Touch VPN Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Touch Vpn Review

Touch VPN supports Firefox, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, Edge, and Chrome. The servers provide 27 places, not wrong at no cost, mainly in Europe and North America but with loads of different choices: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, and much more.

Every one of the programs may be used free of charge and without enrollment. The variations have ads, but updating and the Android program says you get a link to excellent service and protection for up to 5 devices. Let Colorfy show you more information about this Vpn in Touch Vpn Review. 

Touch VPN Overview



  • A straightforward, user-friendly program that is cellular
  • No payment or personal details demanded on signup.


  • Uses the least protected VPN protocol (PPTP)
  • Intrusive coverage
  • Does not unblock solutions that are streaming
  • Torrenting not allowed on any servers
  • No privacy features like kill switch.
  • Any client service

Touch VPN Inc has been busy since 2014 also the developer behind VPN 360. You can read our review of the VPN here.

In 2015, This VPN was purchased by AnchorFree, the Goldman Sachs-backed security company that possesses Hotspot Shield and Betternet.

Speaking about the buy Craig Vachon, in the time, Corporate Development Leader in AnchorFree stated: “We imagine the combination of our companies technologies can create other VPN businesses technology obsolete.”

To Pango, Anchorfree rebranded in 2019. Pango is recorded at 1800 Seaport Blvd, Redwood City, CA 94063. This means that Touch VPN is a US-based VPN. This can be bad news since the US has privacy legislation and is a member of this Five-Eyes intelligence-sharing device.

Pango’s CEO is Sujay Jawa. Jawa has lectured at Stanford on business and was educated at Harvard and Princeton. He does interviews where he guides the best way best to make it. So he is no stranger to applications. He had been the CFO of Dropbox from 2010 to 2015, and Kayne West was a guest at his wedding.

On Pango’s plank are a few big-hitters: Jeffrey Katzenberg (former CEO of Dreamworks and former Chairman of the Walt Disney Studios), former CEO of Anchor Free David Gorodyansky, in Addition to Accell spouse Sameer Gandhi. But we came across the title Northghost several times. By way of instance, the service email for Touch VPN comes under the domain @northghost. Com.

We found no contact or site information. It might be a hub for your Touch VPN. Inc apps. We were not able to discover much about Northghost. However, we did find that the alleged giants of Touch VPN  three Russians from the title of Alexey Skutin, Igor Glotov, and Stanislav Ovsyannikov.


The Touch VPN site is short on detail, which we weren’t expecting much at all in the privacy policy, but we should not have feared. The provider utilizes the identical record as the several different VPNs from the category (Hotspot Shield, Betternet, Hexatech, VPN360, and VPN from Touch.)

The policy clarifies that it doesn’t list your VPN browsing actions. That’s if you use a VPN connection, we don’t save any information that explains what you perform, or navigate, see online through that VPN link.

The business explains that it’capture or doesn’t scrutinize the contents of what you’re currently browsing, seeing, or performing them through.’

The machine does record your IP address when you join, but that is hashed and deleted after the session.

Twist VPN logs the domain names obtained by its users, also, but just the domain names, not the complete URLs, along with the information is anonymized to guarantee the firm can not connect any domain access to a particular user, session or time.

Touch VPN states it may identify apparatus and connect them with different information we gather… for example measuring bandwidth usage, providing support, understanding the way you interact with our VPN, and other analytics and advertising functions.’

Since the company states, it may record details such as your approximate geographical location, which may create much more the duration of every session and a record of where and when this apparatus linked to the support.

That can’t connect the apparatus to the online auction. And remember, the Touch VPN service that is free does not require enrollment. No matter the provider knows with not one of your details, it can not tie you personally and them together.

Server Places

The free program for Android of touch VPN comprises 18 server choices.

  • Canada
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • UK
  • US

This is not a varied or significant choice of servers. North America has two places the United States and Canada.

Aside from that, it concentrated on Europe you should select a VPN, if you reside in South America, Asia, or just about anyplace else. The iOS variant is restricted to one ‘Optimal Server’ option, which can be limiting.

We found that did relate. Linking to the host that was Russian, our IP was enrolled in Ireland. This can be an undependable VPN service.


