Surface Pro 7 vs iPad Pro: Which Should You Pick? [2020 Update]

Surface Pro 7 vs iPad Pro

Surface Pro 7 vs iPad Pro – it is a tricky one. The newest edition of Microsoft’s popular Pro pill is just one of many new product launches lately shown at the yearly Microsoft occasion. The technology giant wowed audiences using a couple of innovative appearing double display apparatuses, such as Surface Neo.

The Apple iPad Pro, along with also the SurfacWhile the Surface Pro 7, maybe a much more low-key launch relatively; there is still lots of curiosity about what Microsoft is doing with all the venerable 2-in-1 workhorse of its Surface array. The fantastic news: USB-C connectivity has been released (eventually). The not-so-good news: This very much resembles the Surface Pro 6 – actually concerning aesthetics and design; it is indistinguishable – through the hardware, the interior has been updated (as you’d expect).

So just how much difference do these improvements produce, and how can the Surface Pro 7 pile until this Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch pill (which now tops our selection of the best tablets for video and photo editing) as an outcome? Let Colorfy find out if Microsoft or Apple wins for creatives.

Comparing Surface Pro 7 vs iPad Pro

Specs Compared

iPad Pro 2021 vs Surface Pro 7 specs compared


The Apple iPad Pro 2021 wins this round. Even while keeping its 2018 layout, Apple’s slate only looks far better than Surface Pro 7. Apple’s symmetrical, minimalist design with small bezels makes the Surface seem dull. It makes the much-enhanced Microsoft Surface Pro X seem dated.

Concerning sleekness, the iPad Pro 2021 drops at 11 x 8.4 x 0.23 inches, so since the Surface, Pro 7 is considerably thicker at 1.5 x 7.9 x 0.33 inches. The Surface Pro 7 can be significantly heavier than the iPad Pro at 1.74 lbs for its Core i7 version versus 1.41 pounds to the iPad.


Surface Pro 7 vs iPad Pro Performance

Apple claims the Apple iPad Pro 2021 is a strong beast that scorches many PC laptops. This was true when the 2018 version came out; however, right now, it’s no longer true based on the most recent benchmarks.

It is not surprising that the “new” A12Z is the same processor as the A12X but with a more GPU core triggered. The frequency is still 2.48GHz, exactly like using the iPad Pro 2018. And while it’s more RAM (6GB), the rate is slightly better than the preceding generation: Geekbench 5 provides it 1,114 points in single-core and 4,635 points multi-core.

This comes to the shock, however. As a result of the Intel Core i7-1065G7 4-core processor, the Geekbench 5.0 test provides the Surface Pro 7 a 1,235 rating for single-core and 4,878 to get multi-core. The very best Surface Pro 7, also published in 2019, is quicker than the iPad Pro 2021. Also, it has 16GB of RAM in that evaluation. And Microsoft’s 2-in-1 pill isn’t a speed demon than the other mobile hardware at the PC front.

But we ought to consider two things. The images on the iPad Pro 2018 were supposed to par with the Xbox Ones, beating the Surface Pro 6 of this afternoon with a considerable margin – as well as Ryzen-based notebooks with Vega pictures. We could anticipate the 2021 version to carry out one additional GPU heart better and maybe still come out before the 10th generation Intel Iris Plus graphics of this Surface. We must check this, nevertheless.

Secondly, synthetic benchmarks aren’t indicative of overall functionality, and we all know that Windows has considerably more overhead compared to iPad OS. The distinction isn’t too large between both platforms.


The camera competition is a definite triumph for your Apple iPad Pro, which has a 7MP TrueDepth front camera along with two cameras in the trunk – 12MP wide-angle and 10MP ultra-wide-angle. Nevertheless, the most critical talking point is that the accession of a LiDAR Scanner. This time-of-flight detector provides accurate depth information regarding the spectacle in its field of view. This may significantly improve augmented reality (AR) software, among other items.

The Surface Pro 7, in contrast, has a simple camera setup: 5MP in front and 8MP in the trunk.

Both devices support facial authentication through the front camera, but just the Surface Pro – through the discretionary $159.99 Type Cover – provides a fingerprint reader too.

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Computer Keyboard, Touchpad, And Pencil

As it stands, the Surface Pro 7 has got the very best detachable keyboard available on the current market, whereas the Smart Keyboard for your iPad Pro is uneasy and overpriced.

I will begin with Microsoft’s excellent Type Cover keyboard. For me, it is a must-have accessory for any Surface tablet computer. I wish it had been included with your Surface Pro buy; however, $130 is a fair cost considering you get a full-size computer keyboard with a touchpad.

The keys themselves are precisely what makes the Type Cover such a fantastic accessory – they are very comfortable to type on. Additionally, Microsoft sells a Signature Type Cover ($159) from Poppy Red and Ice Blue having an Alcantara cloth material. My only problem with the computer keyboard is its elastic bottom, making the slate hard to use in your lap.

By comparison, the Smart Keyboard for your iPad Pro does not have a touchpad and prices $179 for your 11-inch iPad or $199 for your 12.9-inch tablet computer. The keys are somewhat more shallow than people on the Type Cover, along the odd cloth cover on the Smart Keyboard feels cheap.

