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Vpn Proxy Master

A few companies make themselves stand out the customers, but VPN Proxy Master is not among these. The site boasts that it is the quickest secure VPN on earth, and no matter what the truth of this, the documented 150 million and users suggest many individuals are happy.

The business is obtained by selecting apps off with downloads available for iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows, and there is a Chrome extension.

VPN Proxy Master asserts its network has increased significantly over the last year, also, from 7 places that the last time we analyzed the support to 40+ today (and the promised 6,000 servers appears remarkable, too – that is in precisely the same area as what NordVPN provides ). Let follow Colorfy to confirm all information about this Vpn in Vpn Proxy Master Review. 

VPN Proxy Master Overview

Official Website: www.vpnproxymaster.com

Vpn Proxy Master Pros:

  • No bandwidth limitations
  • Uses OpenVPN protocol

Vpn Proxy Master Cons:

  • Collects much information
  • Links to China
  • No safety features at all
  • Malware detected
  • Not sufficient servers (one for iOS)

Who is VPN Proxy Master?

VPN Proxy Master includes an intricate structure behind it.

The company in control is Sophisticated Connecting PTE. Limited. There is not a great deal of information on its site, but it is located at 38 Beach Road, South Beach Tower, Singapore.

Complex Linking additionally possesses TurboVPN yet another support. Snap Master VPN is the program as VPN Proxy Master, only.

The manager of Complex Connecting is Danian Chen, a Chinese federal clarified by Fortune as”among the very influential young leaders in China.” Chen is the Founder and CEO of Linksure, which found the exceptionally successful WiFi Master Key program, and is among the wealthiest men in China.

That is bad as to become a prosperous businessman or company in China. It would help if you essentially cooperated with all the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese army fully. And that’s precisely why a lot of western nations are concerned over the concept of owning Huawei providing its infrastructure.

All Connected Co. can be listed as the programmer of VPN Proxy Master. It’s a subsidiary of Complex Connecting (and even comes with precisely the same site ).

All of Connected Co. is based in Singapore too, but our investigative work has demonstrated that it’s connections to mainland China, like Complex Linking.

Singapore is a mixed bag as lawful authority. It has been traditionally considered a fantastic spot for privacy-friendly surgeries, and it could still be. Still, because Edward Snowden escaped, it has been found that Singapore collaborates with all the Five-Eyes spying systems.

Singapore is a spouse in an intellect coalition named SIGINT Seniors Pacific, including South Korea, India, and Thailand. This is directed by the United States’ National Security Agency (NSA), which makes it an expansion of the US surveillance device.

Remember: it is ideal for getting a VPN located in a spot that does not have any legal claim in your personal information and does not participate in an extensive state.

Singapore hardly serves these demands. It is made more complicated by the fact that it falls under its sphere of influence and has close ties with China. We all know Sophisticated Connecting has Chinese connections. Still, the Singaporean government also cooperates with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in defense problems under the Agreement on Defence Exchanges and Security Cooperation (ADESC).

Within this jurisdiction, VPN Proxy Master receives the worst of both worlds. All this would be a great deal better if we can expect consumer logs not to be kept by it, but we can not. Keep reading to find out why.


The VPN Proxy Master privacy coverage includes lots of detail about its logging coverage, saying: ” We don’t collect logs of your activities, such as no logging of surfing history, traffic destination, information content, or DNS queries. We also never shop link logs, i.e., any logs of your IP address, your incoming VPN IP address, link timestamp, or session length.”

While this sounds great, there’s a problem. If you put these lines, you discover they are taken from ExpressVPN privacy policy.

Perhaps conditions and the terms displayed after installing the Windows program would be useful? There are many more quote-worthy exemptions: ‘ we don’t log any user action (sites visited, DNS lookups, emails, etc.) We log access attempts to our servers (for safety and Tracking ).’

But coming into Google, we discovered many of them are also employed by numerous VPNs and probably come out of a PureVPN privacy coverage of many decades back.

This is a cut and pastes job. VPN Proxy Master has included a few texts of its own. However, it is so awkwardly phrased and catchy to comprehend, Our VPN APP is a non-obligatory log system, which it is possible to see why it may have borrowed content from everywhere.

Unless a VPN has gone through a safety audit, then the privacy policy and no logging asserts are the sole indications of the ceremony. If it needs to earn your confidence, the provider must be transparent and open. By representing another firm’s text because of its own, VPN Proxy Master is, and we find no reason to anticipate it.


The Windows program installs and downloads easily display a window indicating you purchase a commercial plan. It’s easy to presume that is your only choice, but click on the miniature Back arrow in the top left of this window, and you are in a position to use the simple free support.

We discovered several binaries from Project V. This permits handling obfuscated connections out the VPN with several protocols (Socks, HTTP, Shadowsocks, mess). It is a perfect bundle, but we are unsure why it is included here, mainly when there’s no reference to VPN Proxy Master’s website’s associated features.

Usually, we would not have been overly worried, but given our lack of confidence in VPN Proxy Master, we spent some time tracking the files and the program’s relations. We saw nothing dangerous, and thus while we’d love to understand what the V2ray documents are for, we will take care of this as merely unexplained’ instead of any difficulty.

Enrolling in may be challenging since the site allows creating passwords that are not backed by the login process. When we tried to log in, the program exhibited a short JSON invalid’ message, before leaving us to test again. We understood this was probably because our password comprised a curly bracket, so we replaced it, and then all was okay with customers that aren’t certain what JSON is, nevertheless. I could readily have wasted a very long time hoping to address the problem.

The program interface is quite necessary. By default, it automatically chooses the very best place for you, but Premium users may pick from the complete set of classes, then connect and disconnect with a click. That is it. There’s no Favorites system, no machine load amounts, no-kill button, or choice of protocol. There is a start on launching’ toggle, but that is the only setting we discovered.

