8 Tips to Enrich Your Plundering Upon the Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves, the first-person multiplayer game, has just completed its three years. The game is full of sea battles and buried treasures. There are numerous perils to navigate in the game, and the players get a wide range of tools and mechanics for smooth sailing. 

If you want to know about some pro tips to enrich your plundering in the game, this guide is the right place for you. Along with following the tips, you can check out Sea of Thieves hacks by Battlelog.co for additional help in the game. 

Now let’s find out some top tips to enrich your plundering upon the Sea of Thieves. 

1. Tucking 

You will find various hiding spots like shadows and well-covered areas in the ships and inside forts. Barrels, ship decks, and cannons are some of these hiding spots. But remember that you will need one of the hide emoticons to hide properly as it provides a proper camouflage. Hiding this way would allow you to stay on someone else’s boat for the longest time and wait for the correct time to attack. 

2. Keep a lookout 

In the game of Sea of Thieves, there is a sea full of pirates who are always on the lookout for stealing others’ stuff or bothering other people. Hence, it is important to be aware of the other ships around you, about their direction and moves. 

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The plus point of sailing is that it takes longer for ships to sail, so you will have time to react or plan for any attack you are sensing. To be aware of others’ piracy, you have to keep a lookout and watch their moves. 

3. Work the sails 

While playing Sea of Thieves, you’ll be spending a lot of time-shifting from spot to spot. There will be different things happening simultaneously, so you will have to deal with them as well. Out of all this chaos, one thing every member of the group should know is working the sails. 

You will constantly have to balance the speed of the ship. You also need to make sure the maneuverability is effective, and to do that; you have to adjust your sail angles and cut the sail to make tighter turns. Therefore working on the sail and keeping an eye on it continuously during the game is paramount. 

4. Pick your weapons carefully 

You start the Sea of Thieves with a cutlass and flintlock pistol. As you go ahead in the game, some additional weapons will be waiting for you on the ship. You will find three options to carry into a battle. The first is the pistol, a strong and mid-range weapon. The second one is a blunderbuss, a high-performance close-range weapon. The last one is a sniper rifle which is great for a longer range. 

You will have to pick the right weapon for the right situation. The pistol will assist you most of the time. But don’t hesitate to switch between the other two options whenever the situation demands. 

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5. Dump the wood and cannonballs before leaving the ship 

Whenever you start a game, your ship is filled with woods for repairing and cannonballs for battles. But these resources can be depleted in a hurry while you are rushing to battles and voyages. Whenever you visit a new island, make it a habit of searching every barrel for more resources. 

But each person can only carry a set number of resources; for instance, a single player can carry five planks of wood, five bananas, and ten cannonballs. Therefore, whenever you leave the boat, make sure to empty your pockets to replenish your stocks. 

6. Sword-thrust in the water for a speed boat 

You have to be quick getting on and off the boat in Sea of Thieves while you go for plunder. One skill that will help you master it is holding the sword thrust. This move is executed by holding down the attack button for a few seconds to charge it up. It makes your character lunge forward and stab with the sword. 

7. Use gunpowder barrels 

You will find gunpowder barrels on the island, which will come in handy to blow the opponents. Although gunpowder barrels are extremely volatile and dangerous, they are also incredibly useful. 

You can use these barrels while being chased by enemy ships. Dropping these gunpowder barrels will cause extreme damage to the opponents giving you an edge over them. 

8. Keep an eye on the horizon continuously 

You never know when you’ll be attacked by other pirates; hence, you need to keep an eye on the horizon. Once you get the cargo in your hold, you come into the focus of others, making your stand vulnerable. Use a spyglass whenever you are sailing and keep an eye on the horizon. 


The above mentioned are the top eight tips to enrich your plundering in the Sea of Thieves. Did you find these tips helpful? If yes, let us know in the comments.

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