Zenmate Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Zenmate Vpn Review

ZenMate is a VPN aimed toward non-technical customers that need a more straightforward way to protect their privacy.

This newbie-oriented approach begins with the web site. There are no feature lists, no jargon, a brief explanation of VPN technologies, and a few example advantages. The service is about the central principles.

There are loads of places with 3,600 largely torrent-friendly servers up in our review. That is now more nations than NordVPN (59), Windscribe (64), and Personal online Access (68), though it’s still lagging only a little supporting ExpressVPN 94. Let Colorfy show you more information about this Vpn in Zenmate Vpn Review. 

Zenmate VPN Overview


ZenMate VPN Pros:

  • Service pack size
  • Kill-switch
  • Supports many devices
  • Works with Netflix
  • Free version available

ZenMate VPN Cons:

  • IP leak detected
  • Logs IP address
  • Situated in Germany (14 Eyes)
  • Worst app usability
  • Inadequate customer service

Privacy and logging

ZenMate’s most important site is simple, but poking around in the corners specifically, the privacy policy and terms of support web pages disclosed a number of the very brain-numbingly over-complicated legalese we have ever seen.

Pretty much every single component looks written for attorneys instead of regular users and takes longer to explain than it needs to. We are told, “By registering to get a non-gratuitous ZenMate Service and using fully entering the payment data to the machine, you submit a binding offer about the decision of a contract concerning using the various ZenMate Service.”

The files also make little attempt to emphasize details that may interest VPN users, like clarifying what kind of logging happens or ZenMate’s answer to legal activities. The privacy policy is approaching 5,000 words, but comment: ‘activity achieved by the user within the ZenMate VPN tunnel saved or logged.’

The record spends all of its time on cases and situations which are not the tiniest little pertinent to the user. Do you want to understand when the corporation might process your personal information? Here is how it’s clarified:

‘In rare situations, the processing of personal data could be essential to protect the data subject’s interests or another ordinary person. This could be the situation, by way of instance, if a customer had been hurt in our organization and his name, age, medical insurance information, or other critical information would need to be passed to a physician, hospital, or another third party. Then the processing could be predicated on Art. 6(1) lit. D GDPR.’

Dig in the service pages, and you will discover a couple of descriptions of ZenMate’s no-logging promises. Here’s an illustration:

” We don’t save or log into your private data that may be used to identify you personally or what you are doing online. We don’t track your sessions on the internet. We can not! Strict privacy laws govern the use of your data from our company. As we do not store the information in the first place, this means we can not be pressured into giving personal data to any authorities or market it to some 3rd parties.”

Well, that is very good to hear, but we’d much prefer ZenMate formally to spell this out at a solitude policy that the ordinary customer could have the ability to read. Or, follow providers like TunnelBear and possess its systems openly audited to affirm that the provider is doing exactly what it promises.

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We assessed ZenMate’s functionality by utilizing the sites SpeedTest and TestMy.net from two places.

UK performance was exceptional at 69-70Mbps on our evaluation 75Mbps lineup, a minimum of 4-5% fall on our rates with the VPN switched off.

Next up, we quantified rates using a super-speedy 600Mbps connection. ZenMate did not start using the available bandwidth but was nevertheless somewhat quicker at 80-120Mbps.

That is likely to be enough for apparatus and many tasks, but it is a way behind the contest’s top. Windscribe and nordVPN often hit on much more and 250Mbps.

Testing took place in March 2021, in the first days of this coronavirus lockdown. Therefore there is a risk that additional net and VPN traffic held rates back a bit.

These outcomes are too much like the 80-100Mbps we found at the previous review, so we’re pretty confident that they are accurate. (Though remember they’re still only valid for UK and US rates in our test locations; you might see impressive results.)

We did note one substantial improvement. However, the prolonged link occasions we discovered during our final inspection have vanished, along with the customer now requiring an average of 2-10 seconds (depending on the protocol) to get attached. Formerly we are waiting around 20 minutes, which wasn’t very pleasant if frequently shifting places, so we’re happy to see ordinary service restored.

Features and Solutions

There is ZenMate’s majority. The panel base is four icons that allow you to see your accounts, VPN configurations, bandwidth data, and alarms.

That is all fairly straightforward, though ZenMate could have been a bit more useful to first-time customers by suggesting what each icon represents. With no mucking up the layout, a simple solution would have been to demonstrate some pop-up when you hover over each icon with your mouse.

