Your kitchen should match your personality

Most constructors create plain spaces to appeal to as many buyers as possible. However, after purchasing the house, you might feel like some rooms, like the kitchen, aren’t representative enough of your personality. If you’re a passionate cook, the biggest secret to spending quality time in the kitchen is upgrading its design to reflect your personality. Only after you add some personal touches, the space will come alive. 

The kitchen is the room where everyone gathers together – to serve meals, host gatherings, and spend family time. And if you’re not happy with the layout or design of the cooking space, you might be looking for some ideas on how to breathe life into the room and make it more inviting and comfortable. 

If you’re ready to upgrade the space and add some personality to the kitchen, here are some recommendations to help you make a successful makeover

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Understand your personality and style when it comes to interior design

Before going on a shopping sprawl:

  1. Try to understand what core elements you prefer for the interior design of your house.
  2. Make a list with the materials, colours, shapes, textures, and finishes you gravitate towards – creating Pinterest boards could help you because they allow you to save ideas.
  3. Carefully search for ways to use these elements to create a unique kitchen that reflects your personality.
  4. Take time to think about the type of kitchen units you would want to install in the room and the kind of surfaces that will go with the cabinets. 

Use splashes of your favourite colours

If you don’t want to paint the kitchen walls green, blue, or magenta, you could use splashbacks to bring your favourite colours into the kitchen. What is a splashback? In interior design, we use the term splashback to refer to the multifunctional panel placed behind sinks and hobs to protect the wall from heat damage or spills. However, the splash can also have an aesthetic role besides offering extra wall protection. If you create a splashback in a bold colour, it’ll give character to the room. Additionally, it’s simple to maintain because you don’t have to re-grout it periodically, and it prevents the growth of mildew and mould (unlike tiles). 

Vinyl splashbacks come in a wide range of models and colours and are the perfect way to add accents to the kitchen. Also, they’re practical because they’re easy to clean, hygienic, and heat resistant. If you don’t like vinyl, opt for stainless steel splashes that work great with stainless steel appliances and offer a higher level of protection. They’re the ideal choice for industrial spaces.    

Upgrade lighting

The secret to creating a more inviting kitchen with a warm ambience is good lighting. The lighting can make or break the vibe of a room, as it could make it look more attractive or cold and unwelcoming. Review the kitchen’s current lighting scheme and consider the options for such a cooking space. Don’t limit yourself to installing spotlights or ceiling lights; add floor lights, lamps, task lighting and accent lighting to set the mood and boost the room’s functionality. 

Depending on the room’s design, you can also use coloured lighting to create a particular feel or atmosphere. Coloured or mood lights allow you to change the space’s vibe throughout the day. Before creating a lighting scheme for the kitchen, think about the emotions and aesthetics you want it to express. 

Use character feature walls to make the space feel more personal

If you’re looking for a dramatic way to instil your personality into the kitchen, building a feature wall is the key. Stick to one wall because you want to avoid the bold design overpowering the room. For example, you can paint the other three walls in a nude shade and the feature wall in a bold hue like yellow or deep green, or maybe even create a patterned model. 

If you prefer a more subtle character wall to prevent it from overtaking the room, you could choose a pastel shade like soft blue or pink. The furnishings and accessories you bring into the room could also add character to the kitchen. 

Suppose you want to create a feature wall but don’t want to experiment with colours; you could transform it into a gallery of photos. Alternatively, you could install shelves to display decorative kitchenware and favourite tools. 

Transform the kitchen into a social environment

No one can tell you what kind of kitchen would make you feel welcomed and comfortable. Do you want to transform the cooking space into a social environment where you install a large TV? Please do it! Do you want to exhibit pictures from your vacations on the accent wall? Go with it! As long as you’re ok with the result, you can transform the kitchen into whatever space you find most suitable for you. 

Most times, families gather in the kitchen daily, so the room is more than a place where you cook. If your kitchen also hosts the eating area, and you love having guests over every week, then you can transform it into the focal point of your house. Making a couple of changes in the layout will enable you to accommodate your guests comfortably. 

Welcome plants into the kitchen

Are you a nature lover? Then it would help to introduce plants inside your house, inclusively in the kitchen. Bringing plants indoors is the easiest and healthiest way to add character to a space. Some kitchens feel sterile and utilitarian, but if you place some plants around the room, you can transform their look instantly. 

Suppose caring for plants feels like a chore; the good news is that several succulents need little watering at long periods of time, so you won’t have to worry they’ll die if you forget to care for them weekly. You can also use synthetic plants if you worry that your pets might try to snack on the plants. 

Final words

Your personality drives you naturally to specific colours, accessories, and decorations you want to use for your kitchen. Whether you want to build the space from scratch or only upgrade it, we hope the above recommendations will turn out to be useful.

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