XnO sports started from a simple idea

XnO sports

XnO sports started from a simple idea of the need to be quick and neat when prepping for games and practices. It all began as a personal coaching instrument, created to keep notes and diagrams clean and organized at coaching clinics and game studies. I was encouraged by many coaches and friends to share the idea with others in need of such a tool and I was finally able to start the company in 2021. As a basketball coach, I always wanted to keep my notes, records, and thoughts intact and reusable and that was how I started thinking about having court layouts printed on paper instead of being drawn by hands. 

XnO sports stamps are a simple sports tool for coaches and players who want to stay on top of their game. They’re self-ink stamps for printing sports fields/court layouts. They can be used anywhere and also help users work on details easier and faster. 

Any coach or player who’s eager to work on X’s and O’s, game and practice planning, scouting and analyzing the game, and working on sports diagrams is going to be very happy with this tool. 

When it comes to working on sports field diagrams on paper XnO sports stamps are a must-have. 

XnO Sports provide sports stamps for 6 different sports in different sizes; baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, lacrosse, and soccer coaches and players can find them in half and full court/field sizes. The stamps are small and light and can be used 2000+ times. 

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The stamps are great tools for educating coaches and players about the game. They can also help with organization when it comes to preparing practice and game plans. Finally, when it comes to scouting or any kind of film studying, they’re a top pick for speed and keeping you on top of your observations. 

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