Ways to Use IGTV to Grow Your Business in 2022


One of the sufficient ways to upload videos on Instagram is igtv. It has no limit of one minute like regular feed videos do, and that’s one of the primary reasons to use it for business promotion in 2022. This is another way to connect with the target audience and attract new viewers to your content. With the modern opportunity to buy Instagram live viewers you also can easily redirect your fewer on a website with your products, or related posts within the platform, or on other platforms. But how to mix this type of video in your plan? Here are some creative and effective ideas to use for your IGTV and promote your brand. 

What is IGTV 

This feature introduced a few years ago, is also known as Instagram video. This is a special type of premade video that has no 60-second limit like casual posts do. If you have a verified account, you get an hour at your service, but in case you still haven’t a blue mark for your account, you will get ten minutes at your disposal, and this is great too. 

The purpose and popularity of IGTV were once questioned, and at some point, IGTV could have disappeared from Instagram feed, but fortunately, the developing team managed to rework the usage of this feature so today more and more people become interested in creating content for this format. And now let’s hit some tips for successful usage of IGTV!

Shoot videos vertically

Instagram in general is a mobile platform, so all the optimization is made for good visuals on smartphone screens. So, to make your video acceptable and interesting to most users, shoot vertical films that are fitting the screen better. If you already have horizontal content you want to upload, you should use an app like Adobe Premier to make it look properly on the platform. 

Work on SEO-friendly texts

The material itself is the main hook that captures the attention of the audience, but how do you make it reachable? SEO techniques come to help you here. The text box for IGTV offers 2200 characters, and you have to maximize its potential using the right terms. The text itself must be engaging and interesting so try to implement your SEO keywords organically and smoothly. Look through the industry’s main influencers and define which terms seem to be the most engaging and popular. Then try to mix it in your personalized choices to create an original pattern that will stream your attention to you. As IGTV content often appears on the Explore page, having well-arranged keywords increases the chance it will appear before the right audience who will be eager to discover more of your materials.

Add subtitles

By default, all videos on Instagram start playing without the sound turned on. And this function is quite comfortable for most users of this app. And sometimes it is inappropriate to watch videos aloud, so adding subtitles to your films is what will retain more users. Also, subtitles are the additional portion of keywords that can play well for your rating. Remember that there is no opportunity to add subtitles directly on Instagram, so use external software to do that. 

Repurpose your existing content

IGTV is a perfect place for giving a second life to your previously published content, especially the one from other platforms. For example, since the format of IGTV allows videos of various lengths, you can publish here some videos from your YouTube channel. Also, your live sessions can be recorded and stored in the IGTV section, allowing you to get back to them when you need that for promotion and driving the interest of newcomers. Keep in mind that to upload the video on IGTV, you will have to change its dimensions according to the guidelines of the app.

Share exclusive materials

To make your growth on Instagram well balanced and effective for your business, you should try to create original materials for each format you use – stories, posts, IGTV, and reels have to provide different, yet equally valuable information. Some brands would categorize their content along with existing formats. In this case, IGTV usually serves as the place for exposing tutorials, detailed reviews, or product presentations. The thing is that this is the only method to direct the interest of your audience to your IGTV. You have to offer something they haven’t seen yet, so they are motivated to discover what you show here. 

Use the might of tutorials 

Speaking of exclusive and valuable content, tutorials, and workshops standing this talk individually. You can harvest lots of engagement if you are posting educational videos that your audience finds relevant for them. Just make sure that this tutorial isn’t too complicated, so even beginners in your industry would understand what they have to do and how it should be done. Leave more professional and deep classes for more personalized communication. 

Remember that, unlike YouTube, Instagram isn’t targeted at education. Its primary purpose is to entertain people. So the perfect recipe is to create a shortcut version of your tutorial for IGTV with a further redirection to YouTube for a more detailed and thorough version. Your audience will appreciate that a lot because right now YouTube remains an optimal choice for posting educational content. 

Approach IGTV as a modern form of television 

Well, basic tv is still present in our lives, but you can totally use its power on Instagram with the help of IGTV. And what do people love about television the most? Without any doubt, it would be the show! So you can create show-like content for your IGTV and maintain the same schedule of uploading – weekly at the same time. Such a concrete position is comfortable for people and you too because stability is easier to manage. as the audience is accustomed to your IGTV, you can expand the progress, launching another show or doing non-series content – users already know that you do good in this format, so they will be eager to see more from you. 

Communicate through the video

The easiest way to communicate with your customers is to collect the most popular questions you get and film a video response. The trick is quite similar to the technique for live sessions, so you can also reuse your previous sessions in a recording. Just don’t forget to promote your upcoming IGTV in stories, and mention that you will save your stream for later. 

You can also gather the questions from your customers using a question sticker, so you will have a text addition for your visuals. 

You can also film the presentation of your new product, creating a cheery and bright atmosphere for your promotion and letting all your potential customers feel like a part of the launch party. 


IGTV is a great option for sharing videos from other platforms you occupy and providing more open presentations of your product. Here you have fewer features for direct communication, but the commenting function is still there, so don’t forget to check if there are any comments to reply to.  Overall, IGTV is a significant component of your content plan, so it is recommended to maximize its usage. 

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