6 Ways To Edit Your PDF File Using PDFBear

PDF File Using PDFBear

PDF has become a big help to all of us in modifying our files. This online tool helps us lighten our burden with document-related tasks, thus allowing people to do other things at a given time. Your boss will surely be impressed with how productive your day was by accomplishing tasks early. Find ways to edit your PDF File using PDFBear.

Aside from the fact that these online tools allow users to edit, split, and merge their documents, there are also other ways to modify PDF files using this tool. It’s up to you on which of the following methods will be more convenient. Below are the different ways on editing your PDF files:

Using PDF Editor Online

The PDF Editor enables customers to edit PDF free immediately. Users are free to add words, pictures, and draw diagrams and arrows. This will highlight sentences as well. If you need to change the existing material in your original PDF format, use our system for good! 

Optionally, you might try out the conversion from PDF to WORD. The Word document that has been transformed is editable using our innovative OCR software. This option in editing your PDF file is hassle-free since it is online and can be done at your convenience.

Using Microsoft Word

PDFBear has been the answer to your concerns should you need to convert PDF to Word electronically to add or modify your File content Using PDFBear. This system offers a quick method for translating your PDF to a Microsoft Word document within only a few clicks.

The very first step you can do now is drag and drop the documents onto the PDFBear site. This conversion tool will take out all the text or the scanned sections of the PDF documents.

The conversion task is performed after a couple of seconds, and then a perfectly formatted word DOCX is ready. Users may copy or upload these with either Dropbox or Google drive on the computer. Although Solid-Framework provides this conversion tool, you should ensure that the performance you can get from PDFBear is of excellent quality.

Using Preview On Mac

A convenient PDF editor – Preview – has been enabled on a Mac. With the Preview application, it is easy to check and handle your PDF documents. Easily mark up any file, merge files and sign PDFs. And when you’re satisfied that Preview seems to be the best internal application so that you can modify PDF documents on a Mac system, fulfilling the built-in editing functions is very easy.

Sejda PDF Editor

The above PDF editor is one of the very few web apps that help users edit a PDF with pre-existing content without inserting a watermark. Any PDF editors will enable users to edit if they add or support modifying texts themselves, but there’ll be watermarks. You really should be mindful of some minor variations between the other computer and web versions. 

Sejda PDF Editor is also an online tool; this is why it’s pretty simple to use its features whenever you are without installing any apps. If you’re using it, there is a desktop edition. Few font styles can be provided by the desktop applications and would not allow people to download PDF documents from cloud services or via Link; that is the other way around with the online version. 

Using Google Docs

Below we give you the steps involved for editing PDFs in Google Docs. Google Docs, nevertheless, seems to have some limitations to editing PDF online, then you can conveniently and reliably access PDF documents.

  1. Upload the PDF file 
  2. Open the File Using Google Docs
  3. Modify the File in Google Docs
  4. Wait for a few minutes to finish.

Using Adobe Acrobat

Let’s assume you will need to modify a document or maybe a PDF, yet you can’t find the exact original File. It’s convenient to update Adobe Acrobat wherever you may be. Below are the steps on how to edit PDF using Adobe:

  1. You need to first open a document in Acrobat DC.
  2. Select the “Edit PDF” tab on the right side.
  3. Utilize the Acrobat Tools; you will have a lot of options provided. Just select the option that you need.
  4. Save the newly edited File by simply clicking the “Save” button.


There are many options on how to edit your PDF file, but choose the ones that are convenient and easiest for you. Users should also learn this to know the tools and their uses to make their tasks easier.

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