Trust Zone Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Trust Zone Vpn Review

Trust Zone is an easy and straightforward VPN that tries to pay for the fundamentals but is short in some regions.

It’s 183 P2P-friendly servers in 90 locations across 38 states. Top opponents have several more servers  ExpressVPN has 3,000+, NordVPN over 5,000 – but they will have several more customers utilizing them, also, and Trust. Zone’s places are widely dispersed.

The business supplies a well-designed Windows customer and an Android program on Google Play. However, there is nothing to get Mac or iOS to utilize Trust Zone on these or other apparatuses.

You will need to set this up manually through OpenVPN or L2TP even though the site does have lots of directions about how best to achieve that’s a substantial hassle. Let Colorfy show you more information about this Vpn in Trust Zone Vpn Review.

Trust Zone VPN Overview


Trust Zone VPN Pros:

  • Competitive Rates
  • Rates and reliability
  • Leak protection settings
  • Free trial (no payment advice required)
  • P2P torrents allowed
  • Dedicated IP addresses can be found.

Trust Zone VPN Cons:

  • Restricted on features
  • No convention VPN customers for Mac OS or iOS (but still supported)

Pricing and Features

A subscription out of Trust.Zone prices $6.99 a month, placing it well under the $10.38 a month typical of PCMag’s top-rated VPNs. You won’t find costly VPNs. Personal online accessibility is $6.95 a month, and Norton Wi-Fi Privacy mere $4.99 a month.

Nevertheless, Trust. Zone offers three simultaneous relations using its foundation subscription, so while you might be paying less, you are also getting less. The market average is placing Trust. Zone nicely behind the contest. It’s possible to update to five simultaneous relations with Trust.

District, but it will cost you $3.99 a month, which puts it a bit over the ordinary cost for five permits per month. NordVPN provides six links, CyberGhost offers seven rings, and TorGuard enables clients to use a slider to pick the number of connections.

Much like other VPN businesses, Trust. Zone provides discounts if you elect for more subscriptions. You may choose to pay $14.85 every 3 months or $39.95 after each year. The business supports all significant credit cards.

However, it curiously doesn’t encourage PayPal. Trust. Zone also takes Bitcoin, which means that you may create your VPN purchases. The business provides a 10 percent reduction on payments, which I have not noticed with VPNs.

Trus Zone doesn’t offer you a complimentary program. However, you can try the service for free for up to 3 times. This includes some limitations. You can get 111 VPN servers, get 1GB of information, and therefore are confined to 1 link at one time. It is likely to acquire a VPN.

TunnelBear and AnchorFree Hotspot Shield the two offers free vouchers, but does limit it is possible to use a month. ProtonVPN also provides a free option but allows you to go nuts.

BitTorrent will be delighted to understand that Trust Zone does enable P2P file sharing on its networks. Its policies do but ask you to refrain from illegal action when linked to Trust. Zone. For heavy-duty BitTorrent and document sharing over VPN, TorGuard is recommended by us.

As stated above, websites like Netflix do not take kindly to clients and will block them till they change the VPN off. If you are worried about being unable from a VPN to get some websites and solutions, you might choose to purchase access.

This address is not connected with a VPN business and is likely to be obstructed streaming services and by Netflix. Trust. Zone formerly offered static IP addresses for $9.99 a month. However, the choice was taken away from the organization’s site.


Trust. Zone’s privacy policy is short only 385 words and possibly more about advertising than providing you beneficial details about how the service operates. (‘Our privacy policy aim is straightforward: optimizing your solitude.’)

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Sometimes it appears like it may tell you something.

By way of instance, it asks, ‘What info is logged when clients connect to our VPN service?’, precisely what we’d love to understand.

But it dismisses the question, instead of telling us precisely what the firm does not log: ‘Our VPN servers across the globe aren’t currently saving any log files to maintain your privacy protected. The usage information is anonymous and not linked to an actual IP address.’

In case the servers of Trust Zone does not have some log files, then what’s this usage statistics the coverage is speaking about?

We can make a few guesses about that. The business limits its entirely free strategy, so at a minimum, this requires recording the bandwidth. And Implementing a three-connection limitation means there has to be a record of links. Makes sense. However, we should not be relying on guesses; this is the type of detail Trust Zone must spell out.

The coverage does offer some reassurance that is P2P by describing though DMCA notices of file-sharing have been reviewed because we store no link logs, we could not associate a client identity and a petition.

A Warrant Canary operates a web page that reports whether it has been subject to investigations, seizures of needs, or information to log any activities of our clients. (At the time of writing, the solution is no.)

Programs and Server Places

Distribution and the size of a VPN company’s server system are over only a few to brag about: it may influence the service will do and that the agency is going to be for clients.

There’ll probably be individuals per server In case a VPN business has plenty of servers. An allotment of users a server ensures that every one of the consumers gets a share of the bandwidth. That could be a problem with Trust Zone has just 127 servers.

That is a far cry from the 500 server minimal I have come to expect from top-performing VPN businesses. It is a shout in the servers provided by NordVPN, which has the server system I have yet seen. Personal online accessibility and TorGuard are noteworthy for getting over 3,000 servers, putting them far over the competition.

