Windows 10 vs Windows 8: How Do The Two Compare? [2020 Update]

Windows 10 vs Windows 8

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It has quickly become the newest Windows standard, such as XP before Windows 10 gets better and better with every major upgrade. In its heart, Windows 10 combines the best features of both Windows 8 and 7 while ditching some contentious features, such as the full-screen Start menu.

Launched in 2015, Windows 10 aimed to make a brand new and understated operating systems experience and now comes standard on nearly every PC. Whether you are thinking of leaping Windows 10 or wish to understand precisely how they compare, let us dig into some substantial differences between Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Be aware that as of 2023, Microsoft will no longer be supplying support or updates for Windows 8. Therefore users must plan accordingly.

Windows 10 vs Windows 8 Differences

Windows 10 vs Windows 8 Differences

Start Menu

The most considerable change when comparing Windows 8 to Windows 10 is your start menu. A massive problem with Windows 8 has been failing to have a genuinely timeless desktop and begin menu. Windows 10 brings that familiarity and incorporates the tiles out of Windows 8 – each highly customizable one. The Live Tile attribute from Windows 8 is back, and you may proceed and re-size the tiles to your liking. The search bar is a lot more complex too. As soon as you begin typing in the search bar, the OS will immediately start searching results for your subject throughout the regional platform in addition to the internet.

Classic and universal apps

In Windows 8 and 8.1, the Windows Store programs took up the entire display, making multitasking harder. While Microsoft attempted to induce the mobile-centric Start screen on individuals, many users felt like the traditional background was stripped of all essential components. Windows 8 provided two different encounters, neither of which appealed to its target market.

In Windows 10, programs downloaded in the Windows Store are now usable in Windows. Together with the capability to run multiple virtual desktops simultaneously, Windows’s functioning is much easier this time around. The same Windows Store programs are already available from the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Inevitably, since the OS evolves, there’ll be new developments and improvements which make multitasking much simpler.

Features For Power Users

Together with the reintroduction of the Start Menu and an overall reintegration of background friendly appearing features, Windows 10 additionally brings several fresh features for power and desktop users.

The first is virtual desktops. This permits users to pretend as they have several monitors and disperse their windows across several distinct workspaces. It is immensely beneficial when you work with many programs simultaneously but have a limited screen area.

Included in the there’s a fresh perspective for if you hit Alt-Tab. This brings up the Task View, which incorporates windows shifting and direction and the newest virtual desktops. The full implementation is not quite as slick as with Apple’s OS X, but the option’s there, and for a few, it will prove crucial.

There is also an improved Command Prompt. This power tool for typing commands directly on your PC has lacked basic features such as the ability to copy and paste. Now, however, Microsoft has added. Additionally, it supports many new choices and hotkeys, making it more robust and easier to use.

Does Windows 10 make life simpler for desktop users using the Start Menu yield, but it’s added a lot of additional features too?

Tablet Mode

Tablet users can opt to ignore this, however, and utilize the newest Tablet Mode. This merely makes all full-screen again, making for a meeting more consistent with many other tablet ports that don’t have windows and laptops in precisely the same manner as Windows.

In the event, the user does have to visit a more traditional desktop design port. However, they can flip Tablet Mode off – excellent if you’ve got something complex to perform and wish to plug into a mouse or keyboard to have it done.

This also works particularly well on hybrid laptops since it permits you to pick the ideal model for what you are doing instead of adhering to one or another. Although, on hybrids, the simple desktop interface is possibly touch-friendly enough not to require the Tablet Mode much of this moment.

Because of this, hybrids benefit over pure pills in Windows 10.

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Multiple Virtual Desktop Computer Configurations

While Linux and Mac OS X have researched the world of multiple computers, Microsoft had diminished to support the attribute on its desktop OS before Windows 10. The debut of the Start screen in Windows 8 appeared to affirm the Windows organizational plan was focused on more effective single desktop administration.

In Windows 10, you may remove or add new desktop environments and open programs in them once you’re doing. The operation is readily available from any screen, such as from inside Windows Store applications.

Web Browsing

Windows 8 features the latest upgrades to Microsoft’s long-standing browser, Internet Explorer. However, Windows 10 provides an entirely different browser using it, known as Microsoft Edge (formerly Project Spartan).

This utilizes an entirely new rendering engine also contains a plethora of new features. These add a reading style that will remove all of the clutter out of webpages to make them easier to browse, a reading list for generating temporary ‘read afterward’ bookmarks, and will incorporate Cortana for incorporating context-aware information as your browser the internet.

A screen capture style also makes it effortless to capture a picture of the entire webpage. It also then has inbuilt drawing tools to make it simple to annotate the image quickly.

Many people decide to use different browsers anyway, for example, Chrome and Firefox; however, Spartan is no less than a massive improvement over Internet Explorer.


Among the essential improvements of Windows 8 on Windows 7 have been functionality. It booted faster than Windows 7, went in and out of standby quicker, and was often faster in general usage.

Regrettably, Windows 10 does not have any substantial improvements in this area but will instead build on the foundations already laid by Windows 8. It is among those few places where Windows 8 may maintain parity with the newest OS.


Windows 10 vs Windows 8 Cortana

Windows 10 can also be bringing to PC and tablet computers. Group Program Manager for Cortana and Lookup, Marcus Ash, calls “The next generation of search” Cortana is your assistant that brings you articles if you want it. Not only does she hunt for items on your computer, mobile device, or even the internet, but she sees about you and your hunt customs the longer you use. This helps provide proactive search results and finally provide you with advice regularly with no asking.

Windows 10 is pulling out all the stops and is providing the consumer a complete 180 from the previous OS version, Windows 8. Within the course of the upcoming few months, Microsoft will likely be listening to the comments provided by Insiders and mending any requests filed as a way to offer Windows users the very best product they could provide. For your first year, Microsoft is offering anyone using a Windows 7, 7, or 8.1 a free upgrade to Windows 10.

Improved Command Prompt

It is not about improving performance for every PC owner – Microsoft still has a place in its heart for the user. One of the programmer and power user programs upgraded in Windows 10 has been that the Command Prompt. In case you haven’t used it previously, you probably will not be amazed to know that performance like copy and paste was inserted.

But if you are a veteran Command Prompt veteran, you will be pleased to find it obtained some love. You will find many new alternatives and hotkeys that make it much simpler to run commands and launch programs.

Document Explorer Improvements

Another blessing for Windows 10 users would be that the compact and improved File Explorer. Along with having the ability to search and get all of your PC’s folders, the Quick Access section enables you to locate recently upgraded files so that you can remain productive.

Xbox Connectivity

Because of the current surge in interest for cloud-based gaming, Microsoft’s upcoming logical step would include Xbox programs and Minecraft for free using Windows 10. Xbox players can flow gameplay into some Windows 10 PC or another system supporting the Xbox program. Regrettably, this leaves Windows 8 consumers that wish to up their gaming experience high and dry.

Whatever your feelings are all about Microsoft, along with the ubiquitous Windows OS, it is apparent they listened to their customers when constructing Windows 10. There is a return to focusing on the consumer experience in any way, instead of the Start screen that turned many power users from Windows 8. If you are familiar with Windows 7 or Windows XP, you will understand the Start menu, classic design, and other Windows 10 features.

Windows 10 provides a fantastic mixture of convenience and functionality. It is a perfect OS for inexperienced and advanced users alike.

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