Webroot Vs Bitdefender – Which Is Greater? [FULL Guide 2021]

Webroot Vs Bitdefender - Which Is Greater

Webroot Vs Bitdefender, which anti-virus software is a much greater choice in 2021? Keep reading Colorfy’s article to know!

With the incidence of e-commerce, a lot of people appear to have thrown caution to the end. We’re getting more and more comfortable (read ) about sharing our fiscal info on unique websites. According to data, we share more sensitive info on the web than ever.

Though the most dependable networks are being targeted for malware attacks. Were you aware that Stripe users have lately been targeted in a phishing attack that steals banking info? In reality, cyber-attacks are anticipated to become more rampant in the upcoming calendar year.

Consequently, should you want to enjoy safe banking or shopping online, you have to invest at a superior antivirus software that could guarantee absolute protection against complex malware attacks. But remember to not drop for the free software. Freeware simply does not possess the complex features or firewalls to safeguard against the meticulously designed malware attacks.

On the flip side, a superior product can cost you a couple of dollars, but it is going to also provide you and your loved ones together with all the peace of mind you deserve.

Webroot Vs Bitdefender Comparison

Webroot Vs Bitdefender Comparison


For the most part, anti-virus programmers in the world work tirelessly to help and conquer cybercrime. On the other hand, the sad reality is that not all antivirus offer you the exact same thickness features and functionalities. Regardless of the software is prepared for all those truths will be contingent on if to advance it is and what will it provide better compared to other competitors. That said, let us try to have a deeper view of the features of the two BITDEFENDER and WEBROOT features.


To start with, there is a fantastic reason why this program is just one of the most trusted antivirus software on the market. You see, BITDEFENDER offers features that protect an assortment of potential cyber threats. On one note, you may have to devote just a little bit so as to get such amazing features. After all, it is where the programmers receive their money to innovate and further improve their products to your security.

You see this anti-virus provides among the most complete security features which you will ever see. We’ll discuss that from the protection component of the report. Now, this anti-virus features malware protection which could seek and prevent the maximum innovative malware running throughout the cyber world.

Additionally, BITDEFENDER backs up its buzzwords including protection to prevent access to a webcam and webcam, browser privacy programs, firewalls, Wi-Fi protection features, and general real-time information protections.

In addition, this program also features additional extensions to your browser if you are searching to block malicious sites that may damage your PC. Furthermore, it includes SAFEPAY, which can be a sandboxed browser that’s capable of alerting itself using a digital keyboard so as to help in blocking anyone who is tracking you while obtaining your bank or purchasing online.

Amalgamated using a virtual private network using 200 megabytes daily limitation, users will have the ability to securely get their sensitive information even on receptive Wi-Fi, which considerably lessens the hazards of public Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, a 200 megabytes information megabytes limitation can readily get drained under heavy use like streaming videos. That is the reason you can not see BITDEFENDER as a comprehensive NordVPN substitute.

So as to further improve your safety, BITDEFENDER additionally provides a safe file password and tools supervisor to manually encrypt, shred, or protect your sensitive information according to what you require. Additionally, the features we discussed above are contained from the BITDEFENDER’s bundles. But a few of those features are related to Windows only. This is why it is essential to remember that protection for mobile devices like Android or Mac requires a pricier subscription.

It’s also worth mentioning that BITDEFENDER provides bundles for example “Total Security”. The main reason is clear since BITDEFENDER is attempting to be the only software you need so as to secure all your apparatus, be it an Android telephone, a Mac, or even a Windows. With this kind of awesome feature, BITDEFENDER is in fact doing very fantastic.


For the large part, this anti-virus application has taken an innovative procedure for its general protection approaches. Rather than depending on and using your pc system, WEBROOT protects you via cloud discovery and invention.

This suggests that your WEBROOT setup will come considerably smaller. WEBROOT takes the benefit of cloud technologies together with all its computing data and tools during its arsenal. Furthermore, it determines and processes new, potential damaging dangers, and then transmits the data to other users in nearly real-time. This significantly reduces the effect on your personal computer.

What’s more, WEBROOT uses this so as to form its customary innovative threat protection. Such an attribute is provided across all its packages for both Mac and Windows users on the market. Additionally, WEBROOT includes anti-malware and anti-phishing features. It’s further supplemented with features like Wi-Fi and community firewall tracking. Additionally, it protects your webcam.

It’s a given that certain features will cost a couple more. These include WEBROOT’s cellular support and its own password manager. On one note, WEBROOT isn’t actually a Dashlane substitute. But when you’ve nowhere to keep your passwords, then it will certainly make things more suitable.

Additionally, cellular supports for Android and iOS is just another premium attribute of WEBROOT. Even though it would cost a few more dollars, you will continue to have the ability to get 25 gigabytes of additional cloud storage that’s a wonderful value for the purchase price.

