Virtual Product Launch Events – How to and Efficiency Questions Answered


Product launch events are of great importance for brands and businesses. Even the biggest brands know the importance of these events. Also, during these recent lockdowns, events have had to be rethought. One very successful new idea has been virtual product launch events. Big companies like Apple, Samsung, Toyota, Honda and others have introduced virtual events for new products.

These events have proven their worth in the business industry. Many types of businesses are now finding out how efficient these virtual product launch events can be. From cost saving to much more efficient scheduling, these types of events are offering great benefits. So, here are some of the most questions answered for virtual types of events:

How to Show Off New Product Features Virtually?

The first question on people’s minds is that how can you show off new products? Of course, this question has legitimacy when you consider the traditional way of showing products off. In the past, brands and businesses need to show off products by presenting them on events.

With virtual events, businesses may not have the option of showing products off themselves. However, the basic function of any product launch event is to show off product features. What if there is another way of doing that with the same efficiency?

  • Use Large Displays and Audio Setups – Video presentations have a lot of potential. Large heavy-duty displays are now being used for many virtual product launch events. Apple’s WWDC virtual events in the past few years are the best indication. Get large display rentals if your business doesn’t own sophisticated offices like Apple.
  • Get Help with iPads and Tablets for Virtual Events – iPads and Android tablets are great options to explore virtual events with. If your business is launching new products in let’s say London, you can offer an organized virtual event in California at the same time. Get iPad rental devices and set them up for visitors to experience your new product features through.
  • Laptops for Virtual Events Are Great – Similarly, for virtual product launch events, laptops are great devices. These are high-powered computers that make presentations great. So, laptops can be used on tradeshows and exhibitions to show products off virtually as well.
  • Virtual Reality to Present Products Realistically – If you want a truly realistic event without it being real, Virtual Reality is the best option. VR Hire devices are available that can create very life-like product launch events. These can be used on tradeshows, exhibitions and conferences of all kinds to highlight product features.
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Setting Up Your Virtual Product Launch Events in Other Parts of the World

So, should your business set up virtual events in other parts of the world? Absolutely yes! If you want more hype for your new upcoming products, organizing more events is a great option. Going to multiple big cities of the world with virtual events makes your business more popular as well.

Of course, with virtual events, you will not have to bring your products in different parts of the world. Invite social media influencers and offer them video content with large displays, iPads, laptops or even VR. This helps make the business launch new products much more efficiently.

Are Virtual Events Cheaper Than Physical Events?

The other question on everyone’s mind is whether virtual product launch events are cheaper? The short answer is a big yes. Virtual events can be so much cheaper than physical events. Product transportations and event venue costs along with all that people cost can be saved very efficiently.

If you have a big brand that will encourage people to tune into your virtual events on their own, you will not even have to organize different virtual event venues. Just send out invitations and make important influencers attend your virtual events. Save money with virtual events and also other resources.

Can Virtual Product Launch Events Achieve Similar Efficiency?

Efficiency for product launch events engulfs many aspects. You will need to consider cost, content delivery and feature highlights. When virtual events are organized in the best way possible, these can achieve even greater efficiency than physical events.

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There will always be more cost saving with virtual product launches. Also, product feature highlights can achieve similar efficiency as well. However, brands and event organizer teams need to be particularly innovative. Try out VR if organizing virtual event venues.

Are Virtual Events More Ecofriendly?

The other aspect of business events is Eco friendliness. And yes, all virtual events can be more ecofriendly than physical ones. Firstly, people will need to travel less. You will have far fewer number of people commuting for events. Also, lesser materials and resources will be required for virtual events.

From the ecofriendly standpoint, virtual product launch events are always more beneficial. Bigger brands always have important people traveling in from far places of the world. When you go virtual all those natural resources saving can help lower the carbon footprint of your event.

Should You Invest in Virtual Events?

So, the final question is whether your business should invest in virtual product launch events! Answer is yes. However, not all business industries will support such business events. Also, if your business can support these events, benefits are great.

From cost savings to more ecofriendly events and also easy scheduling, virtual events are far better. Using digital devices like iPads, laptops, VR and large displays, virtual events can provide just the application. These are ideal for modern business events.

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