Top 4 VPN Browser Extensions

top 4 VPN browser extensions

VPN extension for your browser allows you to bypass blocked sites. Surfing the Internet and betting at will become safer because the traffic is reliably encrypted, as well as changing the IP-address. There are a lot of VPN services, programs, and extensions for your computer or smartphone.  The top 4 VPN browser extensions are here for you.

Touch VPN 

Touch VPN allows you to visit blocked sites and services with privacy support. You can use the extension not only on your computer, but also from smartphones.

When connecting to a virtual private network, you can use countries such as the United States, France, Canada, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, and Holland. When connecting to public wireless networks, users can protect themselves from hackers with Touch VPN.

Hotspot Shield

Registration is required to use the extension. It is also conditionally free because you have a 7-day-trial period. At the same time, you can learn about all the features, pros and cons of this add-on.

Hotspot Shield provides a tunnel between your device (computer or smartphone) and the Internet gateway service. This allows you to protect yourself from unfriendly people and the leakage of your data. Visiting sites, including blocked ones, will also be hidden from ISPs. Simply put, any manipulation of the Internet will be protected (in theory).

Hotspot Shield is against the use of web proxies and anti-viruses. In their opinion, this extension will help protect privacy on the Internet much better than a web proxy. As for antiviruses, they protect the system from viruses, but not the network. Although it is known that many antiviruses have VPN functionality, most often on a paid basis.

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Hotspot Shield provides security when using wireless home and public Wi-Fi networks as well as wired networks. It works not only with computers but also with Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Hola VPN 

This extension is available not only for computers, but also for smartphones. The app and extension will help you access any sites. Internet speed when using a VPN at the same time is not reduced.

For home use Hola is free, and for commercial use you need to buy a subscription. Resources are accessed using peer-to-peer networking (P2P) technology.


An easy-to-use extension to ExpressVPN lets you connect to a virtual private network in one click. It uses WebRTC technology to hide your real IP address and location. EFF’s HTTPS Everywhere technology is also used, allowing you to connect to the site via a secure version of HTTPS.

At the moment, you need to buy a subscription to use all the features of the extension.

The extension is available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Windows, Mac OS, Android and Linux.

As you can see, this is only a small part of the existing VPN extensions. YOU can use smartphone apps or full-fledged programs, where traffic in any software on Windows or another OS will go through a VPN.

Recommendation for choosing a VPN: it is better to choose paid services, as free services often have problems with dropped connections and various failures. Also, many companies may block IP addresses that are used by a large number of people.

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