10 Creative Ways to Make Your Letterhead Design Stand Out

Your Letterhead Design

If you are looking for creative ways to make your letterhead design stand out, then this article is just what you need. Making your letterhead design stand out is important because it provides an impression of the company’s professionalism and serious attitude towards business.

Here are 10 creative ways to make your letterhead design stand out:

  1. Your Company Letterhead Should Have Your Logo

Using your logo on the top of the letterhead would be a good starting point. The logo should be very clear and readable with all important contact details. If possible, use the logo also as a watermark or background element behind useful text snippets.   This way visitors can read more about your company without even opening the letterhead.

  1. Your Company Letterhead Design Should be Clean and Simple

Do not make your design too crowded or decorated, because this would distract attention from really important things such as contact details and telephone number etc. One effective way to keep your design clean and legible is to use a grid-based layout system where you divide all available space into smaller squares or columns that can be filled with different elements by aligning them horizontally and vertically. Using these small blocks of space properly will give a nice look to your letterhead without requiring much effort.


  1. Use White Space Effectively on your Modern Letterhead

Many designers often ignore white space and leave it unused when they do not know what to put there in order to improve the design’s readability etc. This mistake usually results in a poorly balanced design that is difficult to read. The best way to avoid this problem is by using white space effectively. What you should do is to make the most appropriate use of negative space around all letters, words, and text blocks on your letterhead design.

  1. Create an Impressive Background Effect

Using different impressive background effects can make your letterhead’s design stand out from many others like vignettes and drop shadows. Adding special details like shadows or borders could give an impression about the company’s professionalism and seriousness towards business. However, backgrounds are only effective when they are used properly in order not to distract attention away from important parts of your letterhead’s design such as contact details.

  1. Display Your Company’s Appreciation towards Environment

You can make your letterhead stand out by adding one or more tree-related elements to it e.g., leaf, tree trunk, etc. This can be very effective because you are not only making your design unique but also showing that you appreciate nature and the environment in general, which is always a good thing with today’s environmental crisis. And this would encourage many people to visit your website in order to learn more about you and how you care about the greenery of our planet Earth.


  1. Use Different Colors on Your Business Letterhead

Choosing different colors for each element on your letterhead design is very important. It can define the overall look of your letterhead design and also enable you to convey some messages through different color combinations used on certain parts of your letterhead e.g., yellow could be used for danger warnings while red is for warning posts.

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  1. Use Letters of Different Fonts and Sizes

Using different letters on your letterhead’s design can give an impression about your company being a fun and happy person who likes colors, creativity, etc. However, do not make the font sizes of text blocks too big or small because this would distract attention from really important things such as contact details.

  1. Add a Touch of Modernism

Adding a touch of modernism to your letterhead’s design could give an impression about your company being professional, innovative on the top of its business. You can add some elements from this style such as triangular shapes, circles, geometric designs e.g., squares, rectangles, etc., which can be effectively used in order to convey your message clearly and attract more visitors to your pages.

  1. Make Your Custom Letterhead Simple but Interesting

After examining many websites belonging to different companies that use letterheads for their sites’ contact information you will realize that most of them look very similar because they are usually designed using common styles and techniques such as shadows or vintage background effects. which are not very well-suited for letterhead design. So, you should try to design your letterhead in a simple but interesting way that would capture the attention of the people visiting your site and convince them to contact you or learn more about your business.

  1. Add Social Media Icons

Adding icons related to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, or the likes can be very effective because it could encourage many people to become friends with you on these sites and start following what you have got going on like-new products and services announcements. This is one of the important things that every business must do in order to ensure its success and attract as much attention as possible from potential prospects all over the world!


It is very important for businesses to create a professional-looking letterhead in order to increase their chances of success and encourage more prospects to contact them or learn more about what they have got going on. Remember that design plays a significant role when it comes to letterheads.


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