Utilize ‘Stitch’ To Create A Unique TikTok Video With Ease

TikTok Video With Ease

TikTok has strict rules when it comes to utilizing its Stitch feature. The social media giant protects copyrighted content, including videos. TikTok users are required by law and TikTok to get approval before combining clips from someone else’s video. Learn more about utilizing Stitch to integrate another person’s video with your own by reading the content below.

First Get Permission

As mentioned above, TikTok is required by law to protect copyrighted content. Users are prohibited from utilizing any 5-second scene of a video without permission. If at all possible, request the owner to sign a contractual agreement. The written contract will protect you in the event, copyright violation allegations surface. 

Original Video Integration

The mere thought of utilizing a clip, other than your own, to create an integrated video can be a bit nerve-racking. It cannot be stressed enough to heed the rules when utilizing Stitch. The TikTok team studied the ins and outs of American copyright laws to avoid a copyright infringement lawsuit. Users must do the same by heeding Stitch rules. 

Stitch can create unique videos even though the process integrates video clips belonging to two or more people. When done legally, the end result does not violate TikTok’s regulations or US copyright laws.  

‘Stitch’ Revives Old Videos

It is not recommended to try to do a Stitch on Tiktok without a contractual agreement. Whether it is verbal or written does not matter as long as all parties are in agreement.

When most people think of Stitch, they do not give much thought to the true outcome. It only makes sense, the process creates a new TicTok video. But, what about the existing video? 

If the integrated video goes viral on TikTok, it will most likely revive the existing video. The process is similar to song remixes and book or film adaptations. 

Some people may not be keen on the idea of giving someone permission to clip scenes from their videos. If there is the possibility of reviving the popularity of your existing video, it would pay off in the long run.

Owners Always Have The Final Say

As previously mentioned, some people may not be in favor of Stitch. TikTok understands which is why owners always have the final say. Users are not obligated to take part in Stitch. All videos and written content posted on TikTok and other social media platforms and websites are protected by law.

To make your videos off-limits to other users, access the “Privacy and Safety” feature. Enable Stitch to prohibit other users can taking your video slips. Those in agreement with Stitch should click disable.


Stitch is a great way to bring life to older videos and create viral-potential videos. The process is straightforward but should not be done with all parties in agreement. 

Access the TikTok app to take advantage of everything Stitch has to offer. No existing video clip can be longer than five seconds. Users can trim the clip to make it shorter but not longer. Record and integrate the Stitched clip to complete the process.

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