7 Tools for Managers to Improve Work

Tools for Managers to Improve Work

Every dedicated manager should always be on the lookout for ways to improve, inspire or motivate their workforce. Even if their employees are performing at optimal levels, there are always facets of an organization, irrespective of performance, that require a manager’s attention and care. Beyond the workplace, however, managers should also take into consideration more personal details that can factor into a team’s performance. While the human touch is always best for more delicate matters, there are many tools for managers to improve work that can help them discover important insights into their employees’ motivations and priorities that can ultimately turn them into more responsive and respected leaders. 


Timely is an all-in-one solution for remote teams and managers to not only interact but to organize projects, streamline communication and collaboration and keep track of working hours. The software comes in different packages based on an organization’s needs and budget. Each plan is reasonably priced and has its own set of features, with the Unlimited Package being the most feature-rich. Users can also customize their plans and pay an individual fee. 

Lumin PDF 

This PDF editor offers a simpler way to create, manage, and edit PDFs for multiple organizations and companies. The program is browser-based and comes available as a downloadable program for both desktops and mobile phones. Lumin PDF also comes in several differently priced packages that users can choose from based on their needs. 

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With Lumin, users can edit and re-format PDFs, as well as create new fillable forms for purposes as wide-ranging as income statements and project proposals to employee surveys and communication memos. Lumin can also sync up with cloud-based storage programs like Google Drive and Dropbox to make document-sharing, saving, and collaboration among teams easier. 


TripIt is a travel-based app that individuals and companies can use to organize the itineraries of a group or individual trips. Users can download the app to their mobile phone and update their itinerary by sending new details to the app, which also updates the trip for anyone else who is going. 

The app creates a master itinerary that can be updated with new details like hotel, car, or event reservations. The app also sends updates automatically to inform users of any possible delays or changes to itineraries independent of the user. The tool can be used on both iOS and Android and is free to download. 


Trello is an organizational tool that lets companies organize and list an individual project’s timeframe, priorities, and progress through a user-friendly interface. The software allows for multiple projects to be listed without overwhelming users with too much information or details. The program also enables other elements to be added to each board like images, charts, and text bubbles. 


Slack is primarily a communication tool that works for both in-office workplaces and remote teams. The program’s abilities range from simple direct messaging and chats to private, dedicated channels for the use of specific teams and team members. Slack also lets team members set meetings and notify others of time-off and vacation time. 

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The program can also sync up with other applications like Google Drive to allow members to more easily share files and documents. Even still, the application lets users interact with members of another organization to facilitate even more cross-channel collaboration between companies. 


Zoom is a video-conferencing tool that enables seamless communication and collaboration across various teams, projects, and organizations. The program allows for large gatherings to take place virtually along with one-on-one meetings. The program also enables users to install different backgrounds and other personalization features. Zoom is largely free-to-use and download but it does come with premium features and subscription plans. 


SuperNotes is a digital note-taking program that gives users faster and simpler access to create notes wherever and whenever. The program is supported by various operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Users can manage their notes depending on the project they are working on, and share their notes with others. 

SuperNotes also lets users organize and prioritize their projects by shifting notes around or saving them to another platform to be viewed at another time. SuperNotes is also available for mobile smartphones and comes in several differently priced packages depending on the organization’s size. 


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