User Interface

After protection and functionality, we will find out what sort of user interfaces will be provided by both Bitdefender and Webroot. Thus, let us check these out.

Bitdefender’s interface includes a slick design, which is very intuitive. This interface includes two different sections divided between a black panel on the life side and a wide display on the right side.

Both panels provide access to unique features, purposes, and preferences. It is possible to customize the appearance and settings of those sections to demonstrate the choices you would like. The excellent thing about this layout is that you can keep it simple or make it a little more detailed based on your requirements.

webroot vs bitdefender - User Interface

Now, let us see how Webroot’s interface contrasts.

Webroot interface has a special layout, that is the ideal mixture of simplicity and basic info. A large white block in the home screen indicates the safety information of your apparatus and the scanning history.

On the right-hand side, the top half of a slick panel displays the action status of unique purposes. The lower half provides access buttons to different utilities.

This interface is really intuitive and simple to operate. Even casual users will not find it hard. Webroot also provides some amount of personalization in its own design.


It is a fairly common sense that using only a gorgeous interface is futile when it comes to anti-virus. It will not help protect your computer once the malware terrorists to look. As a result of this, we’re using the reports of three separate security labs so as to ascertain how well WEBROOT and BITDEFENDER will protect you from malware and viruses.


To start with, BITDEFENDER’s scores dropped in AV-TEST last May to June 2019. It obtained a rating of 97.1 percent in its own protection scores from particular tests made before in 2019 years. Overall, this anti-virus software scored 5.5 from 6, and also an exceptional fall for this top-tier firm.

On one note, functionality proportions for the two BITDEFENDER also diminished a bit, though the total score for functionality stays the greatest which is 6 from 6. Matters are probably better for BITDEFENDER through its AV comparatives testing which occurred in February to May 2019. With 751 obstructed risks, it got an achievement score of 99.9 percent. This just suggests that BITDEFENDER has made AV comparatives’ Advanced and evaluation for protection. The identical thing is stated to its performance, that’s the greatest provided.


Now, let us visit WEBROOT. However, before that, it’s very important to be aware that WEBROOT manages its anti-virus testing quite different in comparison to other software on the market. It’ll operate malware at a sandbox so as to check and examine the behavior and prior to reporting the information collected. This suggests that the approach employed by the normal labs aren’t really perfect, and it’s why labs like AV-comparatives who have yet to be analyzed WEBROOT on Windows back in 2012. Additionally, most labs anticipate antivirus software to attack quickly to take care of possible threats that may harm the PC – that WEBROOT does not actually function.

This is why WEBROOT has poor effects from the AV-TEST from May to June 2019 testing. WEBROOT obtained a score of two out of 6 to its general protection safety, with dozens of 81.1% in May along with also a sudden low 66.5 percent from the month of June. Additionally, performance scores were considerably higher at 5.5 from 6. However, have low total protection scores which reflect the proactive strategy hitting difficult here and contains a low score onto it.

Back at the MRG-Efffitas, the final complete spectrum evaluation it ran on WEBROOT was in Q3 back in 2018. Again, it obtained a very score. It received a lesser a level two certificate with 26.75percent of malware trials, which are not instantly found from a sample size of 329, and 0.3percent missed entirely.

Nonetheless, they were detected after twenty-four hours, backing up the wait and determine way of WEBROOT, they would rather perform. By comparison, back in Q3 in 2018, the BITDEFENDER managed to block 100 percent of all malware at the initial round of MFG-Effitas testing, together with 99.7% obstructed instantly.


When there’s a problem, you are going to need resolutions quickly. To ensure you’ll find the ideal service in a crisis, we are analyzing the standard of customer service from the Webroot and Bitdefender.


Bitdefender is a worldwide company with global support choices for its clients. There are 16 telephone lines out there for your service questions, which are located in a variety of countries on various continents.

If this does not interest you, then you may even make contact live service tickets, email, or via Bitdefender’s live chat platform.

There is 24-hour support, however, in the event, you encounter any issues. If your problem is minor, you might discover that Bitdefender’s knowledgebase gets the response, together with videos and guides researching how to set up and configure the program.

If you’d love to hear from additional Bitdefender users, the forum will prove invaluable. It is possible to ask questions, in addition, to seek support questions from employees and other useful clients in English and other languages.


Webroot provides support ticketing and live-chat service, but it is very important to mention that live chat is simply for pre-sales questioning. You can not inquire about any problems until after you have bought, and you can not seek answers to encourage questions.

Should you will need a response in business hours, you can telephone Webroot to speak with a service representative. It’s centered in Ireland, the U.S., and Australia. Failing this, you may even ask questions about the forum or hunt it for present answers.

