YouTube Vanced APK and all its features you need to know!

YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced  APK: 

One can put YouTubeVanced APK into words being a quite elevated and preeminent modded variant of the original YouTube application. 

It is just that this YouTube VancedAPK variant adds to the app, along with its already available features. Those added features include a dark theme or black themes that most of us feel is important in every app that we install. A built-in ad blocking option, which is a necessity these days as there is a premium version of the original YouTube. A background playback, Yes! You heard that right, and this is a feature we all are still waiting to perform. But somehow, the YouTube we generally switch to has yet to come up with this such sort of feature.  

Furthermore, the list does not end here. There are a lot of features that you would love to discover about YouTubeVanced APK. Keep on browsing us for the detailed and numerous appended fine elements of the YouTube Vanced; 

The option of Background playback

YouTube Vanced APK
Source: XDA Developers

The option of getting YouTube with the feature of being able to work even in the background is a still much-awaited one. It is sometimes frustrating that you want to play your favourite version of a song. But it is available on YouTube, and you have to work on something as well. And hence, you cannot hear your favourite music. 

So, for this you with the play store YouTube you would have to go premium. But, with YouTube Vanced APK, you get this option of background playback on your smart device and your favourite music. 

The feature of built-in ad blocking

We all, while using YouTube or at least most of us while using YouTube, understand that ads are an essential tool. As these aids and helps online content creators and publications. But being honest, there’s a time when most of us do not prefer seeing it. Especially when we are really into that YouTube video stuff. 

But YouTube Vanced APK has this fantastic feature of blocking the ads. Which you get on YouTube if you choose to pay for the premium version of it. However, YouTube Vanced APK has this feature built into it. All you have to do is toggle settings and set the whole app as you want to. And believe it or not, it will work according to your settings without the paid version of it. 

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The feature of overriding the maximum resolution

Every smart device has its limits to providing the resolution, but if you ask if one can exceed it? The response to this inquiry usually is in negation. It is not likely that a hardware will ever sync to a resolution that is not supported in it. 

But if you choose the Vanced of YouTube, you get the feature of overriding the maximum resolution your device has to provide. With this given feature, you can watch your videos in a resolution that is typically not enabled on your device. 

You can force HDR mode. 

If you know a bit about HDR, it is a High Dynamic Range for the camera in phones. You might also be aware that many of the smart devices cannot support HDR in the default YouTube app. HDR is known for improving the quality of your video and camera experience in a significant way. 

So, if you want the HDR feature in your YouTube streaming experience as well. Then you might like to use YouTube Vanced APK. Not all smart devices can force HDR mode but yes, YouTube Vanced APK is capable of doing so in an excellent and impressive way. 

Casting toggle feature

Another feature that adds to the YouTube Vanced is its ability to allow to toggle the icon of Google Cast. A cast icon is a feature that helps in granting access to cast expansion.

Moreover, you also have the capacity to force it off. Even when there are casting tools around you and your smart device. 

Pinch to zoom within all the smart devices

All the smartphones with a more excellent slant ratio, like Xiaomi’s Redimi K20, come with a feature. The feature is the option of pinch to zoom. The quality fills your smartphone screen’s display wholly when you use it. 

However, not all devices get this feature in theirs. And it is just because of their aspect ratio that is lesser than the required standard size. But, the quality gets available to you no matter your design model of the phone if you choose YouTube Vanced APK. 

The feature of picture-in-picture video

YouTube Vanced APK

The loading of one video on the top of the other, or even picture or other, is called picture-in-picture mode. It is more like what one can see in the reaction videos mainly shown on YouTube. 

PIP or picture-in-picture video is a feature in YouTube Vanced APK that lets you see two videos sharing the same display of the screen. 

If you use Vanced YouTube, you get the feature of picture-in-picture, aka PIP mode. 

Themes other than just dark

If you use a smartphone, you must be aware that every gadget comes with the option of changing themes nowadays. Each of these provides you with numerous themes. Moreover, the apps you prefer most, like Whatsapp or Instagram and even your day-to-day apps like Notepads, come with themes. 

Even YouTube provides you with the option of a dark theme apart from its default one. But if you prefer YouTube Vanced APK over the original YouTube, then you get more to choose from. While the default one is white, but you can choose from black, dark and a few different colours. 

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The option of window style video in youtube Vanced APK

Do you remember how the older variant of the official YouTube app used to show your videos in windows mode? Well, if you do, we are pretty sure you at times miss it. Also, if you had the choice to choose from the previous version and the current one, you would choose the older one definitely. 

Well, if you still hope to find some way to get that version of the app? Then you might like to have YouTube Vanced APK on your smart device. As the app provides you with the option of both the new and the older variant of the window way video. 

Swipe controls for both brightness and volume in YouTube Vanced APK

The option of swiping for controlling the navigation of volume and brightness is a fantastic feature. And we will all agree on it. But sadly, while using YouTube, the option for swipe control is lost when it comes to brightness and volume controls. 

Trying and adjusting these things turn out to be annoying at times when you cannot just scroll and make it happen. Hence, for your convenience YouTube Vanced APK has the feature for you. With the quality, you can control both the volume and the brightness accordingly by swiping. It is like the other video and multi players you use, like VLC or MX Player.

YouTube Vanced APK gives you the prefered speed and resolution 

We all prefer our things at our pace, sometimes slow and sometimes a bit faster. And the same is with resolution and speed options for YouTube. When we are listening to a song and just the music, the resolution seems like a wastage of our internet. Also, when we need to know something, we prefer the video faster instead of beating about the bush. 

Hence, for that Vanced presents you with the choice to choose from various resolution and playback speed. Moreover, it remains the same and remembers your choice from the last time you set it. 

YouTube Vanced APK has the feature of videos on repeat

At one course or other, we all come to the point where one song or video turns out to be our favourite. Hence, we keep those videos or songs on loop for weeks and, at times, even for months. 

However, if the song is only available on YouTube or you prefer its YouTube version, then keeping it on loop gets annoying. As YouTube does not comes with the option of repeat mode. 

Thus, comes YouTube Vanced APK, which equips you with this feature as well. You can keep your favourite videos on loop till you want. YouTube Vanced APK lets you play your vibe over and over, till you prefer. 

Conclusion on YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced is a fantastic app if you love YouTube but are tired of its limited features. Also, if at any point you thought that YouTube Vanced APK might not be a legal app or anything, then you’re wrong. YouTube Vanced APK is a fully legal app that anyone can operate. 

Moreover, looking at the features, one can hardly resist not using them. Try the app today itself for all the best experience of YouTube but in an enhanced way.  

Also, if you like our content, then keep on following us and reading for more of such blogs. Moreover, if you think I missed anything, then comment and let us know. 

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