Tunnelbear Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Tunnelbear Vpn Review

TunnelBear VPN heads the opposite direction with bright colors, excellent design, and a cadre of cute but powerful bears. It’s bursting with charm, yet it also delivers excellent security tools at a good price. It’s a VPN that you’ll actually enjoy using and an Editors’ Choice winner. Let Colorfy show you more information about in Tunnelbear Vpn Review. 

TunnelBear Vpn Overview

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.TunnelBear.com

TunnelBear is a provider of both paid and free VPNs.

It has existed since 2011 when it had been set by Ryan Dochuk (Corporate Bear) and Daniel Kaldor (Quantum Bear).

Between the both of these, they have expertise working at Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, RIM, along with a safety startup. So they did their time.

The business is located in Toronto. However, their 350+ VPN servers spread worldwide across 22 countries, such as servers in both South and North America, Europe, Asia, and Austral.

TunnelBear Pros:

  • Audited for safety
  • The free version (very restricted )
  • Torrenting let
  • Kill Switch
  • No leaks detected

TunnelBear Cons:

  • Prolonged rate
  • No Router installation
  • They are not working together with Netflix.

Privacy and logging

TunnelBear’s privacy policy s is one of their very thorough we have seen from some other VPN providers, together with in-depth details and what it does not. We do mean comprehensive, also that the particulars go down to the titles, purposes, and expiry dates of the cookies used by TunnelBear.com.

The logging policy is clearly explained, with TunnelBear describing that it doesn’t accumulate

“IP addresses visiting our site,”
“IP addresses upon support link”
“DNS Queries while attached”
“Any information concerning the software services, or sites our customers use while attached to our services.”

As a result, it can not connect action and any of its customers. Sounds significant to us.

The support will not capture what it requires information when you connect to the system. Including the OS version of your apparatus, TunnelBear app variant, if you have been busy this month along with the bandwidth, you have used. Afterward, but it is much less than we have seen everywhere, and there is nothing that anyone may use to start to connect you to an activity.

While this seems excellent, there is no way to tell if you need to expect what a VPN provider is telling you. However, TunnelBear is a bit different. The Business has experts and a yearly safety audit covering regions of the service is conducted by Cure53. (The next party, including 2019, added that the cellular and Windows customers, browser extensions, the support infrastructure, both backend and frontend systems, and also the public site )

The audit results were not ideal (we’d have been suspicious when they had been ), and also the report detailed many vulnerabilities, together with just two of these crucial. There is no surprise if a service places itself under this amount of evaluation, and all difficulties are fixed.

We have to applaud TunnelBear because of its degree. VPNs have not ever had any safety audit, along with the providers who have made some moves in this way have one-off reviews using a much more extensive range. That is not good enough, and it is good to see TunnelBear directing the way.

While we can not start to compete with Cure53, our privacy evaluations conducted on the Windows program of TunnelBear, and positive outcomes were delivered by those. There were not any DNS or WebRTC escapes to give our individuality, whenever the VPN connection shut and also access was blocked by even the VigilantBear kill switch.

Programs and Server Places

For spoofing your place, the more server places a ceremony gets, the more choices you’ve got. A good deal of diversity also means you’re more inclined to discover a close-by machine when traveling overseas, which will be quicker and more resilient than one could be.

TunnelBear provides servers in 23 places. The essentials are covered by this group but are on the side. TunnelBear’s offering ignores the Middle East, Africa, and much of South America, an omission that is not uncommon for VPN businesses. ExpressVPN covers CyberGhost, and 94 nations come behind with servers in 90 countries.

The server count is a metric for quality. A company with a lot of readers will have more servers, and servers will twist. Nevertheless, more choices is always a fantastic thing.

At last count, TunnelBear has approximately 1,800 servers throughout the world. Although that is an offering, it is not one of the groups of servers, besting the vast majority of VPN providers. Hotspot Shield VPN, Express VPN, Private Internet Access VPN, and TorGuard VPN provide the two NordVPN and CyberGhost boast over 5,000 servers, and over 3,000 servers.

Servers are software-defined servers, which means virtual servers may operate on a single server. Additionally, it suggests that a host may be configured to act like it is situated in 1 country when it is in another. This is an excellent thing since a host can be when providing coverage to some dangerous site. It will become a problem when companies are not clear about where your information is led.

TunnelBear explained that it’d committed servers in all its places to utilize servers to take care of demand. These servers are found. Rest assured that your information remains where it is supposed to be if you are using TunnelBear.

In the aftermath of laws in China, TunnelBear declared it voluntarily suspended its servers. The Business stresses that the drives have been encrypted and that it will not save user information on those servers. VPNs who have abandoned the area have filled the gap. TunnelBear urges Hong Kong users to join servers in neighboring nations.


