Turbo Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Turbo Vpn Review

Turbo VPN can be obtained for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Google Play reports that the program has had over 100 million installs, and it’s easy to see why. The service offers you access to eight servers across Europe, North America, and Asia, and there are limitations or no bandwidth limitations.

Download and install the program, and you’re going to discover it includes advertisements, but there is no real surprise if the support will be of any application, then cash must change hands sooner or later. Let Colorfy show you more information about this Vpn in Turbo Vpn Review. 

Turbo VPN Overview



  • Fantastic safety
  • Torrenting let
  • Works with Netflix (on VIP servers)


  • Restricted devices
  • Slow rates
  • Questionable logging coverage
  • No client service


The privacy policy of turbo VPN starts with an impressive-sounding assignment statement: Complex is dedicated to protecting your privacy. Our principle toward information collection is to gather the data necessary to run a world-class VPN service.

Outstanding! Only the type of approach an excellent VPN must take. Additionally, it seemed somewhat familiar, however, and a few quick Googling after. We understood why: the text was lifted straight from ExpressVPN’s privacy policy, as are several of the conditions and descriptions of the way the service functions.

Therefore, by way of instance, Turbo VPN includes a thorough overview of its logging coverage: we don’t collect logs of your activities, such as no logging of surfing history, traffic destination, information content, or DNS queries. We also never shop link logs,… any logs of your IP address, incoming VPN IP address, link timestamp, or session length.

However, ExpressVPN’s outline is merely a word away from being indistinguishable: we don’t collect logs of your activities, such as no logging of surfing history, traffic destination, information content, or DNS queries. We never shop relationship logs, meaning no copies from link timestamp, your VPN IP address, your IP address, or session length.

Perhaps Turbo VPN only happens to operate its system identically to ExpressVPN, so felt it was safe to use precisely the identical description? Or maybe it chose to copy and paste somebody else’s reassuring words since it could not be bothered to think of a number of its own, or perhaps there is no way you would use the service if you understood what it was doing. We’ll make you decide.

Turbo VPN does seem to have composed a number of this privacy policy, to be honest. Because you are not as inclined to get, these segments are easy to spot.

It belongs (deep breath): Complex isn’t readily available for the data linked to the private information of consumers, such as but not restricted to titles (subscriber names, usernames, and display names), addresses (such as mailing addresses, residential address, company addresses) and phones, unless the information you provide based on the circumstance of your interactions with us as well as the choices you create, such as your privacy preferences, along with the products and features you utilize to restart your subscription and also for the purpose to relish our VPN services. Except for the limited exceptions, we do not automatically collect any Personal Information.

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Got that? Great.

Put it all together, and this really is a wreck of a privacy policy that fails at each level, is incompetent at best, and intentionally misleading at worst. That is not proof that Turbo VPN performs suspicious things together with your information. You can argue an actual scammer could have produced a far more plausible record. Still, it is a powerful indication that you shouldn’t put any hope in its promises.

Programs and Server Places

Among the things which I pay attention to using a VPN service is how many servers it provides and how the server places it. As the more there are, the more likely you should obtain a server where you can enjoy a piece of their bandwidth pie, the number of server issues. You may experience performance degradation. In case the server is crowded.

The amount of host places matters since you will have functionality that is greater the nearer you are to the VPN server. If you are in the center of Nebraska and the VPN business has servers around the west and east coasts, you are likely to have. Server places suggest that you are more likely to discover a server nearby once you travel or to spoof your location if you stay home.

I couldn’t locate a company number of servers utilized by Turbo VPN from the program or about the service’s site, along with the company, declined to provide you. That is too bad. NordVPN leads the pack with over 5,000 servers, followed closely by online AccessAccess. TorGuard combined the 3,000-plus servers club.

I discovered that Turbo VPN seems to provide 26-server places. That is on par with ProtonVPN and TunnelBear, both of which cost significantly less than Turbo VPN. CyberGhost offers ninety areas, KeepSolid VPN Unlimited has 70 host places, and Nordvpn does not cover 61 nations.

