Steam vs GOG Galaxy: Which One Is Better? [2020 Update]

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Steam has dominated the PC game market for several decades; however, with Valve sitting and enjoying the benefits of owning the hottest PC storefront, there is intense rivalry brewing on the outside rim. Cue CD Projekt, the firm behind not just the hugely successful The Witcher collection of matches but also GOG Galaxy, a storefront competition to Steam, which enables you to buy and revel in a broad catalog of names.

GOG has existed since 2008, although the Galaxy customer was just released as a beta in July 2015, and Steam has existed since 2003. Therefore Valve has had a head start of about 14 years in the program division and five in selling PC games as a whole. Nevertheless, Steam has not changed much over the decades apart from introducing a couple of new features such as a revamped social network. Due to the sheer quantity of decades, it’s existed, the Steam catalog of matches is significantly bigger than the GOG.

Here is how both GOG galaxy vs Steam services pile up, and the comparison should assist when it comes to deciding which platform to encourage.

The Contenders

For many years, Steam has become the only real Game (ha) in the town to purchase games and manage your library. This past year, however, GOG introduced its library customer named GOG Galaxy. Both programs are planning to be an overall goal, multi-publisher library using an entire surrounding neighborhood.


Using many neighborhoods and a massive shop, Steam changed the manner PC players buy matches. It is possible to handle all of your games in 1 area, keep them track accomplishments, and play together with friends and family throughout the sports overlay.

GOG Galaxy

Should you hate DRM, GOG is your shop to see. Not one of the matches on GOG’s shop comes with almost any copy protection, so you are in full control of your games indefinitely. The brand new GOG Galaxy platform adds accomplishments, chat with friends, and a library program that keeps your matches current.

There are a whole lot of places where these programs overlap. We won’t invest too long talking areas where they are the same (accomplishments are accomplishments, regardless of who is monitoring them). Instead, here are a few of the ways that both differ considerably, which could affect where you opt to purchase your games.

Steam vs GOG Galaxy Comparison

Steam vs GOG Galaxy Comparison

If you’re a newcomer to the gaming community, and then you’d have trouble considering where to purchase games out of, one is better than another. For you, we’ve gathered various points and details about both the best digital sport supply platforms, i.e., GOG vs. Steam. Here’s the ideal comparison between both gaming shops, which can be found online. We’ve split the entire topics into various sections, so you don’t have exactly comparing both.

Library Size

If it comes to assessing the library dimensions and the match database, Steam wins without even comparing it. Steam gets the very best and vast assortment of nearly all of the matches out on the planet. This is only because Steam provides DRM matches, which each developer needs. But, GOG provides DRM free matches, which can be a slippery slope for GOG to conquer. Presently, most game programmers desire to DRM (Digital Rights Management) in their partners. Those programmers will not submit the Game right into GOG beforehand.

But, GOG also has an advantage. GOG or Good Old Games was made, bearing in mind the requirement of the previous games online. If you would like to play with any old sport unavailable on Steam, then be sure to check on GOG after, since there are greater chances you will locate one.

Games Management

Steam comes with an organized user interface on its application. They provide many features like management of those games which aren’t downloaded. An individual may also enroll in games on Steam, which are purchased from different retailers. This also aids the consumer in getting the Game as many times as they desire later on. Steam also lets the user insert the matches that aren’t downloaded in Steam. This isn’t such an excellent feature, but it arouses the games more accessible.

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On the flip side, GOG only let us include the matches which were downloaded in their shop. One gamer created a tool to assist in organizing non-GOG competitions to be inserted on the GOG list. It’s possible with that tool but is somewhat more challenging compared to the pre-provided characteristic of Steam. This makes GOG a measure behind Steam from the comparison – GOG vs. Steam. Great Old Games also has a clustered user interface, which destroys the consumer experience.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Even if Great Old Games does not provide DRM games, they continue to be better inside this aspect. Since if something breaks into Steam accounts (hacking or real activity), the account owner could lose all of his bought games. Then, an individual would need to get in touch with the Steam customer service (that most of us know is not that good ).

Unlike Steam, GOG delivers non-DRM games, meaning you could download and set up the match as many times as you would like. Steam’s DRM is fantastic if it’s working. However, there is a problem; it can get crucial in virtually no time. It will become the main factor that contributes to Steam’s fall from comparison- GOG vs. Steam.

Refund Policy

Steam’s refund policy is limited to some degree. They offer you some terms and requirements, and when your game package is eligible for a refund, it may be reimbursed. A few of the requirements include – Game has to be had recently (two weeks in the maximum), along with the gameplay has to be less than two hours.

However, the conditions run some extraordinary situation, but if somebody does need a refund, he/she can’t if the terms aren’t fulfilled. Speaking about GOG, they have a more generous refund policy, which concerns all of the gamers. The consumers could refund a match before a period of 1 month. They don’t have any gameplay time, and so that doesn’t count within their refund policy. GOG customer support will ask you to get a legitimate reason to go back to the match. An individual can’t just say they disliked the Game. If that is why then good luck with all the refunds.

The Client Services

Most of us recognize that Steam’s customer support isn’t so good compared to GOG. This is an essential facet of this GOG vs. Steam comparison. The Better Business Bureau gave warmth an F because of their lousy customer services. The Valve Corporation itself understands its customer service requires a fix since they said that after previously.

On the flip side, GOG has adequate customer support. They have a fixed cost for all of the matches and most of the nations. Someone doesn’t have to pay additional cash if he/she’s from another state or location. Their customer care helps customers whenever there’s a need. The inadequate service of Steam could be explained this way. They have a huge number of users that are active. And with more customers includes more responsibilities they don’t fulfill.

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Final Verdict

Assessing GOG vs Steam 2021 is an enjoyable exercise to determine what works and what does not on a gaming platform. Luckily, you do not need to pick. You may purchase inexpensive, DRM-free games out of GOG, utilize Steam to get whatever you can not locate on GOG, and start them out of whatever shop you purchased them on. If you would like to arrange all of your games in 1 library, then it is possible to add shortcuts to GOG matches in Steam.

GOG Galaxy provides enough basic functionality that purchasing a game via its shop will not leave you at a massive disadvantage. You may still monitor your accomplishments, get routine game upgrades, and in several games, you can even play together with your Steam buddies. It is rewarding enough that you ought to check in every once in a time before you visit another Steam purchase.

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