Free, with, and also no registration no bandwidth limitations, Touch VPN seems an option for website unblocking activities, but how does it work?

When Touch VPN failed with BBC iPlayer not too well, we believed. And Amazon Prime Video. And Disney+. By getting us access to US Netflix, However, it rescued the scenario.

Speeds were acceptable at an on our evaluation 75Mbps connection. We may acquire 5-6Mbps additional, but that is still a decent functionality for support.

Could there be? We changed to a place effective at 300-400Mbps, and rates increased somewhat to 90-95Mbps. We have not seen a completely free provider, although quicker, and Touch VPN performed.


Touch VPN presents programs, each operating in different manners, to comprehend in addition to the Windows and Android applications properly.

We set up the Chrome construct, tapped at the address bar icon of Touch VPN, and also a console appeared. This seemed to use a navigation button, a place listing along with a menu.

The Chrome extension includes comparatively few places in Canada, France, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, USA, UK but there is more power than you would anticipate.

A new screen and Harness Connect appear to block malware, trackers, biscuits, advertisements, and WebRTC leaks. You are in a position to inform Touch VPN to link you to sites, even though you can define websites to be accessed through your connection.

The Android program looks similar, but the free version provides more places (18) and includes additional features than some technical programs. There is a selection of protocols, such as (OpenVPN TCP, UDP, or Hotspot Shield’s Hydra VPN), if you get wifi a choice to warn you.

Tunneling service to direct some programs’ traffic or make sure others use your typical connection. Oh, and needless to say, you will find dark and light themes.

The Windows desktop program of touch VPN provides access to all 27 places in the free version, but it’s absolutely no features. No advertisement or malware blocker, no selection of protocol, no menu, or Preferences box in any way.

There is a Windows program in the Microsoft Store. Can it be better? No, it is worse – it refused to connect.

Shifting back into the program, we noticed no alarms were raised by that it as it disconnected or connected. It did not see when the relationship shut and proceeded to inform us encryption is’ permitted’ if we weren’t protected in any way.

Link times are fast. We discovered the program blocked DNS escapes, and though there are any features, which keeps it effortless to use.


We guess Touch VPN appeals to lots of individuals for streaming.

Does it have to be a VPN for streaming?

Well, no.

We analyzed BBC iPlayer to be unblocked by the Touch VPN Chrome expansion, and it did not do the job.

We had precisely the same lack of achievement unblocking US Netflix.

On the phone?

No again.

We hoped Touch VPN would work to your entertainment requirements, even though your privacy throws. The fact is TouchVPN is useless.


Touch VPN is for torrenting good.

It will not support action.

It would help if you did not trust Touch VPN for torrenting if you could utilize it.

It has a privacy policy, no features, and its jurisdiction is from the privacy-unfriendly US terrible news for torrents.

Client Support

Touch VPN comes with no support, aside from email.

The FAQ on the site is a drop-down menu. However, it does not react to your clicks. It is only for show.

But if you go to ‘Support,’ you will come across some correct details.

There are just these options: ‘I can not Connect and can not access Netflix. There are directions on how to Cancel iOS Subscription’.

There should be info here before we can consider cancer helpful.

There’s a choice, and answers were fast enough. However, they had been corporate and generic. We did not feel like we’re being listened to.

Touch VPN has a great deal of work to do if it comes to customer service.

Final verdict

Touch VPN is a mess of an agency using a site and programs that are underpowered, and its technical programs don’t deserve your time. However, with no enrollment needed with Netflix unblocking rates, the variation could be well worth looking for undemanding tasks. Colorfy hopes that our guide can help you know more about this Vpn.

Touch VPN Review FAQs

Can nations Touch VPN pay?

The touch VPN has 40 servers. Being liberated, they’re enough, although numerous VPNs have a lot of servers.

What’s Touch VPN’s cost?

This VPN option is free. You may use it without needing to pay a commission, like others who are compensated.

How many devices can you and the Touch VPN link simultaneously?

You can join a maximum of 3 devices at one time since Touch VPN is rising and updates its features.

VIDEO: Touch VPN | Why I Use It

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