We are searching under settings. There is not a lot. By default, ZenMate begins at boot, along with the VPN’s EverSecure attribute is busy. EverSecure has different meanings on different apparatus, but on a PC, it merely means it automatically connects to a VPN server when Windows boots up.

Beyond this, there is also a choice to allow a kill button, which cuts your online connection when you shed your VPN connectivity. There is also a DNS Leak Protection attribute, which some individuals might need to enable to be sure that you’re not leaking your authentic site. In my tests, I did not want it on a single PC, but I did another.

ZenMate does not offer you any built-in advertisement blocking, as some VPNs do. Still, the company will not provide a Chrome extension ZenMate Internet Firewall which blocks trackers and advertisements.

ZenMate is available for Mac and Windows and browser extensions such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Additionally, there are mobile programs for iOS and Android.

Is It Legal To Use A Vpn For Netflix


Linking to a VPN can’t just get you a digital identity in a different country. Still, it might also offer you access to articles you would not get different, like YouTube clips that are only available in certain places.

Some sites try to find and block access via VPNs, so look at this. We examine if or not a service enables access to BBC iPlayer, US YouTube, US Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+.

YouTube does no blocking, and we anticipated a rapid success. Sure, ZenMate lets us flow content without any difficulty.

ZenMate’s Windows client comprises a Streaming segment with places optimized for certain services. That is far better than you will see with lots of VPNs, who may provide numerous cities in a nation, but leave one to test them one by one till you discover something that works.

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The machine got off to a fantastic start with the BBC iPlayer place, which got us immediately and enabled us to flow whatever we enjoyed.

ZenMate unblocks US Netflix for us, also; great news as it could not do this through our final review.

The agency maintained up to its 100% success rate by getting us access to Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

Servers and places

ZenMate has raised its number of servers and places over the last couple of decades, from more than 1,000 servers in 30 nations to over 1,500 in 37 countries. All of these are physical servers rather than virtual ones. ZenMate owns all its servers, which can be uncommon to see many VPNs rent them. This can be a plus because it provides ZenMate complete charge of its servers from a safety and functionality perspective.

Areas include nations in Africa, Asia Pacific, South, and North America, and Europe. The servers’ concentration would be in the US, Romania, the United Kingdom, and Germany, with over 200 servers in all these nations.

Three of the countries (all but Romania) have servers in several places. It’s impossible to pick your server according to its town. Therefore, it. The choice could be useful in certain circumstances if you are searching would like to choose the server or prevent blackouts of sporting events policy.

Ease of Use

As noted, just an email address is necessary to sign-up for your free trial, and paying for the service only requires providing required payment details. Programs are available for macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and routers.

Guide OpenVPN installation guides are available for all platforms, including Chrome OS and Linux. We could not get the config files that are mandatory everywhere as of the hyperlinks on the site.


Even though the provider claims to provide chat replies are through email only rather than a widget. We asked a few questions which were admittedly technical but not got an answer. Let us say we weren’t impressed by this!

There are installation guides and specialized trouble-shooter short guides on the site.

You are in a position to get hold of the service team, as we’re if you are unsure about the information. There is no conversation, and the firm warns emails may take 48 hours, but we had a response in under two weeks to receive a response. We enjoy an adequate net support site to check out, but we are unsure it may be, although that is fantastic news.

Final verdict

ZenMate should improve many things to being a VPN, but if your requirements are simple, perhaps you’re trying to find a low-cost Netflix unlocked it may be useful. If your content and on a budget, consider the 7-day trial for a spin. Colorfy hopes that our guide can help you know more about this Vpn and have chosen yourself suitable.

Zenmate Vpn Review FAQs

What’s ZenMate employed for?

ZenMate VPN (VPN, short for “Virtual Personal Network”) generates a tunnel between your device and our host system. This tube prevents hackers from snoopers, authorities, and ISP from spying your internet browsing tasks, downloads, credit card info, or anything else.

Is ZenMate VPN totally free?

Yes, you may use a version of this ZenMate VPN support. The Free version is restricted in places, platforms, and rates. However, your information is protected, Free, Premium, or Ultimate. Read the ZenMate Manifesto for insights on ZenMate functions to secure our customers.

How Can I utilize ZenMate on Android?

Click the ZenMate VPN icon to Begin utilizing ZenMate VPN for Android. This may open this app’s interface. Please be aware that this doesn’t mean that your connection is procured. To be able to trigger the VPN link, then tap on the button.

VIDEO: ZenMate Review & Tutorial

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