There is also a knowledge base using a mixture of shared queries, which you are able to look through. There does not seem to be a massive number of resources, but together with the forum with more information.

Customer Ratings

We have got to the last phase of the comparison i.e., client satisfaction. Let us see what existing clients think about our brands.

To begin with, we will have a look at Consumeraffairs.org, a review amassing business that averages out the collective opinions on a 5-star scale. Bitdefender obtained 3-stars from using this site, a small evaluation. Whereas, Webroot obtained a decent 4-star score.

Next, we will turn to G2 for a few further proofs. These company prices products on a 5-star or 1- 5 scale. Here, Bitdefender has a nearly perfect 4.8 score, even while Webroot was a tad bit behind using a 4.7 rating.


Without cheap price plans, superior antivirus software firms would not be around for long. The two Bitdefender and Webroot provide sliding-scale price strategies, with added features costing you additional.

There may only be a single winner in the war on price, so let us compare the pricing strategies that both firms provide.


Bitdefender includes four pricing strategies, each having a growing amount of features out there. The expense of the plans differ, based on the sort of device you are searching to protect. Additionally, there are varying strategy spans, from a few decades.

webroot vs bitdefender - Price

Bitdefender treats fresh clients quite well, with approximately 40- to 50-percent discounts on three-device pricing programs. Due to such reductions, it works out cheaper for new clients on particular programs, such as the mid-range Bitdefender Internet Security program, to take a three-device policy than the policy for only 1 device.

Antivirus Plus is your least expensive Bitdefender package available. But this Windows-only program is really basic. It is limited to Windows, lacks webcam protection and Safepay (as well as other superior features), but does include the whole anti-malware coverage. It includes protection for up to ten devices, but just 10 Windows devices.

Internet Security is also for Windows users, but it also provides the complete collection of Bitdefender features, excluding anti-theft. Additionally, it provides protection for up to ten devices, together with a single -, three- and – five-device plans.

For an additional $5 to $10 (depending on if you select five- or 10-device policy ), you can obtain support for Android and Mac using Bitdefender Total Security, together with the complete Bitdefender attribute collection. Bitdefender’s Android service is well known, and that’s why we advocate it on our very best antivirus for Android.

On the peak of the heap is Family Pack, Bitdefender’s program for households with policy for 15 apparatus. That is the “everything but the kitchen sink” variant, with greatest device protection, complete support for cellular and Mac, and all of the features for an additional $20 each year.


Webroot provides five Webroot anti-virus plans, but a number of them especially target niche viewers, like players. As you may expect from the title, SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is your fundamental program for consumers.

webroot vs bitdefender -Price

New-customer discounts are fair, but for present clients, AntiVirus prices around $10 less annually than the equal Bitdefender Antivirus Plus bundle. It supports Windows and Macs, while also supplying identity protection, anti-phishing along with a community firewall as standard.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus is another plan grade, including cellular support along with a password manager to get an additional $10 annually, in comparison to SecureAnywhere AntiVirus, in addition, to support for five or three apparatus for a few decades.

Internet Security Plus is exactly the exact same cost as Bitdefender Internet Security, but is your better choice for cellular and Mac users, but with fewer additional features. Close to the top of the shrub is Internet Security Total, roughly $10 annually cheaper than Bitdefender Total Security.

It includes a system optimization software (like tools such as CCleaner), 25GB storage and protection for five apparatus that, similar to the other programs, is $10 annually less expensive than the equal Bitdefender program.

Internet Security Complete Family Package, with 10-device policy, is the only strategy that is pricier than Bitdefender annually: $30 a year more costly than Bitdefender Family Packs.

One of those packs stays an oddity in the kind of AntiVirus for PC Gamers. This market program is also, as you can gather from the title, aimed at PC gamers, offering them lag-free, quiet coverage along with different features on par with all the AntiVirus program. Coverage only covers one particular apparatus, however.

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Obtaining a superior antivirus in modern times is everyone’s need. Since they are those accountable for somebody’s safety and security from online dangers. As of the two Antivirus applications talked about in this report. The comparison is for folks to comprehend the applications better and also to opt for the one that will fulfill their day to day requirements and matches in their funding range.

Thus, the end result is that the two of those Antivirus software is well working. And, are fairly effective in protecting the person from online dangers and malicious software. However, as of this result of the comparison between both. Bitdefender excels, due to its compact features in addition to costs and choices out there for all of the clients. Additionally, it exceptionally excels in terms of giving false positives. Meaning it tends to record very few secure files as a hazard. And have a tendency to protect from 100 percent of malicious documents followed closely by giving out less effect on the computer system. Additionally, Bitdefender is recommended over any other antivirus as it has a tendency to provide more in fewer costs.

Because of this, it’s apparent the Bitdefender is your winning competition of the head to head comparison between Webroot and Bitdefender.

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