Why Do We Need to Include VPS? – 10 Benefits of Using VPS

Using VPS

VPS is something that has been introduced to help small businesses massively. Through the server, one can ensure a secured backup, quick access, and much more. Through VPS services, one can expand their business massively as it becomes a go-to affordable option. It is far cheaper than dedicated hosting if you look at the price comparison, but it offers a lot f the same benefits. So, if you are looking out whether or not you should introduce VPS into your company, look no further than this blog! Today we will possibly cover all the relevant information that you’ve been looking for! So, read on and find out the benefits of using VPS!

What is VPS All About?

A virtual private server is specially created to virtualize software. Just as you would have an invisible ghost on your machine, it is based on your physical server. However, it is surely independent of it. However, you must not confuse yourself with shared hosting as the virtual private server is not that. It remains absolutely independent of it. 

So, now that you’ve got an idea about what VPS is all about, let’s take a dive and look at the prospective advantages of using this! 

10 Advantages of Using VPS

If you are thinking of availing yourself and taking a VPS from one of the most reliable brands like BlueVPS.com, let’s take a look at the prospective advantages of using one. 

Here are the advantages of using VPS: 

1. Controlling & Accessibility

When you are using a shared server, you wouldn’t have much control over the portion of people’s downloads. But in the case of getting a VPS server, you can actually keep control over what is being downloaded and only use the services that you need the most. If you get your company VPS from https://bluevps.com/, you are sure to get the root access that you need. 

2. Security

Shared hosting doesn’t really provide you with the security that you need. However, we wouldn’t blame them, but the security somewhere doesn’t reach at the optimal level because there is a huge number of people who are accessing the server. 

On the other hand, when you use VPS, you are sure that the security is not compromised, and you wouldn’t have a lot of people accessing your server. Hence, security is also maintained throughout. 

3. It’s A Dedicated Resource

The advantageous position that you are in when using VPS is that it is solely usable by you, unlike what happens in shared resources. So, you get a chance to have more RAM and CPU, which makes it easy for you to download more applications. Hence, increasing the traffic of your business. 

4. Use Any Software You Want

When you are using a shared server, you are not given the freedom to use any software you want to! But when you are using VPS, you can be sure that you can select any operating system you wish and work on it. 

VPS gives you the chance to choose the type of software you want and download anything you need. But when you use a shared server, you are limited on the number of applications you are downloading as they usually strain out to ensure that existing applications are working smoothly. However, when you are using VPS, the server gives you a chance to select anything you want. 

5. Offers A Managed Service

In case you are thinking that owning a VPS means you will be solely responsible for looking after your VPS service, you’ll be wrong. This is because companies right now take the responsibility of managing your VPS for you, ensuring that you are hassle-free and do not have to take up a load of managing your VPS service. 

6. Cloud Backup

In most cases, businesses ignore this and eventually face a lot of problems at the time of a crash down. But with VPS, you get the opportunity to have a cloud backup that helps in the time of recovery. 

Moreover, if you are thinking about automated configuration, let me tell you, companies offer that as well, which makes it easy for you to modify everything according to your wish. So, be sure with VPS, you can recover a loss in no time. 

7. Has a Long-term scalability

As you keep growing, it is natural that you will require more and more applications and resources. So, if you use VPS, you are a sure upgrade to larger VPS within a few minutes, and that can be done without any hassle. 

8. Elasticity 

In most cases, when you are using a suddenly receive a surge in your website’s traffic, the server is likely to crash down. The fluctuation in traffic cannot be handled by all servers you use. But this does not happen when you use VPS. 

Moreover, if there is an urgent requirement of increasing or upgrading your VPS, you can easily do that within seconds, helping businesses to meet the high requirement of businesses. 

9. Value for money

Not all companies have huge budgets and can afford a dedicated server. In the case of a dedicated server, you get a lot of features, and of course, it is expensive. And that makes businesses use shared servers, which creates problems that we’ve spoken of about above. 

However, in the case of you are somewhere in the middle, where you get the opportunity of using a dedicated server, and yet it’s effective, workable, and affordable for your business to run. 

10. Increase in speed

Finally, we would want to conclude by saying that VPS is really fast. In the case of using a shared server, it might fluctuate because it is dependable upon the traffic that is generated at the given point in time. But when you use VPS, you wouldn’t have to worry about the speed as there are not many users; it’s exclusively for your website and ensures security. 

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know exactly why you should get VPS and use it in your business. So, go ahead and avail yourself of this and see magical results within days of implementation. 


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