Top Attractions To Visit In Sendai

Attractions To Visit In Sendai

Sendai, the biggest city in Japan’s Tohoku region, will undoubtedly be on your itinerary if you’re traveling to the country’s northeast. Due to its closeness to the city’s airport, highways, night buses, and the bullet train, this transportation center blossomed into a contemporary financial and cultural hub for the whole area very fast. Nature, cuisine, and samurai history are just a few of the things this city has to offer, sans the tourist crowds of Tokyo or Kyoto. 

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Loople Sendai: an entertaining way to tour Tokyo

To begin your tour of Sendai, go to the JR Sendai Station, where you may board the Loople Sendai. If you purchase a ticket for all-day, you may board and exit the bus at any of the stations in the city center that are closest to the city’s most popular tourist attractions. The bus will take 75 minutes to return to Sendai Station post completing a complete circle. This is an outstanding way to experience the city, the Hirose River, and the inhabitants’ everyday lives.

Test out Gyutan

The most popular meal in Sendai is gyutan, grilled beef tongue. This delightful delicacy served in over a hundred restaurants in Japan, making it more popular than the Date Masamune. Sendai offers a variety of vegetarian alternatives, including cold noodles from China, traditional sweets, miso and sake, oysters and sushi from adjacent cities, and zunda mochi (rice cakes of crushed soybean). At the Asaichi Street Market, you may also try items freshly picked on the same day.

The Daikannon Statue should not be missed

On the outskirts of Sendai, in the middle of a golf club, stands the massive Daikannon Statue. It is not unusual for travelers to ignore the 10-story-tall Goddess of Mercy in favor of sights located closer to their hotels. As you approach the ivory-white colossus, Buddhist sculpture and breathtaking vistas 25th island of greece of the surrounding area will welcome you. From the JR Sendai Station bus pool, the trip will take 30 minutes.

The Ichibancho Shopping District is an excellent location for retail therapy

From the AER Building next to Sendai Station all the way to Jozenji-dori Avenue is the Ichibancho neighborhood. In the covered pedestrian mall, there are a variety of shops of various sizes. Here you may purchase, among other things, garments, cosmetics, food, and mementos. A minimum of twenty minutes is needed to complete the whole journey. On New Year’s Eve, you may save a tonne of money and even obtain a “lucky bag” filled with unexpected things for a fraction of its usual cost.

Overnight at Kokubuncho, unwind

A Sendai neighborhood known for its nightlife, Kokubuncho, is situated between Jozenji-dori Avenue (one block west of the Disney Store) and Hirose-dori Avenue. In this adult paradise north of Tokyo, there are more than 3,000 restaurants, pubs, and lounges to choose from.

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Explore some of the religious landmarks in the region

There are several temples, shrines, and other religious sites around the city. Shindera (New Temple Street), a group of temples situated behind Sendai Station, can be reached on foot from the subway or JR Kitasendai station in a matter of minutes. In addition, this area hosts a pilgrimage for the 33 Kannon and one for the 7 Lucky Gods. Osaki Hachimangu is without a doubt the city’s most well-known shrine. Regarding notoriety, Rinno-ji Temple takes the cake.

Obtain a souvenir of your journey

If you’re searching for mementos to bring back from Sendai, there are several options available. This area in Japan, which is located in the Tohoku region, produces handmade paper and varnishes known as tsuishu.

Consider trying some of the regional specialties

Sendai renowned for its gyutan, a grilled beef tongue dish that considered a regional delicacy. There’s always sasakamaboko or zundamochi for people who aren’t interested in fish sausages or green soybean paste created from chewy rice balls. In this region of the nation, there are several vegetarian restaurants serving delicious food prepared with locally produced ingredients. Determine which Sendai, Japan hotels are highly recommended by both residents and visitors.


Even though Sendai represents modern metropolitan living in Japan, it is not yet well-known among tourists. This means that you won’t be overwhelmed by too touristic activities if you’re seeking a genuine experience of Japanese life. Visiting Sendai for this reason alone is sufficient justification for doing so. So, plan a trip to Japan with AirlinesMap right away and have the best vacation ever..!

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