What Makes a Great Sports Betting App?

Sports Betting App

Sports betting, specifically mobile sports betting, is turning into one of the favorite hobbies of many people worldwide. Sites that offer sports betting have been around for decades, but mobile sports betting apps have made this even more popular. 

All of the sports betting apps are going to feature Vegas NFL odds, but that doesn’t mean it’s a great sports betting option. With so much competition to become a sports betting leader, the top apps will have features that can’t be found in other places.

When you are looking for a great sports betting app, the first step should be to find an option that is legal in the state where you live. After that, there are a number of specific features that you should be looking for to know you have the best option. 

Sports betting apps continue to improve, and that’s likely going to be the case for the next few years. Sportsbook operators aren’t necessarily looking to introduce new features but are instead trying to make their apps the best in the industry. 

Easy to Navigate

The most important aspect of a great sports betting app is one that is easy to navigate and that is organized. Mobile sports betting apps can be organized in a number of different ways, but you don’t want to be overwhelmed with betting odds when you access the app. 

The best sports betting apps will have very little information on the landing page, and you will have to click to find what you are looking for. Most navigation tools should either be on the top or on the left/right side of the app. 

Another great feature of the best sports betting apps include a search bar or tool to help bettors find exactly what they want. Wasting time trying to find exactly what you want can get extremely frustrating, and it will lead customers to find a different site. 


Most bettors would argue that finding a sports betting app that is easy to navigate is the most important feature, but next on the list would be speed. It might be hard to determine the speed of a sports betting app, but it becomes easy to tell when there is a glitch. 

Internet availability and the type of mobile device can also affect how fast the betting apps work, but the best apps will be backed by a terrific technology provider. The best mobile sports betting apps will also be equipped to handle a large number of customers in a short period of time. 

Color Scheme

Another thing that most people look at when choosing a sports betting app is the color scheme that is found. DraftKings is one operator that is known to have a solid color scheme, and it has helped make it a top option. 

The best sports betting apps are going to have a crisp and clean look, and there aren’t many distractions found on the app. Bettors are there to place wagers and distractions or overwhelming colors can keep this from taking place. 

Mobile-Specific Promotions

Another feature that you should look for in a sports betting app is a sportsbook that has bonuses or promotions offered specifically for mobile customers. This is not a common practice, but the top sportsbooks will have this available to customers. 

These promotions can be as simple as an odds boost or it can be as extensive as some sort of deposit match to reload an account. Checking out the promotions tab of a mobile sports betting app should always be one of the first steps when looking into mobile betting options. 

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