The Impact of Social Issues in Education

Schools are so important in our lives. Think about where you are today and then how far you would have gotten without school. It’s quite staggering isn’t it?

Every child’s experience with school is different though, and even today there are so many social issues with school, from racism to the economy, gender to substance abuse, all making up characteristics of a person as they work their way through the system. 

They all have an impact on education and how a child navigates school, with outside support often required.

But what are the main social issues that impact education?

Classroom racism and ethnic issues

Sadly, to this day one of the problems that can really hamper children is racism in the classroom both with other children and staff, with many still believing that certain ethnic groups learn more slowly than others. 

Of course, that’s far from the case, and such prejudice is really putting children back and alienating them from the rest of the class, which in turn leads to racism in the class.

Economic issues

Schools do their best to try and counteract this, such as requiring uniforms so everyone looks the same, as well as offering school dinners to those families who are less well off than others. Moreover, more schools recommend using online study tools to complement student lessons. By integrating online study tools in schools, they not only promote educational equity by providing equal access to study resources but also reduce financial burdens on families that may struggle to afford traditional study materials. However, it’s still a real burden on kids who aren’t as financially sound as others. Students who are from more deprived backgrounds do start to notice the financial burdens on their family as they get older, with some also dropping out of school and higher education to support their family, rather than complete their education and take the pathway that they wish to.

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Substance abuse issues

Unfortunately, this is becoming more and more of a problem in society. The rise in alcohol and drug abuse has been significant over the last few years and whether it be the parents or child struggling with it, it can be incredibly damaging to a child’s education. Drug and alcohol rehab can certainly help, while schools should also have a duty of care with the child to get the support they need.

Abusing substances can lead to large problems with children in school, with them withdrawing interest from classes, dropping out, as well as leading down a pathway of crime, which is why it’s also vital to educate in school on the risks of addiction and what it can lead to.

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