The supply of these servers and the amount of host locations is an important consideration. First, having host places means that you have options about where to spoof where you are, but it also affects VPN functionality.

You’re very likely to find the best rates from a server that’s located near your site. Your internet browsing will take a hit if the VPN firm does not have a server near.

Trust Zone has servers around 32 countries. It packages into 80 “zones” That isn’t so much in contrast to the contest: NordVPN and IPVanish cover over 60 nations, and CyberGhost several 90 places across countries. Hide My Ass VPN leads the package in supply, encouraging 286 server places.

Trust Zone includes a good server supply, covering all the significant areas of the earth and some that are generally underserved by VPN businesses. The simple fact that Trust Zone has servers in South Africa is notable, as far too many VPNs discount Africa entirely.

Also noteworthy is that Trust Zone has servers in India, Hong Kong, and mainland China. The last of that has proceeded to block VPN access. But, Trust. Zone lacks servers from other significantly censored in nations like Cuba, Russia, and Turkey.

Some readers have voiced concern about virtual servers being used by VPN businesses. All these are software-defined servers, which means a physical host may be home to numerous servers. Virtual servers may be configured to look as though they’re in another place.

This matters if you are worried about where your info is currently about in the instance of Trust. Zone, a representative informs me that the provider owns some servers also has access to them, in different places with”lower usage” Trust. Zone rents servers out of third parties, but the agent claims that it only uses dedicated servers.

In regards to network and server safety, the gold standard is probably ProtonVPN. This firm has access. Clients can choose to get their VPN traffic routed via those servers to ensure their information is protected.

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Join using Trust. Zone, along with a Setup VPN webpage, Provides you a download link to the Windows client and hyperlinks to guide installation advice for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, routers, Xbox 360, PlayStation, Smart TVs, Amazon Fire Stick and much more.

They’re a great deal of installation support, such as VPN connections, certification documents, DD-WRT adware and adware rules, and much more. That is excellent news if you’re seeking to set up devices, but not much consolation if you were after an iOS program.

We chose to put in the Windows OpenVPN-compatible client. This managed the installation complexities for us and has been exceptionally easy-to-use. We needed the program auto-connecting to our server, and shifting was as smooth as selecting an alternative and clicking on the Programs button.

Places are sorted into continents if this entails scrolling down and up the listing, Favorites system groups’ your servers.

The customer does not have a lot of settings. There is a kill button, DNS escape protection (switched off by default strangely ), and also the capacity to modify your own OpenVPN interface, but that is it.

Link times were slow. The customer did not help by taking or more extended exhibit and to discover our IP address. We realized we did not need to wait around for this. That the support was usable when it joined – but it is still confusing for consumers.

The customer does not use notifications to inform users when it connects or disconnects, forcing one to track its console to affirm what is happening.

Our kill switch, when the client’s TCP connections 14, tests got off to an intriguing start, and it crashed. We were connected, and it was understood when we started the customer, but it is still an issue. Networks are unpredictable in the best of times, and VPN programs have to have the ability to deal with all types of unforeseen conditions.

When we shut our VPN link, the kill button blocked access, ensuring that our Internet traffic was protected.


Trust Zone sells itself on solitude and anonymity, and unlike any of the contest, does not create any big promises about how it unblocks each site on earth.

That is probably just as well since the service performed badly failing to get us access to BBC iPlayer, US Netflix articles, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+.

We have no complaints about speed. Trust Zone struck 65Mbps on our 75Mbps UK test line and a very usable 50-55Mbps on our UK to US relations, It may not be the fastest we have seen, but more than sufficient for many devices, scenarios, and tasks.

Our last evaluations demonstrated the service protected our solitude nicely, also, together with Trust. Zone always allocating IPs from the places we asked and faithfully preventing WebRTC and DNS leaks.

Final verdict

Trust. Zone’s little community, poor unblocking outcome, and absence of iOS or Mac customers will put away many. Nonetheless, it’s more affordable than many, and should you require dedicated IPs and assistance, it might be well worth carrying the free 3-day trial. Colorfy hopes that our guide can help you know more about this Vpn.

Trust Zone Vpn Review FAQs

Just how much can Trust Zone VPN price?

The purchase price for this Trust Zone VPN you give for one month will be $8.88. It reduces with subscription plans.

What promotions will Trust Zone provide?

Every subscriber for this instrument has been given three days of access. They’re permitted to connect to the servers and locations provided by this provider. It has a capacity of 1 GB to be utilized in data transfers without bandwidth limitation, allowing one connection.

Users who would like to buy the Trust Zone VPN providers for a time longer will find a reduction of around 68 percent by the monthly base cost.

Can Trust Zone VPN function?

It works in most programs. All traffic is routed by this VPN, unlike proxy servers, which may be utilized from the internet browser.

This VPN is simple to use since it connects and disconnects, so it is possible to activate and deactivate the link once it’s configured. There’s added safety on Wi-Fi access factors.

How many devices can you link into the Trust Zone VPN?

The service provided by Trust Zone VPN is appropriate for both computers and mobile devices like Windows, iOS Linux, Windows Mobile, Mac, amongst others. It permits up to 5 devices to be connected simultaneously, without impacting the connection rate.

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