What Do Whistler Residents Love about Their Region

Whistler Residents

Whistler has a reputation as one of the best skiing and snowboarding resorts globally: but what’s it like to live here? If you ask residents, most of them answer the same way, saying that they feel like living here has given them a great chance to connect to nature and have fun. Whistler Residents-

What does it have that could make you happy? These are the top perks Whistler Residents mention, see if any of them speak to you!

Close to A Major City

One of the best parts of Whistler is that although you can enjoy the mountainous life as much as you want, you only have to drive less than two hours to get to one of the largest cities in the country. Vancouver is an awesome place to slip away for a night of partying or a day of visiting art galleries and museums. Living this close to the city without having to live within Vancouver ensures you can enjoy all of the perks of the city without dealing with all of the negatives. 

Gorgeous Views Year-Round

If you love beautiful views, you’re going to find them in Whistler. This mountain town is full of gorgeous views of bright green mountains with distant snowy peaks that never truly melt in the summer. When the snow settles in the winter, all of the green vanishes, and the mountains truly look like massive paintings that you can walkthrough. This is inspiring to creative people like artists and writers and ensures that you’ll walk around feeling that creative urge as well.

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Property Prices Always Rising

Whistler has been home to some of the largest home sales globally, with prices breaking the millions on an everyday basis. Because of this, you must take the time to consider if you can afford to live here. There are apartments for rent that are cheaper, but real estate in Whistler is expected to continue breaking records.  

Talk to locals, and ask around about cheaper housing. Many times, apartments and homeowners don’t list their prices, wanting to cover locals first before welcoming in tourists. However, if you show you’re serious about making this your home, they may extend their properties to you.  

Ability to Stay Active in the Winter

To many people, the worst part of the winter is the mood swings that are known as seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder. These stop people from enjoying their daily lives and instead seclude themselves further. Whistler offers tons to do that will get out outside in what vitamin D you can get, which is shown to fight off these seasonal mood disorders.  

There’s Nothing Quite As Amazing as Whistler

Whether you’re new to the region or you’ve vacationed here your entire life, living in Whistler is a dream come true for so many. Get to know the many ways you can enjoy the views and sports, and you’ll never want to leave this mountain town behind.

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