Top use cases of QR codes for recruitment

The heart of any organization is the employees working for the company’s growth, so it’s essential to hire the right people to do the job.

Finding the right employees is backed by optimized recruitment processes where recruiters can know applicants’ credentials and engage with them to learn more about their work ethics.

While workplaces don’t usually use QR codes in their hiring processes, a QR code recruitment system can be an effective tool for hiring talents, especially as 67% of job applicants seek employment using their smartphones.

For human resources and headhunters, digital tools like QR codes can be another avenue to recruit people, on top of listing the job on employment websites like LinkedIn and Indeed.

Here are some use cases of using a QR code generator for recruitment:

QR codes for complete job descriptions

One of the most important things to include in a job listing is the job description.

Recruiters work hard to list all the relevant job descriptions, and most applicants examine them, so keeping them short is crucial.

However, some job titles simply have long job descriptions because of the nature of the work and the responsibilities that come with it.

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If lengthy job descriptions are unavoidable, keep the information in the QR code and include a call-to-action for people to scan it once they’re interested.

Keeping the job descriptions in the QR code also saves the company from advertisement placements because they can place QR codes on small prints.

This is crucial for physical ad placements like posters, signage, and even on social media posts that will be boosted or optimized.

QR code for vacancy list

Headhunters can simply list the positions in one dynamic QR code for companies with multiple vacancies.

Instead of posting multiple job listings, boosting one QR code across all platforms is more cost-efficient for the company.

Recruiters can also easily track the listing because there’s only one QR code to monitor.

With a dynamic QR code, recruiters can quickly edit the job listing if the position is taken or is no longer needed.

This makes the management of the job listing much more efficient and streamlined.

QR codes for referral programs

One of the best sources for finding the right people for the job is the company’s current employees.

They may know someone qualified for the job but may need to be made aware that the position is vacant, missing out on the chance to refer someone to the job.

While sending an email to announce the referral program is still effective, most employees may still need to read or even open their emails.

By generating a QR code for referral programs to vacant positions, they are boosting the visibility and awareness of employees on the vacancy.

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They can send QR codes on team communication platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Skype.

QR code for scheduling interviews

Settling for the best interview schedule can be daunting, especially if the recruiter interviews multiple applications on the same day.

Instead of communicating with them individually, sharing a QR code for Google Calendar or Calendly can be a more effective solution to ease the workload.

Simply send the QR code to applicants’ emails and let them choose the most suitable time that fits their schedule.

Once they set the schedule, recruiters can get notified and prepare interview materials for applicants.

Increase job listing engagement with QR codes

Ultimately, QR codes can increase engagement for the company’s job listing.

This is crucial as there can be plenty of companies hiring simultaneously, so you want to stand out as much as possible.

By offering a new and fresh way to apply, more job seekers will apply, increasing your chances of hiring the best talent.

Make sure to generate QR codes using the QRTIGER, the best QR code generator. It offers advanced features like customizations, dynamic QR codes, unlimited scans, and more.

Learn more about QR code recruitment with QRTIGER today.

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