To test out TunnelBear’s functionality, we conducted a test to search for problems, listed the link time, logged on to every server, and employed a geolocation test to confirm that the host was from the nation that was promoted.

We conducted this test twice and was able to connect with no difficulty to every server, no retries needed. Link times were consistently fast. The times were variable, maybe not sufficient to demonstrate any substantial matter.

We used benchmarking sites, including Netflix’s Quick, TestMy.net and Ookla’s SpeedTest to assess TunnelBear’s highest download rates from the UK and the United States, 66Mbps was averaged by our UK server with all the VPN on our test lineup around 6 percent back on our pace.

US rates averaged 200Mbps to a relationship that was 600Mbps. That is an outcome that is fantastic as we had been studying late when people were at coronavirus-related lockdown and net, and VPN traffic ran at record levels.

TunnelBear and Netflix

While nobody can tell you are a puppy online (or even a bear, for that matter), streaming companies like Netflix can inform where your home is and will block you when you are spoofing your place. That is because firms have to honor restrictions with the material they provide. When linked to some TunnelBear VPN server, I attempted to stream a movie. I had been blocked. This was true when I analyzed the ceremony. However, your mileage will vary, as is true when you want to utilize a VPN.


VPNs don’t want to shout in their service, and it is not hard to see. Users are very likely to gobble up bandwidth, and if this entails downloading illegal substances, it might generate more focus.

TunnelBear takes this silent approach to an intense, however, with just one reference to P2P and torrents on the TunnelBear site (which has been a general reference that said nothing regarding P2P service ).

Undaunted, we raised a question, and also, there arrived shortly a polite response. TunnelBear affirms torrents at all places, the representative explained, however, they also advocated particular tunnels (Canada, US, UK, Romania, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden) when we had problems elsewhere.


TunnelBear support begins with its web-based aid website. This can be introduced in a clear and straight forward manner, with big icons pointing one to critical places and original articles on the most typical queries (Why should I anticipate TunnelBear? Why can’t I get?, Can TunnelBer keep logs?).

Go looking for answers, and you will discover the knowledgebase of TunnelBear does not have a great deal of content. However, what you get will be nicely presented and provides a selection of information to you. The Link Problems page does offer you generic reinstalled thoughts, as an example. It connects you to the TunnelBear webpage, suggests trying the service out on a different media, and tips you to settings that might help.

Despite its beginner-oriented approach, there is also room for a couple of tweaking notions and recommendations for purports that should be opened.

There is no live service, but should you want more in-depth assistance, a Contact page lets you send a message. This prompts one to the kind of problem places, operating systems, and so forth, a way to make sure beginners provide crucial info.

We maintained our evaluation query simply needed a useful, friendly, and precise reply in 3 and a half an hour. We’d nevertheless prefer the near-instant reaction of caliber live chat since your problem is complicated and demands lots of back and forth, questions, and replies. It might take a long time to discover a remedy as the email goes, TunnelBear is not wrong in any way.

Final verdict

It is not the biggest, fastest, or most reliable of VPNs, but the simplicity of use and robust focus on opening up its systems of TunnelBear deserves a great deal of credit. Worth a look for all but the most demanding users. Colorfy hopes that our guide can help you know more about this Vpn.

Tunnelbear Vpn Review FAQs

Is TunnelBear a secure VPN?

TunnelBear is a VPN. It’s a powerful encryption and coverage that is logging. TunnelBear utilizes AES-256 for information encryption, SHA256 for information authentication, and the Diffie-Hellman exchange (2048-, 3072-, or 4096-bit) for handshake encryption. … Regrettably, TunnelBear does not work with Netflix

Is TunnelBear VPN free?

TunnelBear provides its customers with both paid and free VPN service. The free version is confined to 500MB/month bandwidth. On a fantastic note, their VPN software utilizes the industry standard (dominant) OpenVPN protocol and 256-bit AES encryption.

Does TunnelBear keep disconnecting?

One switch to your Wi-Fi sign or a change, and you’re disconnected in the TunnelBear VPN server. If You’re traveling (by train, bus or automobile ) or on the go, your relationship is much more prone to frequent disconnects, since you get passed involving multiple Wi-Fi networks or mobile towers.

Can I utilize TunnelBear on devices?

Every TunnelBear account permits up to five links to the TunnelBear system. This usually means that you can be attached on up to five devices at any particular time with TunnelBear. This is sometimes a mixture of portable devices, computers, and browser extensions.

VIDEO: Tunnelbear Vpn Review

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