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Effective teamwork is the foundation of a successful business of any size, from a young startup to a well-known brand. Finding and hiring experienced professionals does not mean creating an ambitious team. On the contrary, the process of combining and building teamwork takes time and resources. It is necessary to have certain skills and knowledge to unite different people and professionals into a single team that will strive to complete the tasks with the maximum result. Do you want to create/manage effective employees and achieve your goals? Then think about team building!

Why is it important?

As statistics show, most managers do not pay due attention to relationships within the team, and this is one of the most important conditions for the comfortable and efficient work of any employee, which is especially important for newcomers. Even if you are a professional with extensive experience and successful projects, you still have to spend time joining the team. And if the rest of the team members are negative or unfriendly, then you will need a lot of time. Or maybe you don’t want to work at all and quit.

Everyone faces similar problems. The friendlier and more cohesive the team, the easier it is for all employees to work and complete their tasks because in such a case, colleagues can ask for help or advice or chat on abstract topics during the holidays. A friendly and unifying atmosphere in a team is always more beneficial than a disparate group of professionals. In the latter case, specialists are not interested in the results of their work. They simply perform tasks without enthusiasm or passion. They defend their interests and have a low level of trust in other members of the group. With a close-knit team, there is a sense of common responsibility, common desires, and ambitions. Therefore, each employee tries to do his job as best as possible. The result is more successful business development.

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What are the goals of team building?

The main goal of team building is present in the very name of the term. This is the implementation of various methods and means for creating a team by building and strengthening ties between its members. For a manager, team building is a way to get to know your employees, find an individual approach, and recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. This is one of the many important conditions for the successful construction and promotion of a business.

Today, team building is gradually gaining popularity, although few people heard about the term a few years ago. Today, however, team-building coaches are being sought out and hired more and more frequently. Nothing is surprising about the trend. More and more leaders understand the importance of effective teamwork for their business, so they are ready to spend resources today to get even more profit tomorrow.

The main goal of a team-building coach is to create a close-knit team of professionals where:

  1. Each team member knows and understands the company’s goals
  2. Employees communicate and solve problems effectively
  3. Colleagues trust and help each other
  4. Team members are not afraid to express their ideas and suggestions

Creating such a team is a serious task for the leader, but it is quite doable!

How to create an effective team?

Now you know why team building is important for successful business development. Now let’s look at how to create such a dream team. First, you need to organize teamwork and optimize work processes. Today it is not so difficult, because any modern type of business requires digital tools. No other way. Enterprise applications such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Trello lay the foundation for further team building.

Corporate platforms help to establish communication between all employees. For example, using Slack, you can access private/public chats, voice messages, and video conferences. If the standard features are not enough for you, you can install third-party integrations. Slack SMS will enhance the level of communication using your business phone. Make appointments, send bulk emails, collect feedback, and more.

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Thus, corporate tools help implement further team-building methods. Remember that a successful team is the result of the work of a leader who understands the benefits of a close-knit and friendly atmosphere. Use the following effective team-building techniques.

Respect every employee

It all starts with mutual respect. A strong team thrives when its members are respected for their unique talents and abilities. The people you work with are individuals with their own stories and experiences.

Don’t hide your expectations

It is especially important for beginners. Tell everyone about the business goals, values, or, for example, how you solve problems together. Show what the team is striving for and what its ambitions are.

More positive!

Try to criticize as little as possible. Understand the causes of the problem if the employee did not cope with the task. Perhaps you have set a difficult task or unrealistic deadlines. Try to focus on the positive. Talk more about what was done well. Positive thinking is the best way to motivate compared to criticism.

Don’t be afraid to communicate!

Communication is a powerful tool for a leader. If people think that you are unhappy about something, but at the same time remain silent, this can lead to stress and poor performance. Therefore, try to talk more often with the team. Vary your conversation topics. Talk about abstract topics, not just about work.

Reward outstanding employees

This is the simplest and most effective method. If you have the opportunity to reward good work with financial bonuses, that’s great. Additional bonuses will raise the incentive to increase productivity. If you do not have extra resources, encourage employees differently. For example, assign a responsible task or let the person make an important decision. Find a way to show your team that their efforts are appreciated.

Using these techniques, you will quickly find a common language with each team member. Don’t be afraid to use other things to bring people together, like team-building games. Create a friendly and strong team. It’ll let you increase the chances of successful business development and achieve the desired result!

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