Apex Legends vs Fortnite 2021: Which Battle Royale Is Better?

Apex Legends vs Fortnite

Apex Legends vs Fortnite are fantastic battle royale games, but if it comes down to this, which is the greater of the two?

Fortnite has been dominating the gaming world for quite a while. The free to play sport exploded in popularity, and it has continued to become among the most excellent games. With fresh occasions and continuously gaining new gamers, it looked like nothing would have the ability to slow Fortnite down.

Apex Legends is remarkably like Fortnite at first glance. The brand new shooter is also free to play with the Battle Royale game. Apex Legends has also witnessed the Gigantic explosion in popularity like Fortnite, and Several have begun saying that Apex Legends would be the passing of Fortnite.

Apex Legends And Fortnite Comparison

Apex Legends vs Fortnite Comparison

Ping System

The unique ping system has been introduced to Apex Legends to produce communication in groups more efficiently and quickly. It turned into one of the principal advantages of this game.


Apex Legends’ King Canyon is considerably more compact than the map you’ve got in Fortnite. At first glance, it might look like a drawback, but not always. A bigger map guarantees greater competition and, consequently, higher excitement. This is something Fortnite fights: its big map signifies a triumph can come by merely hiding for the length of a match. That strategy will not work in Apex Legends, compelling a more exciting contest.


Apex Legends’ important addition to the battle royale formulation is incorporating characters. At the beginning of each game, players select one of the present rosters of eight characters, each of whom has unique abilities. Like in Overwatch and other character-based shooters, these characters’ particular skills are best utilized to complement one another, plus a well-balanced team may frequently be crucial to success.

Like in most battle royale games, players at Apex Legends begin with nothing and need to locate their weapons on the floor. That is true of Fortnite also, but Fortnite does not have some characters to add extra skills to the mixture. Each of the player characters in Fortnite is synonymous; the one thing they begin with is a package for cutting trees down, demolishing buildings, and even beating stones for construction materials. More on this soon.


Fortnite keeps things fresh by incorporating fresh and restricted time weapons by routine spots, but the Apex firearms choice is also fairly impressive. In the game, you’re offered different options from six classes. Every weapon has particular pros and cons, making you believe which one will bring more advantages in a specific circumstance.

Building Materials

The great thing which puts Fortnite apart from other games is its collection of construction mechanisms. In Fortnite, it is vital that you cut trees down and divide rocks to acquire construction materials as you locate weapons. Having those substances permits you to construct things like stairs and walls, which may help change the conflict’s tide. Building items can protect you from gunfire or help you escape bad situations and help you browse the map.

There’s no construction in Apex Legends, for worse or better, though some character skills can serve similar purposes. Pathfinder’s zip lines and grapple will help him attain high positions, and Gibraltar’s shield can block bullets and grenades.

First Person Vs. Third

Some of the most apparent differences between Apex Legends and Fortnite is your perspective. Fortnite is performed by the next person, meaning you could realize your personality. It allows for a broader array of vision and matches the drama mode of Fortnite, in which you always have to be constructing things all around you. Apex Legends is performed from the standard first-person.

The first individual is typically the option for shooters since it provides a much greater sense of precision and precision. The first person works better for this sport’s primary purpose, which can be shooting different players. While the next person view is required to get Fortnite, the standard first individual will feel a lot superior to those utilized to shooting matches.


Even though Fortnite has introduced vehicles from the game to create traversing the map simpler, the vehicles are met with criticism. Some fresh ideas, such as the hamster ball, which is going to be appearing shortly, but finally, the vehicles provide a massive benefit that many have termed unjust.

Apex Legends feels far more fluid at how you’re able to move across the map, using zip lines and no falling damage.

Team Strategy

While Fortnite certainly has a significant facet of teamwork for this, there’s also the choice to play on your own. Apex Legends has a much bigger focus on teamwork, and pairs you with a team before entering the match. This concentrate on teamwork means the staff plan of Apex Legends certainly gets the advantage.

With various characters, you’ll be able to select the ideal team makeup to dominate, and the resources to communicate, such as the ping machine, are considerably more efficient.

Movement And Verticality

One of the chief items that Fortnite has that new battle royale games do not is a broad sense of verticality. The capability to construct things on the fly where you move contributes to gamers building intricate towers and staircases, using height for over and around enemies, and locate advantageous positions. The simple fact that you can reach extreme heights in Fortnite is among the things that set it apart from other conflict royale games.

Apex Legends also has quite a few ways that make its match perpendicular. The terrain across the map fluctuates significantly in altitude, so it is quite feasible to take the high floor and takedown on enemies below. You can not build things. However, there are many alternatives to getting up significant.

To begin with, you can catch ledges and scale-up plenty of stuff at Apex Legends, and personalities can scramble vertical faces up to achieve heights, which are roughly twice as tall as they are. Pathfinder, among the game’s present eight characters, can utilize his grapple hook and zipline launcher to achieve high places and deliver the rest of the group along together. Fortnite has Apex Legends beats in just how perpendicular the sport could get, but Apex has smoother motion mechanisms for getting around generally.

Secrets, Seasons, And Unusual Events

Among those things that define Fortnite is how much it’s changed and grown as a live support match. Lately, there has been an in-game operation by DJ Marshmello, and every season it comprises new topics, skins, weapons, events, and challenges. You will find bizarre things to see hidden in Fortnite, and they are continually changing. It is among the things which continue to help keep the game compelling.

It is early yet in Apex Legends, so it is uncertain whether the match will look like continuing live support. We all know Apex Legends is beginning its first time in March when it will add new weapons, characters, and loot into the match. Respawn has said that it plans to include in-game occasions, and we have seen one hidden Easter egg pop up in the game.

Participants found 10 Loch Ness monster plush toys concealed in many areas across the King’s Canyon map; if they ruined them, it triggered a massive variation of Nessy to seem from the waters off the coast of the Swamps region. That is a reasonably chill Easter egg, everything considered. However, it sounds Respawn may have layouts to do things like that which Epic does in Fortnite as it comes to surprises, secrets, and new occasions.

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Which is better Apex or Fortnite 2021?

If you prefer Fortnite or even Apex Legends is entirely down to your tastes: both matches offer you great positives and drawbacks across the other. But taking into consideration everything Colorfy has covered previously, Apex Legends appears to have the advantage when it has been the exceptional combat royale game. Long may it reign.

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