What is AR Zone app: All you need to know about Augmented Reality

What is AR Zone app

What is AR Zone app?

What is AR Zone app? Well, AR’s abbreviation is Augmented Reality, and AR provides its user with a viewing experience in 3D. Apart from increasing the user’s engagement, AR-related application also intensifies their user experience more distinctly and clearly. Not to mention the features that increase customer’s content in numerous definite ways. 

Feasible in many Android apps, Ar Zone is the most improbable service one can find. However, this service of the AR Zone app is specifically available for the customers of Samsung smartphones. 

So if you have a Samsung’s smart device, and you are looking for some acknowledgement on what is AR Zone app? Then you have got to the exact precise spot. Let’s get shed of the queries that you have concerning this feature. Moreover, the more intricate it seems, the Augmented Reality Zone is as easy as that. In this portion, one can know that you would not need waste or invest time in a large amount in learning this incredible feature’s basic blueprints. 

Well, the top brand name that pops up in almost everyone’s head is Samsung when it comes to technological brands that offer us high-end features. Thus, they have introduced us to the AR Zone app on the Play Store of Google. 

Moreover, for the convenience of Samsung smartphone users, many unique traits have been introduced. So, if you, while reading this article, are a Samsung user or are soon going to be one, here’s sound news for you! With the help of this one-stop-shop application, you can make your smartphone experience creatively fun. 

What is AR Zone app and it’s prime functions?

Various technological manufacturers are implementing features and services to make their smartphones worth spending in globally competitive markets. However, when it comes to this AR Zone app service, Samsung is supplying quite a tough competition in the market. 

In it’s recently incorporated latest feature Samsung has introduced us to the AR Zone app. 

Technically talking, the software for AR Zone holds the skill to offer AR-related functions such as taping fun and high-resolutions. Also, as if it was not enough, this offers an easy user interface that will magnify the user experience. 

Availability of AR Zone app

Before we jump onto AR Zone features, it is quite vital to acknowledge which Samsung models are fully-fledged with the AR Zone. Starting with the newly launched Samsung models;

  • Galaxy S20+
  • Along with S20
  • S20 ultra and 
  • And finally S20 Z Flip 
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Out of which, the last two have the AR technology-enabled application.

If you’re with us until the start of the article, you might be aware that one can draw 3D figurines with this app. Moreover, if you are one of those Samsung Note 10 and 10+ user, you can preferably draw images using your S pen. You, however, might feel that this app looks so familiar with Snapchat, but it lets you use additional features rather than just capturing filtered photos.

AR Zone App and its exclusive features

After you have downloaded this excellent app, you have to select the Samsung folder in this. There, you would receive this apparent existence of the AR Zone. Now, once you are there, all you have to do is hit the button and access the enthralling AR Zone specifications. 

To start with, any Samsung user can at least avail of a total of six features of the AR Zone app. The features namely are AR Emoji Stickers, AR Emoji Camera, AR Emoji Doodle, Deco Pic, AR Emoji Studio, and Quick Measure. However, there’s a profit if you are one of those users who have the latest and models as specified above of the Samsung brand. The newly launched model might have the feature of Styling and 3D models under the division.  

So, here for you, we are listing the Augmented Reality Zone’s traits that you highlight the accessibility of the app service. 

1. AR Zone Camera

What is AR Zone app
Source: MobileSyrup

One can access their emoji version with the help of AR Zone cameras. Moreover, you can revel extensively in making and creating videos without any hassle and can even take pictures. Not to mention, but this is the best highlight that this AR Zone app has to offer. 

The initial stage is to click a picture of you and then head to the My Emoji segment and click on the recently captured picture. Additionally, the users of this app get a wide range of camera modes to pick from. The fascinating fact about it is that one can even generate an animated video with this AR Zone app. 

2. AR Zone Doodle

What is AR Zone app
Source: Pinterest

Are you too a massive fan of doodling or love to make some? Lucky for you, this feature in the AR Zone helps you flex your love for doodles. Moreover, creating patterns that are abstract or doodling helps relieve stress levels. 

AR Zone helps you doodle your art in the background of pictures you want. Not only that, the doodle own the ability to trace the user’s features. Ultimately, the then made doodle art will move even when there’s a slight change in movement and even if one would nod. 

3. AR Emoji Studio

images of emoji
Source: Samsung Community

Lapping on to another AR app feature AR Emoji Studio. This specific feature is super easy to operate and has this distinct feature to make characters animated. All one requires to do is pick the character they find preferable and put them in the moments they are seizing. 

This feature of the app has profoundly helped mould the hairstyle, shoes, sunglasses, and even dresses for the customers of Samsung smartphone device.

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4. Dedo Pics

image creator
Source: Wonderful Engineering

If you are a fan or into animated stickers, then all you have to do is reach out for the Dedo Pic feature and add zest to your stickers. With this feature, you can add lip colour, eye colour, beard, and you can even use these stickers onto your already existing pictures and videos as well. 

What is AR Zone app and all that you need to know concerning the Augmented Reality Zone App!

Augmented Reality (AR) experienced a massive growth in the year 2020. As for now, the whole internet is slowly shifting to our mobile cameras. Do you remember the Pokemon Go game on mobile phones? Well, that was a perfect example of how AR has experienced a massive success. 

However, this is not the end either, as 2021 will bring more futuristic trends in AR. Moreover, many researchers believe that the internet will have more than 800 million AR users by the end of 2021. Let’s have a look at its success in different industries: 

A recently released app from Apple named “ARKit 4” allow users to explore different AR development tools. However, there’s one more app that is ruling the world of AR without any pressure. Snapchat has invested heavily in AR development, and as a result, they’re currently ruling the AR world. On the other hand, apps like Spark AR are also trying to become the next big thing.

Now coming to the Shopping & Retail industries of our world, AR is still fixing its root. However, retail giants like L’Oreal are trying to bring their products on your mobile cameras. Many make-up companies are also providing their products virtually so that you can try them on their apps. Moreover, IKEA’s mobile app can show how furniture products would look like in your house. 

The portability of AR glasses or headsets is still an issue for this emerging technology. However, 2021 might bring some positive changes in this field as well. Currently, AR headsets aren’t that comfortable to wear and not convenient with our smartphones. But, companies like Apple and Microsoft are working on making their headsets a less bulky. 


What is AR Zone app
Source: Sammy Fans

In this concluding portion of what is AR Zone app, as mentioned above, the AR Zone app is a futuristic app from Samsung, which allows you to experience the AR world. Its AR features, such as AR Doodles and AR Emojis, can give you some eyebrow-raising experiences. Currently, this app is available only for Samsung Smartphone users. 

However, the world of AR is in a considerable progress, and soon you might see the whole internet on your mobile cameras. From mobile applications to those future-inspired headsets, AR is slowly but surely taking over the world. Moreover, if you ever thought that you could only catch a few Pokemons using AR, then you were wrong. AR oriented apps are now allowing social influencers to promote their products on a whole different level. Retail giants like IKEA’s can show different types of furniture and how exactly they’ll look in your houses. 

Moreover, AR’s value in the current market is only climbing up. Thus, the future of this technology looks only bright from here. AR technology is growing to become more realistic day by day, and soon we might accept it as the ‘new normal’ of our society. 

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