Source Space Candy: The Future Of Cannabis

Source Space Candy: The Future Of Cannabis

Future Of Cannabis is gaining a lot of momentum domestically and abroad. It has entered the general consciousness of the people, making it a part of the present culture. Certain religious and economic groups do not approve of this, as they view cannabis as the pathway to destruction. Their reasoning is backed by the idea that cannabis is a dangerous drug as you may read here. However, we will argue that it is not different from the other medicines we use every day. 

Taking more of anything is considered dangerous, and we must know when to stop when it comes to these products. As with cannabis, there have been several incidents wherein many people thought of it as the cause. However, others believe that it might not be the case, but we still need to study them. The critical part is the user’s safety; Future Of Cannabis is yet being studied for its potential benefits and risks.

Production And Value

Meanwhile, the business surrounding its production is on the rise. Even in the middle of the pandemic, several stores reported that their sales increased during the lockdown. This fact is backed up by those who track its progress through the world market and economic forums. It is undeniable that there are a lot of people who are willing to partake in its use. However, there are several factors that you need to look into before choosing the best strain.

One of the main questions you need to ask is the type of strand you will use. It might seem surprising, but there are several species of cannabis worldwide. Here in the US, many planters are trying to cultivate better strands of the plant to produce better products. According to this link (, one of the more popular options these days is Sour Space Candy. It might sound ominous, but it is considered one of the more well-balanced options for CBD.

You need to note that most cultivators of Future Of Cannabis and hemp are trying to increase their cannabidiol yield. It is the substance that most people associate with cannabis or hemp-derived products. Cannabidiol or CBD is the main reason why individuals are so hooked on them in the first place. It is the compound responsible for most positive effects like calming sensations without the “high.” In this way, it makes it more accessible even to those not accustomed to CBD.

The Trendy Strain

On the other hand, what makes it “Sour Space Candy”? It is a combination of two different variants, Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry. Sour Space Candy originated from Oregon, one of the first states that decriminalised the possession of Future Of Cannabis. It is still one of the more popular states to go for a cannabidiol tour, as there are plantations and more stores. Meanwhile, Sour Space Candy became a more popular strain for many people due to its versatility.

One of the main benefits of this strain is its potency, as it is not as strong as other variants. Some people might see this as a negative since most would prefer strength. However, it is excellent for those who are starting to use CBD products. For one, you can easily control your dosage, so there are no worries about overusing it. The effects are relatively mild as well, making it a great transition strain for more potent options.

Even though it is weaker, the effectiveness is still there in the product. Sour Space Candy focuses more on the calming side, although you do not end up sleeping. In this way, your anxiety and depression levels might get reduced, and you will be in a better state of mind. It might not be the perfect option, but it is an excellent way to introduce yourself to cannabis. 

Even though cannabis and hemp are still illegal in many parts of the US, the government might end up changing it. For one, the industry is getting closer to a billion in the next few years. Many stores are popping up even in areas wherein it is not as accepted yet. Our neighbour Canada has done its legalisation for a few years now, and it is still improving. Maybe it is time for our country to do the same and take some of the plant’s stigmas away. 

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