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The construction paver is one of the most straightforward construction machines. Its first samples were used in agriculture in order to break up large pieces of soil and dirt when plowing the land. Now its main task is to level and compact the soil or asphalt. In this article, we will discuss what you should look for in order to buy a road roller, where it is used, and what parameters to choose it for.

Types of road rollers

Road rollers are classified according to several parameters: by the way they move, by how they act on the surface, by purpose, and by the number of axles and rollers. Let’s look at some of these classifications.

Classification by number of rollers

There are three types of this option:

  1. With one roller. Small and maneuverable construction machines. That is the best option for compacting bulk materials, patching, or landscaping.
  2. With two rollers. Also used for bulk materials and asphalt. They are already suitable not only for small but also for large areas.
  3. With three rollers. Universal models for bulk and dense materials. They compact crushed stone, gravel, asphalt, and other building materials. They capture a wide band, which significantly speeds up the work. Another advantage is that such a machine can ram next to a high curb.

Classification by number of axes

According to this parameter, equipment with one, two, and three axes is distinguished. The first and second rammed multi-layer pavement, the so-called road “pie”. They work more roughly, leaving minor defects.

Machines with three axes are needed to make the final alignment. They have a high mass, which is evenly distributed over the entire plane. Such devices align the canvas perfectly, eliminating all irregularities and defects.

How to choose a road roller?

The most popular types are vibrating road rollers. They act on the surface by mass and trembling at the same time. The latter occurs during the movement of the rollers. Vibrating road rollers, compared with static, have greater efficiency.

The weight of the roller also matters. If it is less than 4 tons, it is better to purchase such a used road roller for work in small areas: parking lots, playgrounds, sports, and pedestrian paths. They are also used for patching. A road roller for sale from 4 tons and above is needed for the construction of highways and the overhaul of roads.

If the price of a road roller is too high for you, you can take a used model. But in this case, you need to pay attention to the engine. It is designed for a certain number of motorcycle hours; for example, Bomag has 16 thousand. After working them out, you can repair the engine, and the car will be ready for work again. The construction tool itself has a simple design; therefore, it is designed for long-term operation. The only thing that can reduce it is poor technical condition. Therefore, a technical inspection will not be excessive.

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