VPN Proxy Master does not provide any substantial details about how it joins, so we have a too close look in the Windows program. Using OpenVPN, using AES-128-CBC encryption and 160-bit SHA1 for HMAC authentication, and utilizing a certification signed by QuickBird, a now-defunct Chinese firm.

That is poorer encryption than we will generally see other providers may use AES-256-CBC or GCM, possibly SHA512, but it is still enough to maintain your actions safe from casual snoopers. And if you are doing anything privacy critical, you probably should not be utilizing VPN Proxy Master, anyhow.

The ceremony underperformed on the DNS front. Other providers may use their encrypted DNS VPN Proxy Master setup for our device.

Link times were frequently lengthy 30 minutes or longer. They often failed, requesting us to test again on the Premium program.

If you are using the free program, remember that the program’s best setting does not mean it will select a place in your nation. When we attacked from the United Kingdom, we were primarily allocated servers in the Netherlands or Germany.

VPN Proxy Master does not claim to have a kill button, but we’re curious to find out what could happen if we dropped the VPN connection. The answer was to be nothing that the program interface did not change, and it told us we had been connected, though we were currently using our routine unprotected online connection. That is a harmful effect; even programs with no kill switch need to have the ability to find a diminished VPN, notify the consumer, and attempt to reconnect.

Server Places

VPN Proxy Master’s site claims to have more than 40 places and more than 6,000 protected servers worldwide.

Well, not to the (much more popular) complimentary edition. When employing the iOS program, you have just one choice: to connect into the fastest Server, and it will be in Germany.

When utilizing Android, it is marginally better: seven states, eight cities, and eight IP addresses. It’s far better to use VPN Proxy Master on Android should you’ve got the decision.

The available states are:

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

It’s two city-level choices in the United States, one in New York and another in San Francisco, and it will be an adequate budget alternative to covering such a vast nation.

There’s absolutely no policy for Africa or South America. This is a miss and means anybody in these areas of the planet should think twice before utilizing VPN Proxy Master.


VPN Proxy Master asserts to be the VPN on earth, but does this stand up to scrutiny?

UK rates were fair in 65-67Mbps on our 75Mbps evaluation lineup (a substantial improvement on the 35-40Mbps we discovered last time). The VPNs may scrape 3-4Mbps longer, but that is a gap.

We check out rates from a US place using a connection, to determine how quickly a VPN can proceed. That was comparatively disappointing, with day tests returning rates of only 7-8.5Mbps, and evenings hitting around 40-45Mbps.

Our evaluations took place around the start of May 2021, when coronavirus lockdowns were increasing internet and VPN traffic amounts everywhere. It is possible that it had any influence on the outcomes.

We analyzed our speed winner Hotspot Shield throughout the lockdown also, and its listed download rate was 447Mbps. That is unique, but many VPNs have averaged 100-200Mbps and much more. Men and women are currently sitting streaming Netflix. It seems like VPN providers are now reaching much better functionality compared to VPN Proxy Master.


VPN Proxy Master’s Premium program gets you to access expert streaming servers such as unblocking Disney+, Canadian Netflix, BT, in addition to one Netherlands place which affirms P2P.

That is not a record. Therefore we’re not likely to whine, but the support unblocked Disney + and Netflix for us.

We had some success with different programs when connecting via VPN Proxy Master servers. While linking to the US unblocked Amazon Prime Video, the United Kingdom waiter got us, for example. But we had some failures. Also, the Netflix website refused to load correctly when we joined through regular US places, so if you require support for a stage we have not mentioned, subscribe to the trial and test it out before purchasing.


VPN Proxy Master supports itself for streaming.

If it comes to the free iOS variant: forget about streaming. The server choice means you can not get any streaming solutions that are favorite.

You are in chance with the Android program, which did function flow and to unblock BBC iPlayer.

Netflix remains obstructed, with not one of both US servers.

Therefore, if you might consider using a VPN Proxy Master for streaming; however, it is still not a VPN that is good.


Torrenting is not allowed on someone of VPN Proxy Master servers.

Users who try any activity while connected with their accounts deactivated, although there is no excuse for this.

Client Support

To get the support, you’ve got one choice: visit ‘Feedback.’

You may then send an email to the speech [email protected].

We sent an email and got an answer two-days after the master VPN Client Service Department.

Support replied to our query to its credit, with minimal fuss, but that is just too slow to be helpful.

There are no hints or in-depth FAQs.

VPN Proxy Master’s service is lacking.

Final verdict

VPN Proxy Master is excellent at unblocking streaming websites, but that can not compensate for low US rates. Its lack of features, technical problems (below level encryption, utilizing Google DNS, no Windows kill button ), and a lack of transparency gives us no reason to anticipate the support. Try out the versions if you have to, but do not hand any cash over. Colorfy hopes that our guide can help you know more about this VPN and have chosen suitable for yourself.

Vpn Proxy Master FAQs

Is VPN Proxy Master safe to use?

A professional-looking app that’s user-friendly and free to use, VPN Proxy Master provides secure and secure connections for users. The VPN is designed for Android, and the iOS apparatus does not have any rate or bandwidth limitations and provides server changing. The free version can not unblock Netflix.

What’s VPN master boundless VPN Proxy?

Stay Secure Online. VPN Proxy Master brings an encrypted VPN connection. This will protect community traffic and your privacy beneath some WiFi hotspots. Surf the Web Anonymously. VPN Proxy Master conceals your IP address that is true and is dedicated to your privacy.

Is a VPN like a proxy server?

A VPN is like a proxy. Your computer is configured to connect to a different host, and it can be that your path traffic via that host. However, in which a proxy server may redirect web requests, a VPN connection is capable of routing and anonymizing all your traffic.

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