What to do when you just start playing Minecraft

Minecraft is the best-selling game in the world right now and everyone wants to give it a try. Players have the total control over the game and they can let their crazy ideas go wild, especially in the creative mode. However, Minecraft can be a tricky game since it runs on players’ imagination and creativity.

Therefore, many don’t know how to start the game from scratch. How to combine the elements, how to create tools and how to survive the game when you don’t know how it works. This article provides you the best advice from Minecraft masters. Continue to read and follow these tips and tricks if you tend to have a great start with the game.


Minecraft is a sandbox game and it was released in 2009 by Mojang Studios. Ever since its launch, Minecraft has sparked up a never-seen-before sensation. After 11 years, the game is going stronger than ever and receives more than 112 million monthly players. Now, Microsoft owns the intellectual property of Minecraft and Mojang Studios and provides an incomparable economical strength for the game to develop. The game is easy to play at first but later on it can get very tricky if players don´t force their imagination. It includes 4 difficulty settings and 5 game modes (survival, adventure, hardcore, spectator or creative mode). Players can enjoy the game alone or with their friends. The sky is the limit in Minecraft.


Start with the tools

Without the tools, it is impossible for players to advance in the game. The first moment, players don’t have any tool to work with. But in the Minecraft world, everything lies in the environment. Around players are trees, fruits and other basic materials.
Wood can be used to build a house and different types of wood can easily be obtained depends on the tree. This won’t affect its ability to craft inventories and it gives more options for wood colors. The wood must be the most basic material ever. Players will need it throughout the game.

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Fruits are the basic food that will help players survive in the first few days. It doesn’t provide a full health bar but it prevents the character from starving to death while running around to collect items and building a house.

Make a bed with wood and wool

In Minecraft you can find a variety of animals that serves for different purposes and the most basic one is providing foods. The reason why you need to make a bed is because it is one of the conditions that you need to comply in order to survive the first night. The bed can be made with wood and wool, which can be harvested by cutting down trees and taking the fur of the sheep.

The first house: urgent, easy, and safe

When the shadow of the night casts over you, you must have a house built already. The house doesn’t have to be big and strong since the mobs won´t attack you crazily on the first night. But having a house is a must. Also, you must make a staircase out of dirt and a bed in order to build the house. It can be 5×5 blocks big and will carry you through the night.

Keep the cows or pigs to reproduce food

Food is an important element in Minecraft since the game is quite realistic, building a house, creating objects, crafting tools or simply running around cost energy. And if the player doesn’t have food to eat, in the hard mode, his or her character will starve to death. So clearly it is not recommendable not to collect food on the way.

There are various sources of food to which players have access to. There are fruits, chickens, pigs, cows, etc. Among them, cows give the most energy and it is beneficial thanks to their skin. Pigs also are a nice option. Many will directly kill the cow or pig to harvest meet. Even though it gives a boost of energy right away, this is not a sustainable choice. By keeping them in a pig farm or a cow farm, players will be able to reproduce more meat and survive longer.

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Now, the food is easy to keep in Minecraft and it is less likely to go off. So store as much as possible with your in-game farm.

Keep your torches lit

The mobs in Minecraft hate light so it is recommendable that players create as many torches as possible to keep them at bay. The light of a torch in Minecraft can reach 14 blocks. For each block that the player moves away from the torch, the brightness will drop down by one and the player is exposed to more danger since the mobs hunt in the dark. To make a torch, players need to use a stick and coal (or charcoal). Coals can be collected from the surrounding while charcoal is harder to get. Players need to go to the furnace menu, use coal as the fuel and burn a block of wood. The result of the inventory is a piece of charcoal with which you can make a torch.

You will need a brick house

Don´t get comfortable with a wooden house. It can get you through the first nights, but not for long. Even torches can´t keep some mobs away like creepers or spiders. Besides, wooden houses can be burned by in-game thunder. So remember to build yourselves a brick house quickly. Start with the frame of the house and don´t forget to put a door on it, only you, villagers, traders and some other good characters can open and close the door. However, it can be destroyed by zombies, so stay alert.

Minecraft is a wonderful game that keeps the players engaged. To facilitate your first steps in the game, make sure that you follow these tips and tricks. Minecraft is now available to download from its official website. Check out the game now and don’t miss the fun.

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