Even if the Magic Keyboard arrives in May with touchpad support, the absurd $300 (beginning) cost puts it out of contention for many individuals. We will give it a fair shake after we get you to check, but it will have to be nothing short of its title to justify the premium.

The discretionary style is more evenly matched. I prefer the texture of this Apple Pencil, though it costs somewhat more than the Surface Pen ($99), at $129. They are equally significant to draw, but the Apple Pencil gets the progress since you can attach it to the iPad to the bill.


The software – everything you can do with a device – is that which finally determines whether a notebook or tablet computer is excellent for you.

A disparity between iPadOS and Windows applications can make Microsoft’s PC an ideal option than Apple’s pills for particular sorts of professionals and founders. Even though the Surface Pro 7 has the power to run any Windows program, including the complete suite of Adobe software, the iPad Pro can not run most of the macOS programs.

Unlike what Apple says, if you’re a professional or prosumer photographer, filmmaker, or artist, your “next computer” can not be an iPad Pro. It is easy: when the iPad Pro 2021 can not operate complete professional programs such as the entire Adobe CC lineup – and no, Photoshop or Premiere Rush to get iPadOS is not it – then Apple’s tablet can not be a genuine computer replacement, which piles up using all the Surface Pro 7.

IPadOS is currently maturing in iPadOS 14 and obtained remarkable brand new inking tricks, such as Scribble, which converts handwriting to text. That is having been said, iPadOS’ capacity to function as the next notebook (or notebook replacement) mostly hinges on whether you need programs that work together, or even when Apple’s sandboxed ecosystem is something that you can not do around.


Microsoft eventually introduced USB-C using all the Surface Pro 7, something that was long overdue very. This one connector replaces the Mini DisplayPort. Hence the latter is no more present. The drawback of the Surface’s Type-C interface is the fact that it does not encourage Thunderbolt 3.

Otherwise, connectivity is still the same, using a USB Type-A connector, together with the Surface Connect interface, MicroSD slot, and a 3.5millimeter headphone jack. Another new introduction to the radio front is Wi-Fi.

The iPad Pro also provides a USB-C Port (again, non-Thunderbolt 3), and that is your lot (it functions with Wi-Fi). Microsoft’s hybrid vehicle wins the connectivity battle. It is best to hover external peripherals, even if the company did not go the excess mile to encourage Thunderbolt 3 with a USB-C Port (that would have enabled linking outside GPUs).

Battery Life

The battery life of the two of these pills took a dip this season. The Apple iPad Pro went from 13 hours and 14 minutes at the 2018 version to ten hours and 16 minutes on our battery test (which entails continuous web browsing over Wi-Fi in 150 nits).

That is a critical decrease, but the iPad nevertheless outlasted the Surface Pro 7, which lasted for 2 hours and 52 minutes, a fall in the Surface Pro 6 9 hours and 20 minutes.


Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 begins at £799 to your bottom Core i3 version (with no Gen11 images) using 128GB of storage but just 4GB of system RAM. While that level of program memory is suitable for general computing tasks, it will not be sufficient for conducting the heavyweight programs creative types will use in Windows (or not operating them nicely). The next step up is that the Core i5 version with 8GB of system memory for £899. Prices top out reasonably shocking £2,249 for its flagship using a Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of all SSD storage.

The keyboard cover prices you an additional £124.99 along with the Surface Pen is 99.99.

Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9 inch begins at £969 for its 64GB version, a relatively stingy storage allocation. The 256GB variant plunders your bank accounts to the tune of 1,119, and if you would like the utmost 1TB capacity, the invoice is 1,519. Those are Wi-Fi versions, together with the mobile versions of this iPad costing more.

In terms of the accessories, the Smart Keyboard Folio will place you back £199 (ouch), and also the Apple Pencil is 119.

So, using all the Surface Pro 7, you will probably gun for the Core i5 version, which, when compared with the computer keyboard and stylus, will put you back a total of 1,124. Receive the bottom iPad Pro and believe you can handle 64GB of storage. That will complete £1,287 when completely kitted with both the keyboard and pencil accessories (although you might well wish to drive farther than that very fundamental quantity of storage).

Both devices are relatively costly for the complete hardware installation, but Microsoft seems to triumph as the (relative) value proposition on the Surface of it. But if you would like a higher-end Surface Pro 7 – and you are considering opting for your Core i7 processor for your beefiest performance levels – that the worth scales tip back towards Apple. No matter iPad Pro you are purchasing, you receive precisely the identical ability level; of course, the hardware’s sole difference is the total amount of storage (and if you elect for mobile data).


With the accession of the trackpad and cursor assistance in iPadOS 13.4, the 2021 iPad Pro moves closer to a ‘computer’ experience, if not a mainstream one. If you are already happy with the iPad, you need to have the ability to perform your things faster and more ergonomically with the 2021 iPad Pro. However, will it tempt professional Windows 10 or macOS consumers to acquire on-board, given the superior pricing? That is another thing, despite its attractive industrial design and unique specifications.

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