Top 6 Photo Editors for PCs

photo editors for PCs.

Any photo needs editing, regardless of whether it was taken with a professional camera or an ordinary smartphone. Correcting color balance, retouching, correcting composition errors – a good editor can solve all these tasks quickly and easily. Yet, choosing the best editing program can be as hard as selecting the best esports betting site, especially for beginners. If you are looking for the right program, here are the top 6 photo editors for PCs.


GIMP is probably the most famous free image editor for the PC. It has a very rich toolkit and it is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. It is just as good as Photoshop in terms of functionality. It can do everything the same.

Yet, it is very difficult to understand the editor because of its confusing and non-standard interface. You’ll have to go through a large number of tutorials before you start working properly. But in terms of functionality it has no equal among the free ones.


Originally, it was an online service for creating collages and charts. But over time, the developers released an application for the mobile platform and a program for PC. And the functionality has been expanded. Now it is a pretty good image editor.

The functionality of the program is quite rich. So, any picture can become a real work of art.

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Inkscape is another image editor for free that has its own version for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. In general, it is a pretty powerful image editor for creating any type of content. But it can also work with photos.

However, to work with it, you will have to learn lessons first. Without that, nothing will work. But it has a complete set of tools and the ability to create your own filters.

Photoscape X

It’s a free editor for Windows and Mac OS. It has a very simple interface and a huge number of ready-made templates. The functionality is not particularly great, but the average user is enough.

A key feature of the program is that it is able to work with libraries and well suited for organizing images.

Adobe Photoshop

This product does not need any introduction. The difference between the Preview and the Restoration versions is that the software is still fast and easy to use. Photoshop has a very rich set of tools, flexible settings, a huge number of effects. You can also connect third-party modules.

Yet, the program is difficult to master and is paid. But no other product can process photos the way Photoshop does. The program has long been legendary and deserves your attention.

Adobe Lightroom

It is an indispensable assistant to the photographer. Lightroom is capable of turning a simple photo into a work of art. It is especially good at working with RAW files. And that is what is used by modern DSLRs.

The program has a rich set of tools, a chic collection of filters and knows how to work with the light unsurpassed. But the product will have to pay. And the amount is quite substantial.

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