What Are the Stages of Using a Video Production Company

video production company

Like a good number of companies active in San Francisco’s bay area, you probably feel the competition in your industry and are constantly looking for ways to attract the attention of your target audience. Nowadays, digitization and marketing strategies are crucial to differentiate your products or services from those of your rivals, which is why more and more businesses are turning to product video production agencies. Why is this a good idea? For one, alongside SEO, video production is one of the most effective ways to attract the interest of potential consumers. Video adverts are complex, attract visitors’ attention, can be inserted on many online platforms, and can easily be shared, which can increase the prospects of your marketing campaign going viral.

Calling on a video production company is vital to uncover the marketing strategies needed to achieve your brand vision. Furthermore, such specialized agencies, when filming adverts in cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York, can create distinct strategies for a separate target audience, which can constantly increase the positive perception of your public to your brand. But professional video production involves many steps, and you are a person who wants to be well-informed before making a decision for your company. So, in the following article, we will list and present the steps to be taken by a professional video production company and try to answer your various queries.

Pre-Production: The Most Important Step

San Francisco is consistently voted one of the most innovative cities on the planet, and the plethora of Fortune 100 companies operating here gives the city a competitive edge that can prove difficult for start-ups. Calling on a company specialized in product video production is no longer a luxury but a requirement for companies that want to benefit from a steady increase in turnover. But video production can be complex and involves several steps. In the first stage, pre-production, the agency you have chosen will work with you to determine the image you want to give to your brand.

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In the pre-production stage, the product video production company that handles your marketing needs will create a script, which will need to be approved by your team. They will also draw the blueprint of the shoot day, start the casting process of the actors who will appear in the advert, scout target cities such as San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles, or New York for locations that may be relevant to your product or services, and draw up a list of equipment to be used. For some areas, a shooting permit will most likely be required, and the experience of the video production agency you call upon may prove crucial to ensure the smooth running of the entire process.

Starting the Actual Production

video production company

 In this stage, the actual filming of your online advert takes place. Depending on the storyboard created in the pre-production stage, the director will use all the resources at his disposal to finish the production in the shortest possible time. A short advert should not require more than 2-3 days of shooting, but there are exceptions for more complex situations that require careful planning and different shooting angles. Also, depending on the season in which the advert is shot, weather events may delay production, and here the experience of the crew is essential to keep production going even in unfavorable conditions.

The crew employed by the video production company you are calling upon will vary in size depending on the scale of the project. But as a general rule, any shooting day will include a director to oversee the available production, a producer who may or may not be present on location, and who has the role of scheduling the filming hours and dealing with the general logistics of the project, a sound engineer, a camera operator, and in some cases, even a DP to oversee the camera operations, and to be responsible for the lighting. Calling on a company that concentrates on product video production will bundle with the experience of people who specialize in their field and can bring out your artistic vision. But the raw footage is only one part, albeit an important one, of the video production, and the final product will be finished in the post-production stage.

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Post-Production: Where the Magic Happens 

video production company

Shooting the adverts is perhaps the most familiar step of professional video production, but the final vision of the desired marketing direction emerges during the post-production stage. In this step, the shots filmed by the director of photography will be edited and finished so that the end product resembles the original vision conjured up in the initial pre-production. The company you have called upon will color correct the footage, ensure that the sound in the shot is correctly balanced, inspect the footage for errors, and, last but not least, create potential special effects to enhance the overall quality of the video production.

Once the final product is finished, it will be presented to you for approval. Suppose you are unsatisfied with the artistic vision or have objections to the finished product. In that case, the advert may go through a revision process based on your feedback. The number of revisions that can be implemented by the company specializing in product video production will depend on the collaboration details and the communication between the parties. Once the final ad is approved, the video production agency you have selected will provide you with the video files, which you can use as you wish.

Enhance Your Brand’s Recognition

Calling on the professional services of a video production company can be one of the most effective ways to enhance your firm’s marketing efforts. Calling on a product video production agency could increase your presence in national markets such as Los Angeles, New York, Austin, or Seattle, and the increase in views and interactions with your services could translate into high and predictable profits. In addition, calling on a professional company can free up your team’s busy schedule and help you continue to innovate in your field.

All large companies that want to gain national recognition turn to professional video production services to create a brand image that meets their marketing needs. An experienced company can work with you, bringing your vision to life through its expertise. More than anything else, an agency specializing in video production can act as a partner that will significantly enhance the public’s perception of the products or services you market, which in the medium and long term can translate into a significant increase in sales and appreciation for your brand.

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