Windscribe Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Windscribe Vpn Review

Windscribe is a VPN which piles on the features, yet remains simple to use, together with a few value products, plus among the free programs.

A decent-sized network provides places in 110 cities. Windscribe asserts its servers are in these places, too, instead of, we estimate, some opponents who have most of their servers in the U.S. and Europe. And only fake the site together with false IP WHOIS information to make it seem elsewhere.

A range of programs means you are covered on iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux. Chrome, Firefox, and Opera extensions provide you more ways to link and heaps of privacy-related extras.

The site has guides that will assist you in preparing the support on routers, Kodi, Amazon Fire T.V., Nvidia Shield. And through any OpenVPN-compatible applications or device. Let Colorfy show you more information about this Vpn in Windscribe Vpn Review. 

WindscribeVPN Overview


WindScribe Pros:

  • No leaks/safe to use
  • Ability to bypass Netflix restrictions
  • Torrents are allowed
  • Works on multiple devices and platforms
  • User-friendly app
  • Good privacy and encryption features

WindScribe Cons:

  • Support’s first line of defense is a chatbot
  • No 24/7 live chat
  • Canadian VPN service


The listing of Windscribe’s features is lengthy. Aside from the VPN support, Windscribe comprises a free malware-blocking browser extension that blocks sites, trackers, advertisements. ‘R.O.B.E.R.T.,’ since the extension is called, is amazingly complex, letting you pretend your G.P.S. location, block WebRTC escapes, whitelist websites, and change your browser agent to allow you to more challenging to monitor.

The programs utilize approaches to maintain your relationship, such as strong AES-256 encryption, redirecting DNS traffic, and restricting traffic that is IPv6. We enjoyed it when the VPN connection fails for any reason the kill button feature that blocks access.

You might have noticed that we praised nor penalized Windscribe on its server count. That is because Windscribe does not disclose server amounts. We are sure that if it’d tens of thousands, it would be plastered over its stuff, although we do not know why it is.

You will find numbers to high-hundreds flying around the net, but we would consider tangible to say as fact in this review. We had no problems locating connections we picked in our use, so when the ceremony is lacking in volume, we have to do the work just fine.

Privacy and logging

Windscribe’s privacy features begin with its industrial strength AES-256 encryption, together with SHA512 authentication, a 4096-bit R.S.A. key, and service for perfect forward secrecy (tickets are not reused, therefore even when a snooper will get possession of a private key. It’s only going to let them view data within a single session).

The programs utilize several tactics to decrease the prospect of information leaks, restricting IPv6 traffic, redirecting DNS requests through the tube to be managed from the VPN server, and using a firewall to block all online access in the event the link drops.

We assessed the functionality of Windscribe employing DNSLeakTest, the sites IPLeak and DoILeak, and discovered no DNS or escapes.

We allowed the Windows customer’s kill button (that window calls for a firewall) and closed the VPN link to understand its act. The results were perfect; the customer interface upgraded to show there was a problem. Once we had been on the line, it started reconnecting and exhibited a Windows desktop telling.

We would love to have noticed a telling to inform us if the relationship had fallen, but the customer and kill switch functioned as they needed to protect our privacy.

The logging policy of Windscribe is coated in a brief and written privacy policy that explains what the firm does not accumulate and does.

There is a minimal number of long-term logging. Still, it is restricted to the entire bandwidth you have used per month (necessary to handle use on the free program ) and a timestamp of your last activity on the support to allow identifying inactive accounts.

The machine temporarily collects some link particulars username, VPN server attached to, time of bandwidth used throughout the semester, the number of apparatus linked. Still, those are stored in the VPN server’s RAM and are lost when the session closes.

Aside from that, there’s not any history, I.P.s, timestamps, or links. Or, since the privacy policy sets, it’s no logs. We store them; thus, we cannot connect some user and user action.

Windscribe points out that there is nothing to talk about Because there’s no information in your actions. That is backed up with a transparency report, which covers the amounts of DMCA and Law Enforcement data requests within the entire year. In both instances, states that: ‘Just zero orders were complied with because of lack of pertinent data.’

