Urban Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Urban Vpn Review

Urban VPN is a product of Urban Cyber Security and Is Currently Located in America. It’s an entirely free VPN. So it is possible to use these servers in its free version if it does not have a superior version. You can get US Netflix with all these servers, although its server rate is about average.

The company makes sure that The support is ‘100% quickly’, the Site boasts, ‘100percent free’, ‘100% anonymous’, with infinite bandwidth, blazing speeds, and access to some sites. Let Colorfy show you more information about this Vpn in Urban Vpn Review.

Urban VPN Reviews

  • Cost: $0.00
  • Servers: Servers at 87 Nations
  • Logs: Keeps Logs
  • Multi: Login Unlimited
  • Refund: N/A
  • Recommended: Yes
  • Website:  Urban-VPN.com


  • Bandwidth at No Cost
  • 81 places
  • Amazon Prime Video unblocks US Netflix.


  • No assistance
  • No more Mac or iOS programs
  • No information on link safety
  • Hola-like P2P-type VPN (you discuss your resources with other people )

Privacy and logging

Learn more about the web site menus, and you will come across a surprise. ‘Why free?’ A Page clarifies that Urban VPN is powered from the Urban VPNr’s community VPN.’ It asserts the provider utilizes a Hola-type platform where, as soon as you’ve linked, your traffic is routed via customer systems, a number of their visitors will be routed through yours.

That approach to VPNs attracts all sorts of questions. Can Urban VPN encrypt and protect your information? Just how much of your tools will probably the apps of Urban use installed? What happens if a different Urban VPN client uses your IP address to execute some illegal actions?

To discover more, we headed off to the Urban VPN privacy policy, a well-organized record that details all of the information the service collects and how it can be used.

The record says Urban VPN collects your Agent Id, UDID, Android ID, and your IP address’ to locate your approximate location (state level) and provide the support.

An oddly phrased clause states, IPs gathered for place purposes are deleted immediately after the conclusion of the uses (not saved ), which means they are deleted once you disconnect. Nonetheless, it goes on to describe that the IP accumulated when utilizing an Urban VPN for your background is only going to be removed once you delete the VPN program and stop using the Services.

The privacy policy goes on to say the following:

We gather the URLs of sites that ordinarily are aggregated Non-Personal Data. However, Web Browsing Data comprises phrases that may be considered Personal Data. This information is deleted after an interval following assortment.

We believe the business is attempting to state that it records the URLs that you visit but does not attach them into your account (it will get a listing of URLs created by all clients, but without a way to tell which accounts seen those websites ).

Total URLs can occasionally contain private information (such as domain.com/submit?name=this&city=that), and we guess that Urban VPN eliminates that info very fast, but retains the anonymized browsing info. (Guessing is not good enough, of course; Urban VPN ought to be making this clear)

There’s the dilemma of Urban VPN’s peer-to-peer technology. The Site EULA gets closer to out this:

“The computer software can use the world wide web, among other methods, by rerouting a number of your requests via additional peer users. Your usage of this program will empower devices utilizing the Services to be re-routed through your device. Using the Services, you consent to use your apparatus in the described way and agree that additional users or providers can use your network connection and tools.”

A number of your visitors are currently passing through Urban VPN customers’ systems, and an amount of their traffic is presently passing. Visitors, that is Just how protected it is. Are there any security or privacy considerations? We do not understand.

Urban VPN could guarantee prospective users by recording more of how its method works or perhaps putting itself through a safety or privacy audit. None of that sounds yet. However, so, in the meantime, you are left to choose the firm’s words entirely.


It is the safety in the Urban VPN system. The VPN is free. They ask the question. Then they say it is open since “Urban VPN is powered from the Urban VPN is community VPN. Our customers assist each other unblock the world wide web, by sharing their network tools ” It raises a couple of questions and reveals a few concerns like those whereas that sounds like a lovely thought:

Can Urban VPN encrypt and protect your information?

You are considering that the traffic has been routed through your system too, what if somebody is doing something illegal?

Does traffic get hauled through your machine, when the program is open rather than connected?

Insert these questions to the absence of transparency in the business in addition to their information retention policy (yes, they seemingly keep logs). It is possible to see why we’ve got any questions regarding it.


Features-wise, the business offers hardly any. We’re unable to discover a list of anything it does apart from supply the manhood of many distinct places and provides the consumer the capability to replenish some streaming solutions. They record “14 manners free of charge and speedy usage.”

