Top 5 Foods To Help Increase Your Sex Drive

It’s not unusual to encounter issues with your sex drive, and factors like stress and anxiety, fatigue, getting older, and hormonal problems can all cause problems at various stages of our lives. Thankfully, there are many ways in which you can increase your sex drive to achieve a healthy libido – eating nutrient-packed foods is one of the best ways to give yourself a boost. If you’re looking for new ways to increase intimacy and spice up your sex life, click here. Or read on for 5 foods that you can add to your diet for an increase in libido. 

  • Oysters

You might already be aware that oysters are known for their ability to increase your sex drive – but do you know how they really work? Oysters are seafood high in zinc. Zinc is said to help increase blood flow around the body and is a vital component when it comes to male fertility. Not only can eating oysters help promote blood flow, but they can also help when it comes to regulating testosterone levels, which is one of the main elements needed for a healthy sex drive. Oysters are not everyone’s favourite, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits that come with them. You could also try adding crab or lobster to your diet. If you’re not a fish fan at all but you’re hoping to boost your zinc intake, you could try beef, pork, and even fortified cereals. 

  • Salmon 

The main ingredient that is essential in salmon is omega-3 fatty acids, and much like oysters, salmon can be a great help when it comes to keeping your blood flowing. Salmon, as well as tuna, and sardines, can be a huge help when it comes to your general and sexual health. Omega-3 helps to prevent your arteries from becoming blocked, meaning your blood can flow seamlessly. So, introducing salmon into your diet doesn’t just mean you’ll be able to reduce the chance of not being able to perform sexually, but you can also use it to give your heart a boost. 

  • Seeds and nuts 

As you may be able to tell, there is a pattern forming with these foods – including seeds and nuts. Like the previous two options, they both contain zinc for increased blood flow and L-arginine which can help you to maintain testosterone levels. There are many ways in which you can add nuts to your diet, one of the simplest ways is to take a handful to eat as a snack. You can choose your favourite, whether that’s walnuts, pecans, or even peanuts, they can all help you to increase your blood flow and keep your testosterone levels where they should be. 

  • Apples

We should all be getting our five-a-day where we can, so adding apples to your diet could make all the difference when it comes to your libido. Apples contain quercetin – this compound has both anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effects, whilst also working to promote – you guessed it – adequate circulation, whilst helping to treat erectile dysfunction, so you can keep up a healthy sex life by simply adding an apple to your diet. Apples come with a range of health benefits, including improving your sex life, so for an overall healthy snack, an apple could be the best choice. 

  • Chocolate 

Now something not so healthy, but a food we all love – chocolate! This food can be used to increase sexual pleasure. This isn’t an excuse to only eat chocolate but eating a little bit each day means that you may be able to increase the production of serotonin. This chemical makes us feel happy and lifts our mood, which is crucial when it comes to improving libido. It can also be responsible for aphrodisiac effects – which means it can help to get you in the mood. The production of serotonin could mean the regulation of blood flow to the genitals, which can help improve your sex drive. 

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