Vpn Unlimited Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Vpn Unlimited Review

VPN Unlimited is a US-based service that may be considered a fantastic all-rounder. Ironically, being located in the united states isn’t great for a privacy service. However, the VPN retains no use hosts and logs OpenVPN encryption – making the VPN safe enough for most people’s requirements. It’s also worth noting that this VPN is employed by 20 million users, a testament to its popularity.

VPN Unlimited includes selecting servers in 80 countries, making it great for unblocking articles that are restricted. On the downside, escapes on Windows and macOS have to be plugged to create this VPN protected on IPv6. Where rates are worried, this VPN performs – providing link rates that are great for streaming from H.D.

VPN Unlimited has several subscription levels, together with discounts and rewards afforded. Additionally, This Vpn will unblock streaming services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix U.S., And you’re able to check the VPN yourself with its 7-day money-back guarantee. Let Colorfy show you more information about this Vpn in Vpn Unlimited Review.

VPN Unlimited Overview

  • PRICING: $2.78/mo – $9.99/mo
  • SERVER LOCATIONS: 70 Nations
  • WEBSITE: www.vpnunlimitedapp.com


  • Fantastic customer support
  • Lifetime pricing programs
  • Info on the server listing
  • Fantastic rates within the U.S.


  • Weak pair of features
  • Streaming-focused servers operate inconsistently.
  • Excessive spelling from the program
  • Vagueness in protocol choice
  • Awful rates outside the U.S.


VPN Unlimited protects your privacy using just the VPN protocols. By default, that means OpenVPN, that’s the protocol on both the programs. This utilizes AES-256 encryption for industry-standard levels of safety. And if it does not satisfy your requirements for a specific reason, no problem: IKEv2 can be obtained with the majority of customers as a competent fall-back protocol.

The programs also offer KeepSolid Wise technology. This takes the heart OpenVPN protocol, scrambles and muddies it a bit, and possible paths it somewhat differently to a normal relationship. Even though parts may cut rates, it may help you skip VPN blocking and detection systems utilized in nations enabling you to link from everywhere.

There is excellent news in the app’s capability to link to this VPN you get an untrusted system, ensuring you are always protected.

The Mac and Windows programs gain to block your web if the VPN drops. (The Windows kill button does not work just as it needs to, but we will talk more about that later.)

The Windows client does not have any particular ‘DNS leak protection’ configurations; however, these did not appear mandatory. We conducted checks at IPLeak, DNS Leak Test, DoILeak, and many others, and discovered no indication of DNS, WebRTC or alternative information flows.


VPN providers comprehend that customers are interested in their coverages, and many try to create this clear on the site, leaving phrases such as as’Zero Logging!’ Prominently exhibited in fonts that were reassuring.

Unlimited Vpn site does not create an attempt to emphasize its procedures, and its front page does not mention the problem.

The privacy policy provides an overall description of data that may be gathered when you utilize the programs of KeepSolid or visit the site. These include I.P. addresses; device name, code, language and manufacturer; time zone, link time and Wi-Fi system name; and the whole quantity of visitors for each semester, together with session dates.

A fast check of the VPN internet console revealed more identifying info. A console did record that we’d linked, for example, from a Windows 10 system. Additionally, it saved the computer name as well as the Windows user account’s title. When there’s no logging of action, that can not help anybody join an online activity to your funds, but we are still somewhat uncomfortable about a third-party that has a large amount of information concerning our apparatus.

These issues aside, there is no indication of VPN Unlimited carrying any liberties. We would enjoy peace more than words on a site. Other providers are going via third-party audits to confirm their no-logging asserts that TunnelBear has annual independent audits of its programs, infrastructure, location, and much more. We expect This VPN  to perform precisely the same, quite shortly.


VPNs have been around for a short time. This usually means that there’s been time for encrypting traffic to create avenues. A number of them no longer recommended because encryption procedures have become accessible and are elderly.

Procedures is a protocol that’s called OpenVPN. This protocol is dependable and quick. It’s an open-source program. This usually means an unbelievable number of programmers have combed through the code of OpenVPN.

Unlimited VPN  is based on protocols, but also, it has protocols which are known as KeepSolid Wise. This program makes VPN traffic seem like traffic. This might be among the reasons why consumers can flow Netflix through This VPN , some of their company’s servers.

KeepSolid Wise is made for those that reside in nations. A number of these places prohibit the usage of VPNs. Having the ability to disguise VPN visitors as HTTPS traffic has benefits in those locales.

Individuals with devices that are operating Android and Windows may utilize either OpenVPN or KeepSolid Wise. Linux devices possess two protocol options. Together with iOS apparatus and macOS, the possibilities include KeepSolid Wise OpenVPN and IKEv2.

What’s more, it’s worthwhile to remember that VPN Unlimited utilizes AES 256-bit encryption. This encryption system is good enough for your military and government in countries around the Earth. Therefore it is safe to trust your most sensitive information.


KeepSolid performed throughout our pace testing. Our nearest U.K. servers handled 60-70Mbps on a 75Mbps fiber chip line, around 5 percent to 6% back on our average non-VPN speeds.

Assessing our speed tests in the U.S. place gave us outstanding outcomes at 200-300Mbs on a 600Mbps line. That is considerably up about the 130-150Mbps we found during our final review, a real accomplishment, particularly with net and VPN traffic significantly higher due to coronavirus lockdowns.

Linking in the U.K. to servers delivered decent outcomes. Most European servers attained 60-65Mbps, U.S. servers handled 55Mbps, and much more, and the majority of the common locations also achieved well (Libya consistently hit 40-60Mbps).