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We’d love to see Windscribe proceed, although That is good. Competitors like VyprVPN and TunnelBear have experienced their systems audited to test for other or logging privacy problems, reassuring them. We expect that Windscribe (along with other VPN providers for that matter) will shortly do the same.

Meanwhile, it is well worth mentioning that Windscribe will provide you 2GB of data each month, free of charge, without even needing an email address or any other private information. The information limitation will be a problem for streaming users and heavy downloaders. However, if you are only seeking to protect email and basic surfing, this automatically provides you more guaranteed anonymity than you will have with nearly everyone else.


To examine VPN functionality, we use an automatic tool to log to a sample set of servers U.K., Europe, U.S., the remainder of the planet and assess the link time, search for latency problems, and use geolocation to confirm that each host is in the promoted nation.

We could link to all Windscribe servers time, with no single link malfunction. OpenVPN link times were typical at an average 12 minutes, however, when that is a problem, using the default option IKEv2 protocol retains this to 3-4 minutes.

Our first checks went After we were connected. There were not any latency problems, and servers seemed to maintain their promised places.

Our download speed evaluations started by linking with the closest servers from U.K. and U.S. places, employing the Windscribe customer, then quantifying download functionality utilizing the sites and SpeedTest.

U.K. outcomes were excellent, with downloads attaining an on our connection that is 75Mbps.

U.S. rates were challenging to assess than usual, although most likely, that was not Windscribe’s fault. SpeedTest results were somewhat inconsistent, probably because we studied in mid-March 2021 when substantial numbers of individuals were remaining at home, flowing Netflix and typically using far more information than usual.

That is why we utilize numerous sites, however, and’s outcomes were remarkable, with typical download rates of 240-260Mbps. Our lowest rate was exceptional at 199Mbs. Not functionality, considering the conditions. It appears like Windscribe might be a terrific alternative. Should you require a VPN that ought to deal during an international catastrophe.

There are tons, and your mileage might vary. However, that is where we’ve got to (once more ) applaud Windscribe’s transparency. Though other providers do not have evaluations anymore, Windscribe provides you around 10GB per month at no cost, using lots of places and full-speed servers. If functionality is the top priority, that gives you lots of time to test the service before buying and see how it works for you.

Is It Legal To Use A Vpn For Netflix


Linking to a VPN server in a different country might, in theory, permit you to get content you would not have the ability to view (watching US-only YouTube clips, for example ).

Regrettably, it is not necessarily that easy, as most content providers today try to find and block people they believe are using a VPN.

To examine a VPN’s unblocking skills, we log into different US and UK places and see US YouTube, US Netflix, and BBC iPlayer streams.

Since it seems to perform VPN checks, youTube is the easiest to access. Windscribe let us see US-only articles with no issues with its plan that was completely free.

The BBC iPlayer has more in-depth link assessing, and Windscribe could not unblock it throughout the previous inspection. We had a few technical problems at this moment, including participant mistakes, but it is possible they were site difficulties. What matters is that iPlayer did not discover our VPN usage, and the majority of the time, we could see whatever material we enjoyed.

Changing to Amazon Prime Video, we tried connecting to Windscribe’s US streaming host and could see content in the US utilizing our UK Amazon account.

Netflix is generally the most challenging site to unblock, which explains the reason the majority of VPN providers take care, not to mention it specifically. They understand that even though they could provide Netflix accessibility nowadays, it might be blocked everywhere.

Windscribe is a lot more optimistic, so much so that its own paid programs incorporate a digital place named Windflix US, which permits clients to get Netflix without needing to try individual servers until they locate one that functions manually. We tried this, and it worked just fine, allowing us to stream whatever material we enjoyed openly.

That is not all. Unlike many competitions, Windscribe additionally has virtual servers to get Netflix from the United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada, and they worked flawlessly for us.

