perfectly. 

8. Drive Installs Using Google Search

Another best strategy that you can use to increase your app downloads is by using Google Search. With app indexing, when people use Google to search content on their devices, Google’s results will include relevant applications related to the content, regardless of whether the searcher has installed the application. The results will also prompt the searcher to install the application by including an install button that directs the searcher to your app in the play store. When the searcher installs the application, he/she can continue to see the content in the application. 


It takes a lot of efforts and resources to create an app. The only reward you want as an app owner is to see your app downloads increase. It does not just happen. You have to ensure your app is visible and popular with potential users. High app downloads are essential in increasing your revenue. In this article, I have explained eight of the best app marketing strategies that are important in improving your app downloads and visibility.

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