Some VPNs utilize servers that can be software-defined servers that exist inside a server. A single hardware server can host several servers, and those servers may be configured to look as though they are in states aside from the hardware host. This allows a VPN to pay more ground.

Hide My Ass, by way of instance, has 286 server places across 190+ states (only about all of the nations you will find ), but just 61 of these places have actual physiological servers. TunnelBear utilizes a 50-50 mixture of virtual and hardware servers to respond to demand.

Since their information may wind up in a state they didn’t intend, whose legislation may have consequences for their visitors, some individuals dislike servers. If that is an issue for you, consider IPVanish, NordVPN online accessibility, ProtonVPN, and TorGuard, all of which only use physical servers.

Turbo VPN diminished to signify how many servers that the provider utilizes.

Turbo VPN Netflix

We hadn’t been just impressed by turbo VPN in this stage from the critique with its experience. We weren’t expecting much out of our evaluations that were unblocking. But it got off to a surprisingly good beginning, not only putting us to US-only YouTube articles (an easy target) but also permitting us to flow BBC iPlayer content without any difficulty. That is using Turbo VPN’s version. Also, many VPNs can not do precisely the same.

As Turbo VPN unblocked Amazon Prime Video and US Netflix for us, This was only the beginning. Okay, the ceremony collapsed with Disney+ but did the majority of the contest.

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What might be more of a problem here’s that the horrible operation levels (more on this below). It took a long time to load a picture the website asked us when we wanted to maintain waiting, and streaming was possible.

In general, the service did a fantastic unblocking job. This will change at any given time as content programs operate to obstruct VPNs, however as Turbo VPN’s baseline support is entirely free, that is not a problem; download and try it, find out what works for you.


Bandwidth is expensive, and there is no way that a free VPN and a service can compete. We are aware of this. However, it was a surprise to see it graphically spelled out, even when Turbo VPN’s free product handled only 0.5-4Mbps on our 75Mbps UK evaluation lineup.

We changed with 600Mbps of bandwidth, but the Turbo VPN product stayed slow in 1-2Mbps. That is just about sufficient for streaming that is nominal, but you will want to use the cheapest quality and may see usual glitches.

Updating to the model is supposed to improve performance, but it left a gap with rates limited to 5-10Mbps.

To put this in perspective, we listed in our Hotspot Shield evaluation was 447Mbps, and rates ranged from 470-580Mbps.

We conducted our tests late when a lot of the planet was tied up into coronavirus-inspired lockdown, and each of the net and VPN may have influenced the outcomes of Turbo VPN.

It is unlikely to have made this difference. However, the center of a pandemic, the majority of the VPNs we have reviewed, have been in the order of 10-20 times faster than Turbo VPN.

No Turbo VPN for Browsers, iOS, macOS, and Windows

Turbo VPN is the VPN we reviewed that supplies iOS and Android programs. It doesn’t provide a VPN client, a Linux VPN client, or a client for Windows computers. Additionally, it does not offer a browser plugin that is becoming an increasingly popular way to affix your browser (and just your browser ) traffic.

Most VPN businesses supply a web page to configure a third-party program or your built-in VPN customer. Turbo VPN doesn’t do this.

I will grant that tablets and smartphones have gone out of so-called “second displays” to critical devices that an increasing number of people use more and more frequently. A VPN service that protects a number of your apparatus is not a great one.

Final verdict

Turbo VPN may work as free support for essential website unblocking and low-res video streaming requirements. It does not possess the pace, platform service, or privacy features to compete with all the big-name VPNs such as ExpressVPN, and we would consider trusting anything sensitive or confidential to it. Colorfy hopes that our guide can help you know more about this Vpn and have chosen suitable for yourself.

Turbo VPN Reviews FAQs

Nations can Turbo VPN pay for?

Turbo VPN has servers in over 13 nations. A Number of Them include Japan, Germany, Canada, the United States, Russia, France, India, or the United Kingdom.

Just how much can Turbo VPN price?

Turbo VPN is at no cost. It may be downloaded for free and Play Store. There’s not any charge.

May devices be used on a Turbo VPN?

The amount is a 5 percent license because it’s a VPN that is free and doesn’t have link capability.

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