Top 5 Wi-Fi Considerations for Event Planners

Wi-Fi Considerations

Wi-Fi is a must-have for every event, regardless of its size and nature. The first thing that an attendee would do upon arrival is to log in to your network. However, this opens many questions for event organizers. The Wi-Fi Considerations provided at your chosen venue might not be enough to suit your specific needs. 


Event planners understand the importance of having a reliable internet connection. Therefore, the trend of obtaining wifi hotspot for events is on the rise. Organizers understand that poor Wi-Fi will impact the flow of their event, putting to question their reputation. According to an Event Industry News report, over 80% of organization professionals have asked for an industry standard for Wi-Fi. Over half of the participants claimed that they would pay for a stable and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection to ensure a smooth event. Modern conferences and events depend on digital technologies and need the internet to work correctly. Consequently, professionals involved in event planning recognize the need for a stable connection. Wi-Fi Considerations-


What should you have in mind when deciding about Wi-Fi Considerations? In this post, we cover the top considerations for event planners.



Event attendees aren’t only passive observers. The modern approach towards designing events includes interaction which will stimulate engagement. Some of the ways to engage your audience are polls and quizzes. To implement this effective practice, you need to make sure everyone can participate. If your internet connection isn’t strong enough to support all guests, they won’t be able to participate. 


To avoid this problem, you should talk with the venue’s representatives. Explain your needs and ask them whether it would be possible to accomplish them with their internet. If the venue’s internet doesn’t cover your needs, you need to hire Wi-Fi for events. 


Dedicated connection

The dedicated connection is an essential factor to consider. If you webcast the whole event, you can’t use the same connection as the other participants. For this purpose, you will need a dedicated connection. The same goes if you have an online host service. They will likely need reliable connections to function correctly. 


Social media coverage

Many event planners want to share the event with those who can’t participate. That’s why many hire a social media moderator. If the Wi-Fi becomes overloaded by other users, your social media moderator won’t be able to post. Therefore, this would obstruct the initial idea of sharing the content. 


Support the event app

If you plan a specific event app to become a part of your program, you need stable Wi-Fi. The guests will need to download the app on their mobile devices while not wasting their mobile data. Every guest should have the opportunity to download your app and participate.


However, cybersecurity might be a significant worry when using public networks. It would be best to have a secure Wi-Fi network to prevent data breaches and assure your guests their data is safe. 



While the venue manager might promise you a stable Wi-Fi connection, please don’t rely on their statement. A back-up plan is always appreciated to make sure everything works properly. Don’t let unforeseen problems ruin your event or harm your reputation. Have a back-up option that will keep the attendees engaged and entertained to forget about the connectivity issues. 


For example, you might include a poll as an exciting and engaging activity. If the internet doesn’t work due to overloading, you are left with no other option for your current session. No matter how low-tech your other option is, always make sure to include an alternative. This simple step will allow you to run the schedule smoothly and won’t end up in disappointment. 


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