The sole exception we discovered was Malaysia, which for us was almost unusably slow at about 1-2Mbps. However, many VPNs have a couple of poor actors, and slow rates for us will not necessarily apply to everybody. If you are closer to the host, your experience might be quite different.

We tried switching from OpenVPN (our favorite protocol for testing) into WireGuard. However, the results were mixed: sometimes a bit quicker, sometimes a bit slower. WireGuard is now in beta, however, so we’re not likely to draw some conclusions just yet.

While assessing these servers, we now used geolocation libraries and ping checks to verify their actual places. That is essential, as some providers utilize servers that are, but we found no location-related trickery here. Each VPN Unlimited server seems to be in or near its site that is advertised.


A VPN does provide you a digital place that is brand new. It guarantees your identity is undetectable; it provides you with access to all sorts of content.

To have a sense of some VPNs unlocking skills, we connect with its U.K. and U.S. servers and then check to find out if BBC iPlayer, U.S. YouTube, U.S. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney will let us access their content.

The VPN Unlimited programs simplify host choice by highlighting iPlayer, Netflix, Disney+ Prime, and places in their host lists. That is a lot more convenient than the regular VPN, in which you could have ten or more U.S. servers to select from. Still, you must be left to test them, one following another, until you discover which (if any) works together with your favorite content provider.

We picked for obtaining an iPlayer the United Kingdom server advocated, and it functioned fine. Out of curiosity, the U.K. server attempted, which let’s in, also.

VPNs allow accessibility, which was the case here, together with this VPN bypasses YouTube geoblocking with its servers.

U.S. Netflix is the standard for unblocking articles, but VPN Unlimited and the test are handled without any difficulty. Its U.S. machine got us access to this support straight away, and they functioned if a handful of U.S. servers attempted.

Amazon Prime Video did not do the job together with the website discovering the VPN and is demanding we shut it. However, The VPN finished putting us into Disney+ our very first effort.

This scenario can change each week, or perhaps day-to-day, also there are no guarantees you will see the same outcomes. But in unblocking than rivals, KeepSolid does. When problems crop up in the future, the customer’s capability will probably make it much easier to locate a location that functions for you.


This VPN affirms torrents, but the provider is passionate about it. A support website FAQ requesting ‘ is BitTorrent?’ It is replied, ‘KeepSolid VPN Unlimited’s usage is to not download torrents except to provide protection.’

That is not all ‘ There are cases if our team must subside to torrenting, connection rates due.’ Presumably, this implies cutting, or controller, more or one user’s status.

That compares with VPNs who promise they will never restrain connections. Additionally, it leaves us wondering VPN Unlimited would understand ‘ connection rates’ have’ subsided .’ Is VPN Infinite tracking user relations to spot the protocols they are using? Compared to the competition, if that’s the case, that is just another mark.

There is more bad news in service throughout the network when you’re thinking about this. This  VPN supports P2P on a portion of its places; five total. They are well-positioned for North American and European clients (Canada, USA, France, Luxembourg, Romania). However, users worldwide can observe disappointing download rates, and it is still another torrenting hassle you do not see with all the finest of the contest.

If torrents are not your top priority or never used by you all, this may not matter much. VPN Unlimited supports them, and you’re able to protect downloading you want to do. However, if torrenting is a priority on your VPN buying checklist, this VPN might not be the ideal alternative.

Interface and in usage

VPN Unlimited has cellular programs for Android and iOS apparatus computers for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, and browser extensions such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge.

It’s simple to start a link once you begin the program, as the power button will pick the machine to track through you. You may scroll through a listing of servers. A set of sign bars provides a rough indication of just how wealthy any server is traffic.

It’s simple to save servers for accessibility, which is often neglected by the most significant VPN providers. The VPN provides filters to show just torrent-friendly servers and servers that offer access to Hulu and Netflix solutions.

We analyzed our VPN Unlimited by linking from inside the U.S. on a 450-Mbps connection. The results were remarkable, with rates of close to 250 Mbps with the OpenVPN and Wise relationship protocols. That is a big plus with this provider, particularly if you wish to use it for the file.


VPN Unlimited provides 24/7 support. How quickly the responses arrived amazed us. A tech return to us.

We were not as delighted with the documentation center of VPN Unlimited. The tutorials have been ordered as FAQs, and several of the manuals are. It is excellent as it is somewhat challenging to assist yourself that the customer care staff is quick.

Final verdict

VPN Unlimited is a VPN for a manageable price. The platform’s server system could be modest, but it manages to cover the majority of the planet and provides performance. In addition to this, we enjoy this provider incorporating link protocols and a DNS firewall so that you have flexibility in the way you use the VPN, and lots of devices are encouraged.

It is how it copes with devices, which is a hassle, and also Torrents may come across the restricted P2P-friendly servers, a small drawback.

It’s certainly one to consider, and if you are in it for the long haul, then that life program could provide a price unrivaled. Colorfy hopes that our guide can help you know more about this Vpn.

Vpn Unlimited Review FAQs

Is VPN untrue?

It is rated among the VPN providers from the world, and other providers, for example, NordVPN and CyberGhost. … Streaming is dependable, and it could also unblock Netflix US and Canada.

Can VPN boundless work?

Just does VPN work? KeepSolid VPN provides a network interface that operates as though you’re currently working using a direct online connection. Your IP address differs, and your traffic is encrypted.

How can I remove devices?

To remove, log into your User Office, press on Handle for KeepSolid VPN, and browse into the section. There you may see the listing of all of your apparatus and handle them. Notice: You are permitted to delete one device each week in the event you have any

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