They have products for operating systems. A number of those ways appear a little suspicious to us. When you see vital words such as complimentary Reddit VPN, and so on, they seem to be just there to find the visitors count upward and there for promotion purposes. They do talk but don’t provide advice on how they do.

urban VPN app

Urban VPN’s Windows client is about as simple as a VPN program can be, without an interface outside a right-click menu because of the system tray icon.

The very first right-click shows the five continents: picking at least one of these shows free nations, and picking one of these gets you Connect and Disconnect choices. And that is it. There is nothing else, zero Favorites method to accelerate connection, no auto-connect alternative, not just one set anywhere.

OpenVPN is connected via the customer. The logs do not give precise details on any security or encryption being used; however, instead of reporting a small number of safety problems (WARNING: No server certificate verification method has been permitted.)

Was the system Urban VPN we believed? Perhaps that will tell us more. We took a look and discovered Urban VPN was linking to servers run by a firm named BI Science, which suddenly made a great deal of sense. The Urban VPN site said it utilized a Hola-like peer-to-peer community, and a firm, GeoSurf, which uses that form of technology, is owned by BI Science.

It is so Hola-like, in actuality, that Hola’s sister firm Luminati filed a suit against BI Science in January 2019 for alleged patent violation. This was eventually solved in May 2021 when BI Science consented to stop its proxy support company and work collectively with Luminati at a strategic partnership to transition BI Science proxy support clients to Lou Malnati’s service.

There is very little else to check or look at here, but we’re interested to see how it would deal with a diminished VPN connection. Urban VPN does not claim to have a kill button when the tube shuts 19, but what happens?

The answer was to be,’ it depends upon.’

In case the OpenVPN process closes, the program displays a warning at a pop-up window. Urban VPN does not attempt. However, your IP is exposed, although that is far better than nothing.

After we shut OpenVPN’s TCP link, there wasn’t any warning, and our IP was revealed to the Earth, yet this time the connection was re-established in a couple of seconds. We like a kill switch that is working; however, that is a performance that is much better than we have seen with several VPNs.


Background program and urban VPN’s Chrome expansion connected such as proxies.

The performance was adequate at roughly 60Mbps, also 150-200Mbps in the United States. Though we guess it does not possess anything like the encryption overhead, that contrasts with VPNs. Remember that this is a peer to peer VPN, in which you access different users’ sources, and they get access.

Real-world browsing appeared influenced by the speed test outcomes indicated by many websites. As it seemed to exhibit its advertisements over several sites, the Chrome extension did not assist.

That is probably why it needs the altar and read of your info on the places you see consent, but it is not apparent it requires the best to handle extensions, programs, and themes. Whatever it is doing, we would hazard a guess that it is for the advantage of Urban VPN, however yours.

Urban VPN’s technology makes for the site as you are not relying on a couple of servers, unblocking, and have access to a high number of residential IPs.

Our experience was as secure as we anticipated, together with the program failing to put us into Disney + or even BBC iPlayer. Not many VPNs triumph with the best websites and Urban VPN did have some successes, permitting us from US Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to stream content.


Surprisingly as it might look, the standard of the technical assistance of Urban VPN isn’t bad at all to get full free support. Unlike many others having exactly the particularity, they want to answer the emails which come to them.

The individuals who answer the email take less than 48 hours, although you do not have a conversation with replies in only a couple of minutes, and they are sure that you address the problems or doubts you might have.

Final verdict

Numerous things make this VPN cannot a good option. These are the lack of transparency with the organization, the retention of facsimile, the location of their headquarters (the US), the absence of encryption, the promise to cooperate with the United States legislation entirely, and much more. It might not be concerned about visitors and weakness if you’re merely trying to unblock a series. It might help you to get about geo-restrictions if you would like to use something. Colorfy hopes that our guide can help you know more about this Vpn.

Urban Vpn Review FAQs

is urban VPN safe?

Urban VPN is protected! Even though it’s completely free and generates some regrets, the VPN’s caliber is shown both from the evaluations in people’s opinions and done.

What are the Advantages of an Urban VPN?

The number goes way beyond just maintaining your IP concealed. The reality is that for many people, they’re not relevant. Even though it has a few drawbacks, find out more about this in our pros and cons part.

What’s the Urban VPN price?

With this in, there are not any costs or promotions. You don’t have to be concerned about needing to cover. Their solutions are free without exclusion.

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