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Note: The organization tells us that consumers are now able to stream content in the other places, also, which makes the Windflix spots unnecessary. We tried this using a few test servers, and it appears to be appropriate.


VPN providers generally do not boast about their service that is torrent. Also, it may be a struggle. (TunnelBear was quiet about its P2P coverage that we needed to mail tech support to inquire.)

Windscribe is transparent and more open. Point your browser on the organization’s Status page. You will see its entire collection of places, which of these encourage P2P (many ) and which of these do not (India, Lithuania, Russia, and South Africa, in the time of writing).

Your choices are only as apparent in the Windscribe programs. Locations, where torrents are not permitted, are marked using the same crossed out ‘P2P’, but choose anything else, and you’ll be able to download anything and whenever you prefer.

The variable in Windscribe’s free program and individual anonymous payment choices (cryptocurrencies, gift cards), together with its adequate performance levels, make the firm a fantastic torrenting option.

Interface and in usage

The Windscribe website has a page such as browser extensions and Software for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Installing the programs is simple, and the ports are accessible and cheerful to use.

A button gets the process of becoming connected clear, and you may navigate the servers from the continent. The collection of tastes is concealed, so features are available should they are needed by you.

Among the typical applications of VPNs is to get content. We analyzed Windscribe with geo-blocked articles from YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix, and were amazed to discover where we can stream movies.

Windscribe also functions nicely as a torrenting VPN. We all value that the provider lists the states that don’t encourage P2P sharing in their servers

It required an average of 12 minutes to join when analyzing servers, and we never underwent a relationship error. Windscribe proves to be a VPNon our US test lineup that is 600Mb links averaging around 68Mb, also on our UK lineup, at 250Mb were delivered by it. That is up with all the very best, and should you feel like doing any testing, what’s more, the free version doesn’t have any speed limits.


The service of Windscribe is a mixed bag. The website includes collecting manuals for setting up the VPN on devices to TVs from phones and computers, but they go into much depth. Support to your browser extensions is much worse, with only a couple videos from 2016.

24/7 assistance from people is not accessible, and there is no chat or email service. The web site includes a contact form, but as a Windscribe blog article laments, the provider has 13 employees and performs support in-house. Windscribe has a vast number of customers. Therefore this approach to assistance can see you waiting some time for a response.

For problems, Windscribe has developed the Garry Bot, which is your very first port of call if you have any issues. He is offered on the right on the website and will respond with pre-written replies. That is fine for several problems, but it is not as comprehensive as most of the competitions of WIndscribe, which have dedicated service operators functioning 24/7.

Final verdict

Windscribe is a VPN and reflects the excellent value, using many privacy-protecting extras, and among the VPN that is free programs around. We’ve got some reservations like the absence of 24/7 service and long gaps between upgrades with the Windows program, but these will not affect everybody, so we would suggest that you install the free version to view how it works for you. Colorfy hopes that our guide can help you know more about this Vpn.

Windscribe Vpn Review FAQs

Is Windscribe a secure VPN?

Users should not have any trouble in considering the Windscribe VPN service as protected and safe. Windscribe provides an OpenVPN encryption choice to users. Windscribe VPN uses this AES 256-bit cipher, That’s considered very stably.

Can Windscribe maintain VPN logs?

Colorfy don’t store. We, session don’t keep TLDR; link logs, IP timestamps track your action or records. We shop if you used Windscribe in addition to the quantity of bandwidth utilized to apply tier constraints that are free and protect against abuse.

Does Windscribe keep disconnecting?

There might be several reasons you cannot connect to some host, or it disconnects randomly, these might include but aren’t limited to Software in your computer from linking preventing Windscribe. This might comprise anti-virus, anti-malware, or individual firewalls.

Is Windscribe a VPN for Torrenting?

Windscribe is an excellent all-around VPN that is acceptable for torrenting. It is one of the VPNs that are quicker. Instead of a kill button, a firewall to stop escapes out of the encrypted tunnel is used by Windscribe.

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