Why is CRM Software essential for your business?

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Customer relationship management or CRM systems should have a strong place in your business. Because, it has the power to drive business growth and maximize revenue. But how?

A modern CRM encompasses a range of solutions that helps you manage interactions and do business with your customers. A CRM solution is essential to build a long-lasting relationship with customers and to win your customer’s loyalty. Both the relationships and trust are important, as they enable companies to create impact on business revenue.

A CRM solution collects customer data and facilitates communication with customers in a reliable way. Beyond maintaining relationships, CRM helps you track sales leads, manage marketing, and sales pipeline. In simple words, without a CRM solution, you may miss growth opportunities and revenue.

Which CRM software provides you a competitive advantage? The answer is Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Before we come to Dynamics 365, we introspect, why a CRM solution is essential in the present-day business scenario. With CRM software, you get a flexible solution that aligns with your business needs. It helps you understand your customers, who they are, and why they buy your products, as well as their purchase trends. This understanding helps you know what your customers expect and, as a result, deliver what they need.

The advantage with Dynamics 365 CRM is that it organizes data (demographic, transactional and behavioral data) collected from various sources. On the other side, it enables you to become more efficient through automation of certain aspects of your business. From marketing campaigns to sales processes, service, customer data and data analytics, a CRM automates and simplifies these activities for your business.

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How can your Dynamics 365 CRM  help to achieve business success?

Dynamics 365 covers core processes that improve relationships and growth. It includes marketing, sales, customer service, field service, and project service automation.

Marketing: CRM supports various best-in-class approaches to generate marketing campaigns and generate leads. For example, you can create customer journeys, design marketing emails, forms and landing pages, post in social media, score and qualify leads, engage with contacts online and gain insights. Automate mundane tasks for delivering better customer service engagement, use AI to make meaningful business decisions and more. Dynamics 365 CRM covers the entire activities that modern marketers need now to stay active.

Sales: The sales module in CRM helps you drive sales through better understanding of your customers and maintaining relationships. It automates the sales process (from lead to cash), helps you predict how much sales you will achieve in a given time, automates time-consuming repeatable activities, improves sales with targeted campaigns, finds the right customers and more. Use AI skills to assist sales teams with achievable sales activities, detect customer emotion, sentiments and priorities, predict sales, and more.

Customer Service: Customer Service module allows customer service agents to deliver a proactive customer service to customers. The CRM supports various channels through which your teams can engage with customers. It offers several productivity tools like knowledge base, chat bots, and other self-service tools to ensure quick resolution every time to customer cases. The self-service options free your customer agents and allow you to focus on high-value interactions.

What more? Deliver personalized service with a complete view of each customer, create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, increase service based on customer survey, feedback, forums and social media interactions, and resolve issues with data analysis.

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Field Service: Field Service module in Dynamics 365 CRM improves on-site service at customer locations. The CRM comes with features that assists field service agents to resolve customer issues. It improves operational efficiency, empower filed service technicians, and help you earn customer trust. You can utilize IOT (internet of things) to detect and solve issues faster, automate scheduling and work orders, enable field service agents to work hands-free by using mixed reality, and more.

Project service automation: Project Service Automation capability covers activities related to managing projects. It helps companies efficiently manage project-based services, from the sale to invoicing. The CRM helps you create project estimates and work schedules, estimate project cost and revenue, predict resource needs for projects, monitor project progress, and manage quoting, billing and pricing for projects.

Who benefits from Dynamics 365 CRM?

Businesses across industries can deploy Dynamics 365 CRM to become successful. Businesses looking to grow and want large-scale solutions can take advantage of Dynamics 365 CRM. The solution provides tools that help improve customer engagement, sales and business growth.

If you want to know how a CRM solution like Dynamics 365 can be beneficial for your business, get professional consultation from Microsoft Gold partners who are well-versed in providing Dynamics 365 solutions.

Their Dynamics 365 consultants will help you successfully implement Dynamics 365 CRM with a clear understanding of your business needs. The capabilities of Dynamics 365 are immense, that it gives a new dimension to your customer service efforts. If your business is in the Middle East, Africa, or Asian countries, put trust on the service of leading Dynamics 365 Implementation Partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kenya, Pakistan, and India.



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