Thunder Vpn Review: Top Full Guide 2021

Thunder Vpn Review

Thunder VPN is among those “free” VPN providers for your Android cellular device and is made especially for this purpose. Regardless of the cool title, this one has some difficulties. Though it is for Android, you may use an emulator to use the program on a PC or Mac.

According to Google stats, the program has over 10 million downloads and a 4.8-star score with 368k testimonials and is recorded as a free VPN. It gets us somewhat nervous, while the idea of working with a free VPN seems attractive. Allegedly, advertisements support it.

We’ll have a peek at the attributes. Provide additional information. Whether it’s worthy of a star rating, and see. Let Colorfy show you more information about this Vpn in Thunder Vpn Review. 

Thunder VPN 2021 Overview

Thunder VPN official website: com


  • Infinite bandwidth
  • Friendly & simple program
  • Works together with BBC iPlayer


  • Invasive logging coverage
  • Outdated encryption
  • No-kill switch
  • Prolonged rates
  • No torrenting service
  • Won’t beat

The geographic location of a VPN service is crucial to understand since they’re obliged to adhere to the laws of the country or area legislation, which could differ significantly concerning a free web site.

The organization behind Thunder VPN is your program developer Signal Lab. They’re also supporting Secure VPN yet another free program.

Signal Lab does not have a business website but has websites for its programs. There is not much to learn from some of them.

The single real reference to itself because a provider is a link to an (unprofessional) Gmail address.

The structure behind Thunder VPN is shrouded in mystery.

Its company speech is recorded as a US speech in Arkansas (however, the zip code is located in California).

However, this speech is for repayment processes. Our study found that Thunder VPNs are, in actuality, “independent programmers from Hong Kong.”

And there aren’t any firms called Signal Lab.

This lack of transparency is a cause for concern. After you use a VPN, then you’re expecting them to protect your data and secure your solitude; you are donating your information. Not knowing who’s behind it should provide you pause before you enroll.

Logging Policy

Thunder VPN asserts a “stringent no-logging coverage” on its own Google Play Store listing and reiterates this claim on its FAQ. Coverage that is logged suggests not keeping activity information of consumers.

However, Thunder VPN isn’t that.

Its privacy policy is found in its terms of support, and it is only 272 words.

Compared to a lumberjack ought to be familiar with, it is a word count, but there are more logs. Thunder VPN collects:

  • IP Address
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • OS version
  • Language of this device
  • Program identifier
  • App variant
  • Independent device identifier
  • Advertisement identifier
  • Device maker and version
  • Email address
  • Time zone
  • Network state (WiFi)
  • Times when attached to our Services.
  • Selection of host location
  • Total Number of data

We can reunite this dismissive attitude once we read: “We shop this to have the ability to provide the very best possible community experience to you.” We hear this as a justification for a good deal, and it is a pity many uses it as a justification, illegitimately s.

To be clear. There’s not any detail regarding anything, metadata, retention interval, or deletion policies.

After we asked ThunderVPN for justification, they advised me that they “keep it for a single month for evaluation.”

A VPN is not an economist or a therapist. It should not be analyzing anything. This contradicts its assurance, which can be honestly dishonest as Thunder VPN DOES log and isn’t a fantastic option for privacy-focused users.

Like VPN providers who gather information, Thunder VPN asserts this is done in the title of a service however we advocate having.

Server Places

Thunder VPN presents the choice of eight states that are accessible to link to.

That has been eliminated, although it used to have eight nations, such as Japan.

Its elimination was most significant because we and Japan joined IP addresses that would be registered by us.

In any event, ThunderVPN does not attempt to serve users that are Asian. The Eastern point of the relationship in Germany.

This is a significantly Euro-centric list, which makes everyone with North America from the wayside.

We have experienced links in different countries. By way of instance, The Netherlands would regularly connect us. They appeared to have sorted out this because our criticisms were first. However, ThunderVPN is not the most dependable.

Additionally, there are no city-level possibilities, except for the US’s exclusion, which has choices for West and East.

These are the countries as it seems from the program:

  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

This is restricted. We advise you to utilize VPN services like TunnelBear or even Avira VPN that provide several (working) server places.


We began our overview of Thunder VPN, and we realized just one of the downfalls of the VPN provider, rate, or the absence of it, to be exact.

We discovered rates to be underwhelming. In reality, if you’re searching for a VPN provider to stream HD content, then Thunder VPN isn’t likely to be a fantastic selection.

You can’t beat the rate provided by providers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost for streaming at HD.

The rate did fare much better using Thunder VPN than speeds. Downloads came in at 51Mbps in France 51Mbps in the United Kingdom and 36Mpbs in Germany.

While approximately 28Mpbs that were in Germany, rates averaged at about 2Mbps in Britain. There’s no explanation for the difference.

Stability introduced something of a problem. The machine did associate, but we couldn’t do anything with the link when attempting to connect, for example. This included not having the ability to surf the net while connected.

Thunder VPN safe

Safety is a significant element when reviewing Virtual Private Networks as a VPN must permit you to stay anonymous and protected when online. We start looking into security using a fine-tooth comb, so what exactly does our inspection of Thunder

  • VPN show about safety?
  • Where is it established?
  • Where the organization is located in the very first thing, we desired to understand.

We could learn very little about the provider when undertaking our Thunder VPN evaluation since there’s little info. The organization does have a site, but it isn’t a professional-looking website, only 1 page. What did surprise us is that on the business side, it mentions details.

We managed to determine the business is Signal Lab. This means that it falls beneath the 5 Eyes jurisdiction.
Another concern is that the business has another VPN on the Google Play Store using Secure VPN’s title. Provide a couple of products? Another element is that Secure VPN boasts precisely the amount of 5 million downloads.


VPNs are often used when correcting. But, when torrenting, you require superb security and encryption… and the provider fails to fulfill the two standards.

Another drawback would be the bad rates. If you forgo the security measures, downloads could have a very long time because of reduced prices.

If you would like to torrent in security, we would recommend picking a provider offering military-grade encryption along with also a Switch. NordVPN express VPN or even CyberGhost would make decisions that are great for torrenting.


If you do not find an answer (and, probably, you won’t), then there’s a contact email address, but it can not be observed in the program. Head into the site, and you can get in touch with an (unprofessional) Gmail speech, the same one it uses to get precisely the same VPN support named Secure VPN.

From the program, you can visit Feedback then explain other problems’ when it isn’t covered by the tick box options, linking on your email.

The site is quite simple. More than a bunch of additional complimentary VPN services provide (many do not have websites). Still, with this little assistance or advice to be obtained, you wonder if Thunder VPN even attempted.

Closing Thoughts

We have reviewed VPNs, and we must state that with no doubt, our inspection of Thunder VPN shows the provider is one of the worst, though not the worst.

We are not expected to find advantages and features within our Thunder VPN evaluation that come anywhere near those provided by NordVPN and ExpressVPN. After all, this is a VPN. We didn’t anticipate that the program would be as awful as it is when making a comparison to VPNs we’ve reviewed.

Thunder Vpn Review FAQs

Is currently having a VPN suspicious?

Links do not stop from displaying on your email, and it will not keep you. It isn’t effective against any assault paths except for information, Considering that the VPN alternative encrypts the data sent over the world wide web.

Is currently utilizing a VPN harmful?

A completely free VPN server can result in harmful items like identity theft, whereas a paid VPN may (although not all) keep your information confidential and protected. A proper VPN encrypts all of your information, keeping it safe from snoopers and hackers. Like everything, maybe not paid VPNs are the same.

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